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    What Happend in Gaza
    Gaza War Report:
    The Slaughter began on Dec 27th, 2008, at exactly 11:30 A.M. on Saturday, during the surprise assault knowing that all the children of the Strip would be in the streets - half just having finished the morning shift at school, the others en route to the afternoon shift.

    Civilian injuries and casualties in Gaza continue to mount and the toll now stands at least 1340 killed including only 95 fighters, and atleast 5320 have been injured. (19jan)

    UPDATE: 7 Jan - 10 New Videos, Gallery Updated, New Article Updates!

    UPDATE: 10 Jan - 5 New Videos!

    UPDATE: 15 Jan - 5 New Videos, 10 New Articles and Category!

    UPDATE: 05 Feb - 3 New Articles!

    Gaza War Report will be regularly updated until the end of the conflict!

    The Palestinians are being killed not because of Hamas. The Palestinians burn and bleed because they are the non-Jewish natives of that land


    What Led to War, The Facts, The Truth, The Proves:

    >>> INTRO : What Happened in Gaza leading to War <<<

    >>> TIMELINE Leading To the War <<<


    >>> The Blockade and it's Full Effects <<<

    >>> Q & A Concerning The Gaza Holocaust <<<

    UN: Israel broke six-month truce in Gaza

    So What Have The Palestinians Got To Complain About?

    Israel’s Warped Self-justification For Murder

    Top 5 Lies About Israel’s Assault on Gaza

    The truth about those Hamas rockets

    Israel’s War Crimes and “Change we can believe in”

    UN official: Countries cooperating with Israel are accomplices to the aggression

    AP Propaganda: Maybe Israel is targeting women, children, and mosques; but …

    On the Ground in Gaza: University Bombed, UN Staffers Amongst the Dead

    Israel targets children in Gaza

    International Witnesses Speak Out from Gaza (school playground hit)

    Qazi: Zionist invasion on Gaza a slap on Ummah conscience

    Stealing Gaza

    Shock, Awe and Lies: Pre Planned Attack on Gaza

    Hamas! Correct the Foundations, Have Fear of Allah and not the People!

    FATWA: A Proclamation to the People Over the Events in Palestine

    FATWA: Al-Maqdisi:: The Obligation of Supporting the Muslims in Gaza and the Impermissible act of Deserting Them

    500 Azhar Ulamas Forbid Closing Rafah Crossing Point

    Red Cross: Israel leaves wounded to die, 'shocking scenes'

    What The Jewish Terrorists are Bombing Besides Civilian Houses: (crushing rooftops, separating limbs, killing woman, children, baby's innocent males)

    92 Mosques Destroyed by Occupation, 41 Completely

    Israel attacks UN HQ, media tower and al-Quds hospital

    Sheikh Radwan Cemetery Graves Bombed in Gaza

    Gaza UNRWA building targeted

    In Bombed Gaza, Doctors Become Patients

    Israel Uses Gazans as Human Shields

    Israel keeps pounding Gaza, hits children's hospital the al-Dorra

    Palestine: Israel Attacks Schools, Ambulances

    Israel attacks The al-Awda hospital in Gaza

    U.N. : Israel 'shelled Gaza civilians'

    Israel Attacks Gaza UN the Al-Fakhura School, Kills 40

    Gaza hospitals under fire

    Israel Bombs Mosque During Prayers

    Israel bombs Islamic university in Gaza

    Years of Gaza Siege Explained:

    The Blockade and it's Full Effects

    A Voice from Gaza: Coping with the Siege

    Gaza Siege Months Before The War

    UN official: Gaza people's suffering one of life and death

    WHO: The wounded in Gaza die out of lack of medical supplies

    Oxfam warns of humanitarian disaster in Gaza

    Islamic Jihad: Official Arab silence toward aggression unjustified

    Khudari: Gaza suffering reached unprecedented catastrophic levels

    Egyptian MP: Gaza siege crime against humanity

    Zaza: Shame on Egypt for waiting for Israeli permission to allow entry of aid

    Gaza families eat grass as Israel locks border

    Gaza bakeries: Wheat stores empty by end of current week

    UNRWA suspends distribution of food aid in Gaza

    Committee: 1,000 patients need treatment abroad

    Madi: The Israeli siege on Gaza unprecedented

    UNICEF warns of impacts of Zionist aggression on Gaza children

    External LINK: OCHA oPt UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

    External LINK: WHO | Occupied Palestinian territory situation reports

    External LINK: Gaza Siege Resources


    Egypt seizes aid supplies for Gaza

    Egypt hinders investigations into Gaza war

    Egypt blocks money into devastated Gaza

    Egyptian company supplied Zionists with food during war on Gaza

    Egypt's intelligence blackmails wounded Palestinians to tell about Hamas

    Egypt keeping Iran aid ship from Gaza

    Dr. Abu Al-Fotouh: Egypt blocks Arab doctors from helping Gaza doctors

    Qaradawi: Egypt refused to receive delegates of federation of Muslim scholars

    Egypt keeps doctors from entering Gaza

    Human rights society: Saudi security quelled pro-Gaza rally, arrest Sheikh Awas Al-Qarni

    Cairo aborted proposal for holding emergency Islamic summit

    Egypt accused of 'deceiving' Hamas

    Arab Connivance in the Gaza Massacre

    Bush thanks lapdog Mubarak for the "positive role" of Egypt during the war on Gaza

    Egypt refuses to open Rafah border

    Egypt prevents surgeons from entering into Gaza Strip despite growing death toll

    Egyptian forces kill one Palestinian wound 15 others

    LINK: Read More About Disgracefull Actions Here

    Below Gaza War in Video; Official Reports, Eye Witnesses, Officials Speaking, War Crime Footages, Terrorism on Video! ::

    This text will be replaced

    Last Moments of A Dying Mother and Her Palestine: (click picture)








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