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 - Somalia

    Al Shabaab Mujahideen Held Military Parade In Mogadishu

    The Harakah of Shabaab Mujahideen on Friday, 15th Muharram 1431 H, corresponding to 1st January 2010 held a military parade in Mogadishu by presenting heroic soldiers who are ready to become protectors and act as a defense fortress of the Ummah in the jihad arena. The forces displayed were those who had just passed their trainings and preparations from the training camps. They would be joining and supporting their senior brothers in fighting a common enemy.

    Also taking part in the parade were the leaders of Jihad such as Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansur, Sheikh al-Mujahid Fuad Muhammad Khalaf and the spokesman of Shabaab Mujahideen, Sheikh Ali Mahmud Raghi –hafidzahumullah. To cool the eyes and comfort the hearts of the ahlut tawheed (people of monotheism), hundreds of the new forces were displayed. They are ready to defend the community of Tawheed by fighting and defeating the mushrik people.

    They appeared in military uniforms and passed by the crowds, both marching and riding military vehicles accompanied by the cries of takbeer that echoed along the way. The parade heightened the spirit and activated the feeling pride on the Mukmineen, while it depressed and terrified the hearts of the fajir (disobedient people) and fasiq (commiter of sins).

    In the opportunity, Sheikh Abu Manshur delivered a talk to the forces of the ahlut tawheed. He stressed in his khutbah that the entire jundu tawheed (soldiers of monotheism) must behave hardly and firmly on the murtadeen and kafireen. He also announced their wishes to help their Mujahideen brothers in Yaman so that they become one formidable rank of Mujahideen. He said, “By pledging to Allah SWT, America and its allies, with the help of Allah, will be defeated in the hands of the Mujahideen.”

    “Today is a day of sadness for the slaves of America in Somalia, led by Sharif Sheikh Ahmad. And tomorrow insha Allah, they will soon face destruction. And we, O enemies of Allah, will come out in waves with the forces of tawheed to destroy the remaining of your ranks and subdue your forces, therefore plan the steps of your own feet while the jundullah are ready and united like a formidable fortress. Allah is our protector, whilst you don’t have any protector.”

    The Mujahideen of Al Shabaab who are controlling Somalia announced that the flag of Somalia would be replaced by the black flag with the word "Laa illa ha illallah" (flag of Tawheed).

    Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Ali Abu Manshur, leader of Al Shabaab said that only the flag of Tawheed would be raised across the country. The flag represents Islam, he added.

    "We will not accept any flag other than the black flag with the 'kalimah of Shahadah' because that is the one and only flag in Islam and it won’t be decided by the UN or other countries such as America", he said.

    Abu Mansur also stressd that Al Shabaab would never allow the formation of semi-autonomous territories, whether in Central or Southern Somalia. He said this while conducting a seminar for the senior citizens from the various regions of Somalia.

    On the other hand, Abu also said that Al Shabaab would continue to attack the weak puppet government of Somalia which was supported by the UN and Uni Africa.

    "We will continue to fight the government of Somalia until the Islamic government is established and we can expel the AMISOM forces from this country because they are invaders", he said.

    His statement came out after the government of Somalia said that they would finish off all the opposition groups in Somalia.

    Al Shabaab is currently controlling a lot of territories in Southern and Central Somalia, they had been involved in several deadly battles against the forces of the TFG (Transitional Federal Government led by Sharif Ahmed) and the Uni Africa in the capital of Somalia.


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