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 - Somalia

    Al Shahaab Fighters Warned The World

    With the war in the hottest conflict in Africa, Somalia, going to end in favor of the Mujahideen in about a week or so (Insha Allah), the Somalian Mujahideen group, Al Shahaab announced that they would keep on fighting to defend themselves from oppression and invasion that existed in their country and elsewhere.

    "We are fighting to end the sufferings in our country due to oppression and occupation. We are defending ourselves from the enemies who are attacking us," thus Sheikh Abu Mansoor, the leader of Al Shahaab said.

    "When we succeed, we will still continue fighting and ending the oppression in any other part of the world," he added.

    A Reminder To The World

    Ibrahim Almaqdis, one of the fighters based in Marka, which is only 90 km from the capital city of Somalia, Mogadishu said that the Islamic fighters would keep on struggling for the honour of Islam all over the world.

    "We will raise the flag of Islamic Shariah from Alaska and Chile to South Africa, Japan, Russia, Solomon Islands and the rest of the Islands, remember that we will come."

    Sheikh Abu Mansoor told that the fighters of Al Shahaab were supported by the fighters from a variety of countries and he was also inviting the others to join in, whereas the posts of commanders are still held by the people of Somalia.

    According to the correspondent of Al Jazeera, they witnessed the society welcoming the presence of Al Shahaab fighters in Marka, and even dressing up their children like the Mujahideen.

    Africa is shaping up to be a launching pad for the global Jihad. Recently, the Kuffar media in the West reported that a large amount of Muslims in Minnesota have been leaving to Somalia for the Jihad. A white Muslim from Texas is now one of the field trainers of Shabaab al-Mujahideen. And it wouldn’t be a surprise if neighboring countries are witnessing some of their own Muslim citizens flocking to Somalia. This is all very good news for the Mujahideen, and all the praises and thanks belong to Allah alone.

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    “Prayer (Salat) is the most important practice in Islam. Allah has ordered the Muslims to be mindful of it. The Holy Qur'an says:"Guard strictly your prayers, especially the Middle Prayer, and stand before Allah with all devotion.”

    (Al-Baqarah, 2:238)


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