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    World Of Islam Portal - News Section

    These articles, video's and pictures are for informative purposes. Please before reading have an open mind without predigest and make up your mind afterwards. Read articles, positions, facts, see video's and pictures of the hard reality which you will not see or hear on ordinary media outlets.


    War on Iraq, The History, The Events, Uncensored, Background Information, The Truth!

    The Unbiased Truth About The Taliban Movement. History, Background, Exposing Propaganda, Uncover The Truth!

    Gaza War Report; Explaining The truth About the Gaza Situation and What led up to the war, in video, articles, pictures, you will not see this in corrupted mainstream media !


    War on Lebanon Reports, Background information and much more

    War On Hijab; Suppression of Freedom and Religious Obligation in Spot Light

    Iraq Genocide in Picture, and Duments, including info on the Unjust Brutal Sanctions, Depeleted Uranium Bombs and much more

    Jund Ansar Allah Dossier : The truth !

    Mustafa Kemal Pasha - The Jewish Tyrant Dictator Exposed !  


    Documents / articles / photo's / videos released on these pages are for informational purposes only, most articles include source. We provide these educational materials to people who want to know backgrounds on various issues and wonder what is going on, what the truth is. Most of the information provided here is not or hardly mentioned in the mainstream media. We hope to give people a chance to see how the war REALLY is being fought instead of small edited footages from mainstream media like CNN, BBC, FOX etc which give the impression that war is a videogame. Now people can see the real brutal war that’s being fought and start to think and ask questions and hopefully turn AGAINST the wars and pressure their governments. We try to go in depth into several conflict zones inflicting the Islamic World. We try to show the story from both sides. As for example video footage of military action of Iraqi resistance against the occupiers, but on the other hand we also put videos of US forces killing innocent Iraqi's. Video's / Pictures are welcome from both sides, Iraqi resistance ones, and of American soldiers who like to share there footages of killing innocent Iraqi's. (All you have to do is upload your material to one of the numerous uploader services and send us the link + description). This way we try to represent the whole story, uncensored. We hope people now will realise what the wars are all about, it's not funny and it's not a game!

    Dua of Sheikh Muhammad Al Mohaisany - Masjid Al Haram - Makkah
    Tunisians demand to establish Sharia law and Islamic State (new)
    Pakistan Soldiers executing Children in Swat (new)
    Is The Ummah Blind
    Disturbing Footage! The US Army Does not Want You To See!!
      U.S.A soldier tells how he brutally Raped A innocent Muslim girl in Abu Ghraib! (alternative link)
    Reminder Letter of Fatima + audio message & Abu Ghuraib Abuse Pictures (some recently added).

    Sheikh ibn al-Uthaymeen Ruling on Jihad. What's permitted and what's prohibited
    The Victory Of Islam Return Of A Khilafah
    To Those who take The Kufar as Protectors and Allies
    Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen - The Disbelief Of One Who Rules By Other Than Allah's Law [Translated]
    Sheikh Uthaymeen on the Muslim rulers of today
    Sheikh Albani  Rulings On Fighting Jihad Martyrdom Operations

              Video's:  DOCUMETARY's and Exposings:     EXPOSING Injustice / Abuse / Terrorism / Lies and more :

    Exposing the Western Global Terror from the past till present, showing the true nature and hatred the west has towards the non Western World. Their past crimes and current crimes, murder, torture, genocide, all in the name of "civilizing" and "liberating" people.

    Duration: 58:47 - 549MB
    The film starts from a pleasant visit to the prison camp of Guantanamo Bay and embarks for a journey to Washington, Stockholm, Bucharest then to Abu Ghraib in Iraq and slowly....a new scary world is revealing itself.

    Duration: 49:22 - 154MB (AVI)

    No Plan, No Peace
    "Iraq will be better," declared Tony Blair five days after the fall of Saddam. "Better for the region, better for the world, better, above all, for the Iraqi people." That contrasts starkly with the several hundred thousand dead and injured Iraqis, four million refugees inside and outside Iraq, 4,141 coalition soldiers who have died and the cost to the UK of well in excess of £5bn.

    Duration: 1hr:48min - 251MB (Online)

    The Road to Guantanamo Bay
    The Road to Guantánamo focuses on the Tipton Three, a trio of British Muslims who were held in Guantanamo Bay for two years until they were released without charge.

    Duration: 1hr:30min - 695MB
    Iran Shia Exposed SHIRK
    Major un-excusable Shirk exposed of the Shia cult. A must see. An eye opener.

    Duration: 17.5min - 118MB (wmv)

    Iran Shia Exposed Copy from Christians Jews Hindus
    Exposing Shiism cult, its traditions and behavior compared to Christianity, Judiasm, Hinduism. Shia Sect/cult created by copying from the other religions.

    Duration: 10min - 70MB (AVI)

    Iran Shia Exposed Copy from Christians Jews Hindus 2
    Part 2 - Exposing Shiism cult, its traditions and behavior compared to Christianity, Judiasm, Hinduism. Shia Sect/cult created by copying from the other religions.

    Duration: 9min - 63.4MB

    Stealing a Nation
    In the 1960s and 70s, British governments, conspiring with American officials, tricked into leaving, then expelled the entire population of the Chagos islands in the Indian Ocean. The aim was to give the principal island of this Crown Colony, Diego Garcia, to the Americans who wanted it as a major military base. Indeed, from Diego Garcia US planes have since bombed Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Duration: 55.57min - 120MB (Online)

    The Hidden Story
    Iraq: The Hidden Story shows the footage used by TV news broadcasts, and compares it with the devastatingly powerful uncensored footage of the aftermath of the carnage that is becoming a part of the fabric of life in Iraq.

