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 - Iraq
    **Fatima's Letter: Muslim Sisters Being Rape & Torture Pictures**  
    War Launched to Protect the Zionist Entity - Bush Adviser
    US Congressman says Jews are behind war against Iraq
    Former Mideast envoy Zinni: U.S. went to war in Iraq to help the Zionist entity
    Ex-C.I.A. Aides Say Iraq Leader; U.S. sponsored terrorist killing Iraqi's during the 90's
    Iraqi (western Agent) with MI6 Links is New Prime Minister
    Poll reveals hostility to US and support for rebel cleric
    U.S. using some Iraqis as bargaining chips
    U.S. caught trying to plant WMD in Iraq
    U.S. tried to plant WMDs, failed: whistleblower
    Here Come the Death Squad Veterans
    Americans Kidnapped 70 Iraqi Scientists and holds them in Secret Detention facilities in the States
    Report: Iraq Being Plundered, stripped of its infrastructure
    Raucous bar scene emerges in Baghdad’s sealed-off ‘green zone’, corruption spreading
    The Marine's tale; I killed 30 civilians in 1 month
    U.S. Reveals Iraqi Prisoner Deaths as Scandal Grows
    Prisoner Was Beaten and Left to Die
    Iraqi In Custody Tortured To Death
    GI 'ordered to kill Iraq prisoners'
    Abuse may have been 'order'
    Torture of Iraqi prisoners exposed
    Prison Guard Calls Abuse Routine and Sometimes Amusing
    Senator says Iraq abuse scandal could become murder and rape inquiry
    Troops have been abusing Iraqis for a year, atleast 4 died: Amnesty
    US media alibis for torture in Iraq
    US And UK Forces Taught Torture Methods
    Torture to death for Iraqi prisoners: Stealing and Selling their Body Parts in the U.S
    New Iraq photos include more disturbing images of torture
    Iraqi Prisoners ‘Forced to Crawl Over Glass’
    1,800 new pictures add to U.S. disgust
    Bremer 'knew of abuse in November', Iraqi minister says
    US And UK Forces Taught Torture Methods
    Zionist experts in torture have taken part in the torture of the Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib Jail
    Zionist link possible in US torture techniques
    Amnesty: Iraqis Complain of Torture by U.S. Forces; forces shooting detainees
    British troops 'tortured' Iraqis
    GI: Boy mistreated to get dad to talk
    US abuse worse than Saddam's, say inmates
    Iraq Torture 'Not Isolated': Amnesty
    Shopworker 'sickened' by POW photos, Abuse by Britsh soldiers
    Excerpts from writings of accused soldier who helped run Baghdad prison
    Red Cross Was Told Iraq Abuse 'Part of the Process'
    Red Cross: US Systematically Abused Prisoners
    Senate wants Gitmo 'torture' videos, too
    UN envoy: Iraq torture “worse than under Saddam”
    A message From an Iraqi female prisoner
    How the Female Detainees at Abu Ghraib Were Abused
    Iraqi woman raped and photographed by U.S. occupiers confirmed by Mexican-American soldier
    Americans raping Iraqi juveniles
    Focus Shifts to Jail Abuse of Women
    Rape of Iraqi girls by US mercenaries and soldiers was rampant in Baghdad One victim was a 9 year old girl who suffered permanent vaginal injuries
    Worst Rape Photos Of Iraqi Woman By US Military And Zionist Operatives Not Yet Released
    The Rape of Latinas in the US Military
    The Rape of Latinas in the US Military
    Former soldier says sexual assault in the military changed her life
    United Nations report on sexual abuse of children
    Child Abuse at Abu Ghraib

    Iraq - IAI - Lee's life for lies
    The Release is based on personal information found on a flash memory device belongs to Spc.LEE KENDEll TUCKER (U.S Marine-590-80-5469), captured after him being wasted during an ambush on his vehicle.
    Duration: 38:04 - 309MB

