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    The War in Somalia

    The War in Somalia:

    The U.S. and Ethiopian militaries have "a close working relationship," Pentagon spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Joe Carpenter said.

    Advisers from the Guam national guard have been training Ethiopians in basic infantry skills at two camps in Ethiopia, said Maj. Kelley Thibodeau, a spokeswoman for U.S. forces in Djibouti.

    There are about 100 U.S. military personnel currently working in Ethiopia, Carpenter said.

    As early as last April Germany’s ambassador to Somalia, Walter Lindner, wrote a public letter condemning the indiscriminate use of air strikes and heavy artillery in densely populated parts of Mogadishu, the systematic rape of women, and even the bombing of hospitals. By now, the Ethiopian Army’s attempts to terrorize the residents of Mogadishu into submission have driven 600,000 of them — 60 percent of the population — to flee the city.

    United States opposition to the formation of an Islamic Somalia led to the CIA making secret payments to aid Somali warlords in early 2006 organized under the name Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (ARPCT). Disclosure of these payments to warlords helped galvanize the ICU's opposition and created public support for the Islamists amongst Somalis. This led directly to fueling the Second Battle of Mogadishu, fought between May and June 2006. The result was the driving of the ARPCT forces from Mogadishu, and the militant rise of the ICU.

    Video : No Peace without Islam



    Brief Summary of History and Present; Explaining the Somalia War With Facts !!

    British University Students Are Joining The Jihad Group In Somalia
    Somalia's al-Shabab Names 3 UN Agencies 'Enemies of Islam
    Al Shabaab Mujahideen Held Military Parade In Mogadishu
    The Muslims Of Somalia Celebrated Eid Peacefully This Year
    In Somalia, The Children Our of Free Will Join Forces In the Jihad Arena

    The Citizens Of America And England Are Prepared To Die For Islam

    Al Shahaab Fighters Warned The World
    Mujahideen Kicked Out The Ethiopian Forces From Somalia, AllahuAkbar!

    "Youth Mujahideen Movement in Somalia: Tribute to Abu Mohsen al-Ansari" VIDEO

    Mujahideen Attacked The Enemy’s Bases In Mogadishu
    Shaykh Abu Mansoor Vows To Continue The Jihaad In Somalia Unlike The ICU
    Ethiopian Attack On Mosque Marks Intensification Of War In Somalia
    Mujahideen In Somalia Claim Success
    A Letter From A Somalian Youth To The Youths Who Are Sitting
    Dedicated to Tamekia: 'Her Prayer' The Story of brother Daniel Joseph Maldonado
    Invisible Empire: America's Unseen Atrocity In Somalia
    Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki (The American Mujahid In Somalia) - A Message To The Mujahideen In Particular & The Muslims In General
    Mogadishu On Verge Of Falling To Islamic Forces As Transitional Government Faces Disintegration
    Ethiopia Playing The US Game In Somalia
    EXPOSED: USAID and WFP Brought in Filthy Food to Poison our People
    The Islamic Administration in Kismayo, Distributing  Food Aid to More Than 100 Needy Families  in the Cities
    Video's Of The Struggle in Somalia:
    Mogadishu The Crusaders Graveyard
    AMISOM...Get Out of Our Country!
    Somalia’s Al-Shabab Forces Show Power
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