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 - Somalia

    Mujahideen Attacked The Enemy’s Bases In Mogadishu

    Ash-Shabab Mujahideen in Somalia attacked three main headquarters of the enemies, ie. "the transitional government" and the Ethiopian forces in Somalia, in the capital, Mogadishu. The attacks were accomplished on Thursday night, using hand grenades and machine guns. The Ethiopian forces countered the attack using artilleries. Abdurrahim Ise Addo, spokesman for Islamic Shariah Fighters said that 10 enemy forces were killed in the attack, and he added that 2 Mujahideen were also martyred.

    Earlier the Ash-Shabab Mujahideen had liberated several villages in Somalia where they had forced the Ethiopian forces to withdraw from Mogadishu. Fighting in Somalia began to rise after 9th of June when the UN forces and the Ethiopian decided to form reconciliation and announced that a ceasefire had been achieved between the so-called “Transitional Federal Government” (TFG) of Somalia and the Alliance for Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS). However Ash-Shabab and the leader of The Islamic Courts Union (ICU), Sheikh Hasan Dahir Aveis who is a member of the ARS stated that the military unit of Ash-Shabab will carry on battling until the last Ethiopian forces are leaving the country.

    Meanwhile, in Afghanisten, Sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi urges establishment of Islamic State in Somalia, in a new video released by Al Sahab.

    The Sheikh addressed the current situation in Somalia and the recent peace negotiations between the rival parties there in a new video produced by al Qaeda's media wing, Al Sahab and posted on mujahideen Internet forums Sunday night.

    In the 19-minute tape, titled "No Peace Without Islam," Sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi urges the Somali Mujahideen Youth Movement to keep fighting against the Ethiopian forces, as well as against Somali transitional government and all parties involved in talks with them.

    Sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi also called on the mujahideens in Somalia to fight any forces brought in to replace the Ethiopian forces, such as AU peacekeeping forces, and says the mujahideen should not recognize the authority or the legitimacy of such organizations. Sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi also eulogized mujahideen commander Sheikh Adam Ayro, who was martyred in a U.S. airstrike on his house in the central Somali town of Dusamareeb on May 1st.

    Sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi finished his statement by inciting the mujahideen to establish an Islamic State in Somalia. "Do not accept anything less than an independent Islamic State that does not recognize International legitimacy, nor would it acknowledge man-made legislations," he said.

    Al Qaeda has been paying increasing attention to the conflict in Somalia. Sheikh Ayman al Zawahri, have made repeated references to the conflict, portraying it as another battle between the West and Islam, and voiced support for the Mujaheddin Youth Movement.

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