    Iraq - Conspiracies
    A must-see documentary. Simon Reeve investigates the real reasons for the war in Iraq. Starting with oil and the contracts set up between Saddam and non-American/British companies. The latter part of the film looks at the petro-dollar cycle and how OPEC members can threaten US power by using the euro to trade oil - could Iran be next?
    Duration: 45:48 - 13.8MB

    Iraq - Iraq's Missing Billions
    Dr Ali Fadhil, a 29 year old Iraqi doctor, investigates what has happened to billions of dollars worth of Iraqi money which was put into the care of the US led coalition to be spent for the benefit of Iraqi people on the reconstruction of their country. He uncovers a shocking story of fraud, incompetence and corruption, unscrupulous foreign contractors who made millions from dodgy contracts, and literally billions of dollars which cannot be properly accounted for.
    Duration: 48:04 - 34.9MB

      Art, Truth and Politics
    Winner of 'The Nobel Prize in Literature 2005'. Harold Pinter's excellent lecture sets the record straight regarding America's sordid past of imperial devastation.
    Duration: 46:16 - 76.79MB

    Iraq - IAI - U.S. use of White Phosphorus in Fallujah
    Result of US use of White Phosphorus duting the Battle of Fallujah was conducted from 8 to 20 November 2004 . Incandescent particles of WP may produce extensive burns. Phosphorus burns on the skin are deep and painful; a firm eschar is produced and is surrounded by vesiculation. The burns usually are multiple, deep, and variable in size. The particles continue to burn unless deprived of atmospheric oxygen. If hit by pieces of white phosphorus, it could burn right down to the bone. Warning: Graphic pictures starting from 3rd minute of video !
    Duration: 6:33 - 20.8MB

    Iraq - Video: US Pilots Kill Civilians
    Britain's Channel 4 News has broadcast a 30-second video clip of a U.S. pilot killing a group of what appear to be civilians on a Fallujah street. The video includes an audio track of the pilot's conversation with mission controllers. As the UK Independent notes, "At no point during the exchange between the pilot and controllers does anyone ask whether the Iraqis are armed or posing a threat."
    Duration: 0.53sec - 0.6MB

    Iraq - Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre
    Video about Iraq, the crimes and agression the US forces comitted against Fallujah. It starts with a comparison with US crimes in Vietnam.
    Duration: 27:08 - 45MB

    Iraq - Ansar al Sunnah Brigade - Desicration of Mosque (part1) & (part2)
    Ansar al Sunnah Brigade in Iraq early 2006 releasing footage of desicration of Mosque in Ar Ramadi by American Forces.
    Duration:(part1) 10min - 24MB - (part2) 10min - 24MB

    Iraq - The Hidden Story
    Iraq: The Hidden Story shows the footage used by TV news broadcasts, and compares it with the devastatingly powerful uncensored footage of the aftermath of the carnage that is becoming a part of the fabric of life in Iraq.
    1hr:20min - 359MB

    Iraq - Ansar Al Sunnah - AlFurqan Baina Auliar Rehman Wa Auliashaitaan
    Title translates to (The differerence between friends of Al-Rehman (SWT) and Friends of Satan). This is a video by Jaish Ansar us Sunnah in Iraq. The video shows the evil habbits of Iraqi National Guards who are trained by American Forces. The video also shows the Mujahideen.
    1hr:10min - 138MB
    Iraq - Prisoner Abuse
    Iraqi prisoner abuse by U.S. backed Iraqi national guards.
    Duration: 34:14 - 56.5MB

    Iraq - Ansar Al Sunnah - Repelling the Spiteful Rejecters
    Ansar Al Sunnah Present a documentary about the tortures and attrocities from the Shiite in Iraq against Sunni Muslim prisoners.
    Duration: 1hr:15 - 330MB

    Iraq - Bush Big Joke
    Bush making jokes about his crimes!
    Duration: 46sec - 0.7MB

    Iraq - US Brutality - Taxi Cab
    Taxi civilian taxi cab deliberately destroyed by US soldiers, and cheered.
    Duration: 1min27sec - 3.62MB

    Iraq - US Brutality - Airstrike
    Americans enjoing and celebrating killing, and loving war.
    Duration: 54sec - 1.02MB