    Duration: 48.40min - 126MB (Online)

    The F.B.I's War on Black America
    Through a secret program called the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO), there was a concerted effort to subvert the will of the people to avoid the rise “of a black Messiah” that would mobilize the African-American community into a meaningful political force.

    Duration: 48.01min - 99.1MB (Online)

    Iraq - Abu Ghraib Torture/Abuse
    A small video showing just a little bit what has/is happening in the notorious Abu Ghraib Prison operated by the U.S.

    Duration: 1min - 3MB (AVI)
    Gujarat Massacre Expose
    First-hand accounts from the men who plotted and executed the genocide in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Sabarkantha. Mayhem was meticulously planned and carried out by VHP-Bajrang Dal cadres across Muslim localities.

    Duration: 25min - 59.5MB (Online)
    Putting a price on Afghan Life
    America's Arrogance and Insult to Injury has No Limits

    Duration: 2.35min - 13.5MB (Online)
    The Biggest Obstacle for Establishing Khilafah
    Current Rulers Scholars

    Duration: 2.24min - 3.57MB (Online)
    U.S. Weapons Caused Deformations on New Borns Iraq (new)
    Effects of US dropped Uranium on Children, Causing Horrific Pain and Death to Even the Very Little Innocent Children.

    Duration: 3.51min - 10.3MB (Online)
    Abnormalities New Born babies, Fallujah Iraq Caused by U.S. Weapons (new)
    Effects of US dropped Uranium on Children, Causing Horrific Pain and Death to Even the Very Little Innocent Children.

    Duration: 4.28min - 15MB (Online)
    The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children
    Effects of US dropped Uranium on Children, Causing Horrific Pain and Death to Even the Very Little Innocent Children.

    Duration: 53.02min - 125MB (Online)
    Arab Media Collaborating With U.S. Occupiers Caught on Tape
    Arab Media's Collaboration with American/Western Aggressors!

    Duration: 1.48min - 2.98MB (Online)
    American invaders army terrorists burning Muslim
    Suddenly the Geneva Convention (rules of war) do not matter, apparently
    only when Americans are captured this convention is shouted of roof tops.

    Duration: 3.56min - 15.8MB (Online)
      Abuse Palestinian Woman (new)
    Zionist Terrorist "soldier" Tormenting and Humiliating a Palestinian Woman.

    Duration: 1.17min - 4.02MB (Online)
    US Soldiers Taunting Children (new)
    US Terrorist Soldiers Taunting Children and Committing dispicable Abuses.

    Duration: 4.44min - 10.07MB (Online)
    A Reality of Tears (new)
    Exposing Oppression, Torture!

    Duration: 7.34min - 17.4MB (Online)
    The Evil Scholars and their Master
    Ibn Abbass narrated that Rasulullah (SAAWS) said:
    Whoever lives the life of a Bedouin becomes coarse. And whoever occupies himself with hunting becomes heedless and whoever visits the rulers falls into fitnah.
    Narrated by Abu Dawud, al Tirmithis, al Nasai, and al Bayhaqi and is agreeable.

    Duration: 7.21min - 17.2MB (Online)
    Traitors and Apostates of the Ummah !
    Traitors of the Ummah. Tyrants and Apostates exposed. Slaves and servants of the West can never be legitimate leaders of Muslims!

    Duration: 5.59min - 13.3MB (Online)
    UAE Royal Family Caught on Tape Torture
    Smuggled Video Tape Exposing torture by Allies of the West, UAE Royal Family, for fun, aided by uniformed UAE police officer. Case closed by UAE head of Police (brother of torturer).

    Duration: 6.47min - 15.3MB (Online)

    Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
    An examination of the prisoner abuse scandal involving U.S. soldiers and detainees at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison in the fall of 2003.

    Duration: 1hr:18min - 700MB (AVI XVID)
    British Brutality in Iraq (new)
    British Terrorist Soldiers Ruthless Beating Children and Laughing.

    Duration: 2min - 4.64MB (Online)

    India's War on Islam
    This video shows the horrendous riots which took place in Gujarat March/April 2002 which resulted in the loss of 5000 muslim lives. Atrocites took place on defenseless men, women and children. Independent human rights organisations have concluded that this riot was pre-planned with the support of the State of Gujarat Government, RSS, Shiv Senna. Also featuring on this video is a preview of the some the anti Islamic movies that Bollywood is churning out.

    Duration: 102:55 - 102MB (RM)

    Indian Genocide Gujarat & Special Report From Iraq
    This extremely educational documentary investigates the genocide that occured against Muslims in the Indian state of Gujarat. In this section we learn that the genocide was instigated and carried out by extremist Hindu nationalists whose primary aim was to eliminate the Muslim population. Next, "The Truth about Bollywood" loooks at how its industry seeks to propagate morally corrupt ideals and anti-Islamic messages. Finally, "Iraq Revisited" asks the question of whether Iraq is turning out to be another Vietnam for the USA. Green 72 has unearthed this "film" which shows various attacks against US forces in the period of May-Sept 2005

    Duration: 119:22 - 390MB (RM)

    Iraq - Abu Ghraib Torture/Abuse
    A small video showing just a little bit what has/is happening in the notorious Abu Ghraib Prison operated by the U.S.

    Duration: 1min - 3MB (AVI)
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    (Al-Baqarah, 2:217)


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