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 - Somalia

    British University Students Are Joining The Jihad Group In Somalia

    LONDON – Students from a number of well-known universities in Britain have made a journey to unite with the jihad group, Al-Shabaab and they are ready to jump into the battle field for the sake of establishing the kalimah of Allah in the land of Somalia.

    Dozens of Muslim youths from Britain, including a Muslimah are ready to provide medical assistance and saying they are ready to unite with Al-Shabaab group, the biggest jihad group in Somalia that are controlling almost the entire part of Somalia.

    The leader of the Somalian community in Britain said that those university students came from the London School of Economics (LSE), Imperial College and King's College of London. The youngest amongst them is 18 years old.

    An LSE graduate who is also of a Somalian descent but grew up and raised in Britain told his pregnant wife, "I am doing this to defend my country and my faith. I am not sure if I could see you again."

    An investigation carried out by The Sunday Times claimed that Britain has become the birthplace for the "terrorists" who are under the umbrella of Al-Qaeda. They used Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab as an example, a Mujahid who originated from Nigeria and who is also a graduate from a university in London, who had attempted to blow up a plane on Christmas.

    The British forces said that the journeys made by the British residents, which involved a plane journey bound for Yemen or Somalia should be observed seriously.

    They believed that the dozens of British youths who flew to Somalia would pick up weapons or execute martyrdom operations, however the leaders of the Somalia community said that their number reaches almost a hundred.

    Al-Shabaab, an Arabic word which means the youths in English are struggling in Somalia to topple the weak government of Somalia which uses man-made laws (democracy), as well as wanting to drive out the entire occupation forces supported by the West who until now are still festering in Somalia. Not only Somalia, but Al-Shabaab would continue to struggle across the borders until Allah’s earth will only be ruled with absolute laws made by Allah.

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    "… when it is said to them; 'Make not mischief on the Earth', they say; 'We are only peace makers'. Indeed they are the ones who make mischief, but they perceive it not"

    (Al-Baqarah 2:11-12)


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