    Iraq - US Bomb Iraqi Crowd
    U.S. Apache helicopters bomb a crowd of Iraqi civilians gathered on the street, killing 13+ people, including an Arab journalist who filmed the ordeal.
    Iraq - US Marine Kills Wounded Prisoner Mosque
    US forces on rampage in Fallujah, killing the inhabitants, destroying the city are caught on camera executing a wounded Iraqi Prisoner in a Mosque in Fallujah.
    Iraq - Un-armed Iraqi Executed
    On the streets in Baghdad, a wounded un-armed Iraqi man is executed by US marines, followed by cheering.
    Iraq - Family Slaughtered
    A whole Iraqi family brutally slaughtered by US air strike.
    Iraq - Iraqi Childeren
    After 14 years of suffering under US imposed sanctions, Iraqi childeren yet again victim of US agression.
    Iraq - Iraqi Baby's
    After 14 years of suffering under US imposed sanctions, Iraqi baby's yet again victim of US agression.
    Iraq - Abu Ghraib Torture/Abuse
    A small video showing just a little bit what has/is happening in the notorious Abu Ghraib Prison operated by the U.S.

    Iraq - Family Slaughtered
    A small video showing American Crusaders slaughtered an entire family in their brutal bombardment (2003).

    Iraq - Iraq Crusade !
    The Islamic Army in Iraq Releases a New Sniper Compilation Video this time filmed from the scope. Very impressive.
    Duration: 17:35 - 24.7MB

    Iraq - Islamic Army in Iraq - Juba 3rd Edition
    The Islamic Army in Iraq Releases a New Sniper Compilation Video this time filmed from the scope. Very impressive.
    Duration: 21:23 - 145.28MB

    Iraq - Islamic Army in Iraq - Edition 9
    The Islamic Army in Iraq releases the 9th editon documentary called "They Will Be Defeated". This documentary shows Islamic Army in Iraq combat compilation footage from 2007 sofar.
    Duration: 53:36 - 551MB

    Iraq - Islamic State of Iraq - Return to the Mountains
    The Islamic State in Iraq releases a video called Return to the Mountains. The video shows the groups Kurdish Division in the Kurdistan provence of Iraq.
    Duration: 8:21 - 80.3MB

    Iraq - Islamic Army in Iraq - Sniper compilation
    Islamic Army in Iraq Releases a New Sniper Compilation Video June 18th 2007
    Duration: 6:19 - 20MB

    Iraq - Islamic State of Iraq - Missing in Action
    Missing in Action is an 11 minute English subtitled video showing the alleged corpse of a US Air Force pilot named Troy L Gilbert who was missing in action. The video focuses on a political message against the Bush administration and its Iraqi policy.
    Duration: 11:30 - 137MB

    Iraq - Islamic Army in Iraq - Juba 2nd Edition
    The 2nd compilation of Juba the Sniper in Baghdad. The video is subtitled in english and shows various sniping operations from the Sniper himself. There is also a subtitled interview of the sniper with English Subtitles.
    Duration: 28:14 - 202MB
    Iraq - Islamic State of Iraq - Lost Arrow
    The Islamic State of Iraq released a video presenting the failure of Operation Arrowhead Ripper. The video states that this is just one of the failures that the US presence has had in Iraq and that there will continue to be more failures in Iraq in a manner that it taunts the US forces. The Islamic State of Iraq also states since they have entered the province of Diyala where the operation was in fought in, they have gained control of over 80% of the province. The group also shows interviews and footage of what appears to be the police chief and a judge in the Diyala province actually working with the ISI.
    Duration: 20:08 - 240MB
    Iraq - Islamic Army in Iraq - Edition 8
    Darou Salam: The Islamic Army in Iraq released their 8th compilation documentary. In this compilation they show several new IED attacks, rocket launches, ambushes on american check points and convoys, and mortar fire. The video ends with an speech by Ibrahim Al Shamri, the official spokesman of the Islamic Army in Iraq.
    Duration: 46:46 - 151MB

    Iraq - IAI - O Sa’ad, Shoot
    The Islamic Army in Iraq issued a twenty-minute video today, July 14, 2006, which features the attacks of the group’s Rockets Brigade in several cities in Baghdad, including Abu Ghraib, Yathreb, Samarra, and al-Ishaki, targeting American forces. Referencing the call of the prophet Muhammad to Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqqas to fire his arrows for Islam, the video is titled: “O Sa’ad, Shoot,”
    Duration: 19:58 - 76.3MB
    Iraq - Islamic Army in Iraq - Edition 7
    Round the Clock: The Islamic Army in Iraq 7th Release. Military operations carried out by the group in 2006. The video also includes segments of hostages that were taken and made to confess their crimes such as helping the coallition forces promote the secretarian violence in Iraq.
    Duration: 1hr:08min - 117MB

    Iraq - Jaish al Rashideen - Story Islamic Resistance Iraq
    This is a video released by Jaish al Rashideen in Iraq about the start of Islamic Resistance in Iraq.
    Duration: 46:37 - 95.6MB

    Iraq - Jaish al Rashideen - Code Of Silence
    Jaish Al-Rashedeen released their 50 minute documentary called the "Code of Silence". The documentary is in complete english and uses parts of Farenheit911 to make their point. The documentary shows various footage of their attacks and interviews head members of the group.
    Duration: 53:44 - 245MB

    Iraq - Army of Ansar Al Sunnah - Training Video: Self-Satisfaction
    Training and recruiting video from the Army of Ansar Al Sunnah. The name of the video is called Self-Satisfaction. it depicts military training and deadly operations in Iraq that include violent attacks, car bombings, and the destruction of buildings, vehicles and other equipment.
    1hr:15 - 268MB
    Iraq - M.S.C. - Release Video showing the Burning of 2 US Soldiers
    The Mujahideen Shura Council released a video titled In Member of the Sunnah of Our Ancestors in Mutilating the Infidels. The video shows two US soldiers being mutilaed by the insurgency group in Iraq. The two soldiers, Pfc. Thomas Lowell Tucker, 25, and Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, 23,were part of the brigade that raped and burned Abeer Qassim al-Janabi, and killed her family in al-Mahmoudiya back in June 2006. They were also the same soldiers that were shown in a video that was released on July 10th 2006 with their bodies already mutilated. This video contains more footage of them being tied to a truck and then dragged for a few minutes before then being set on fire and burned.
    1hr:15 - 268MB
    Iraq - M.S.C. - Lions of War
    The Mujahideen Shura Council's Documentary on Al-Qaeda's Operations in Iraq. Features interviews from Al Zarqawi and many operations against American Soldiers in Iraq.
    1hr:15 - 268MB
    Iraq - M.S.C. - The Winds of Victory
    The Mujahideen Shura Council's full martyrdom bombing video and training video sent to Time magazine by the Zarqawi group. It interviews the suicide bombers and shows the operations at work.
    1hr:15 - 268MB
    Iraq - Jaish Al Mujahedeen
    A video compilation of various military / resistance operations in Iraq by Jais Al Mujahedeen against the occupation.
    Duration: 46:10 - 74MB

    Iraq - Islamic Army in Iraq - Juba
    A Sniper Video - Al-Jaish Al-Islami Bagdad Sniper Juba. We all probably seen US snipers in action via western news stations. This is an Iraqi sniper in action. For more info about this sniper click HERE - It includes comments from the US.
    Duration: 15:42 - 17.5MB

    Iraq - Jaish Al Mujahedeen
    Sniper Video from Jais Al Mujahedeen.
    Duration: 06:03 - 10MB

    Iraq - Islamic Army in Iraq - Edition 6
    Compilation of resistance operations against US occupation soldiers during 2005 and with english subtitles detailing the military operations.
    Note: Real Player file.
    55:12 - 182MB
    Iraq - Islamic Army in Iraq - Edition 5
    America Today and Tomorrow - Islamic Army of Iraq 5th documentary.
    Duration: 4
    6:37 - 143MB
      Iraq - The Sniper of Fallujah
    “The Attack of Sheikh Abdullah Nijm (Abu Azzam) - The Sniper of Fallujah.” The film shows eight sniping attacks and four aborted operations in Falluja. Video shows some impressive details.
    Note: Real Player file.
    14:26 - 31MB

    Iraq - Islamic Army in Iraq - Edition 3
    Saraya Al-Ghadhab Al-Islami - Islamic Army in Iraq thirdProduction - Compilation of resistance operations against US occupation soldiers
    40:58 - 60MB
    Iraq - Omar Hadeed
    Documentary that shows martrydom operations against coalition forces and interviews with the suicide bombers right before they carry out the operations along with their wills. English Subtitles.
    Duration: 1hr:19min - 196.5MB



    Click Banner Below:

    >>Iraq Genocide Victims<<

    War Against Iraq
    Quotes :

    Iyad Allawi, now the designated prime minister of Iraq, ran an exile organization intent on deposing Saddam Hussein that sent agents into Baghdad in the early 1990's to plant bombs and sabotage government facilities under the direction of the C.I.A., several former intelligence officials say. One former Central Intelligence Agency officer who was based in the region, Robert Baer, recalled that a bombing during that period "blew up a school bus; schoolchildren were killed."

    "American Jews are responsible for pushing the country to war with Iraq"

    "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this,"

    "In a month and a half my platoon and I killed more than 30 civilians,"

    "we were committing genocide"

    "we killed a lot of innocent people".

    He went away dragging his foot. We were all laughing and cheering.

    "Then an 18-wheeler [truck] came speeding around. We shot at it. One of the guys jumped out. He was on fire. The driver was dead. Then a Toyota Corolla came. We killed the driver,
    the other guy came out with his hands up. We shot him too."

    "Like, the only way to get through s*** like that was to concentrate on getting through it by killing as many people as you can"

    "There was no dilemma when it came to shooting people who were not in uniform, I just pulled the trigger."

    "Once you'd reached the objective, and once you'd shot them and you're moving through, anything there, you shoot again. You didn't want any prisoners of war. You hate them so bad while you're fighting, and you're so terrified, you can't really convey the feeling, but you don't want them to live."

    "Maj. Paulus allowed Mr. Hatab to remain lying naked outside in the sun and heat for the rest of the day and into the night. Shortly after midnight, Mr. Hatab was found dead."

    he yanked them out of Humvees while they were hooded and cuffed, causing them to fall several feet to the ground.

    U.S. War Against Iraq Victims:

    Images of guard dogs snarling at cowering prisoners and Iraqi women being forced to expose their breasts were among the 1,800 new pictures and video stills depicting abuse at the Abu Ghraib jail shown to members of the US Congress yesterday.

    Other former guards at the jail told how a hooded detainee died after being taken to a shower room for interrogation by the CIA.

    obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Private England, said "everyone in the company from the commander down" knew what was going on. She said guards forced detainees to crawl on their hands and knees on broken glass, threw a heavy ball at handcuffed prisoners and forced male detainees to wear women's "maxi pads".

    "In November I talked to Mr Bremer about human rights violations in general and in jails in particular. He listened but there was no answer. At the first meeting, I asked to be allowed to visit the security prisoners, but I failed," Turki said.

    "The whole thing is disgusting and it's hard to believe that this actually is taking place in a military facility," said Senator Dianne Feinstein (D - Calif.) "I expected that these pictures would be very hard on the stomach lining and it was significantly worse than anything that I had anticipated," said Senator Ron Wyden (D - Ore.) "Take the worst case and multiply it several times over."

    Al-Manar says that the more horrible methods of torture used against Iraqis, like for example cutting off parts of their bodies, are not yet known to the public.

    The Al-Manar sources in Iraq say that some prisoners lost their eyes, legs, hands and were killed during the U.S torture sessions. These persons were buried without informing their families. There were some women between these dead Iraqi prisoners.

    “The American public needs to understand we’re talking about rape and murder here,” Graham said after the Senate hearing.

    But Graham, who is a judge for the army reserve, said: “It’s going to get worse. You’re going to have more things to show people that will make people mad, more angry.”

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