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    Taliban Facts - -


    When the 'Students of Islamic Knowledge Movement' (Taliban) emerged at the beginning of 1995 and swept over most of the southern and eastern states of Afghanistan in the course of one year, many questions arose about the identity of the Movement, its objectives, the sides that support it and the reasons for its swift victories. With the development of events along with the fall of most of the Afghani states to the will of the Mujahideen and the domination of 90% of the Muslim Afghani land, the profile of the evolving Movement began to appear, especially after it took over the capital city, Kabul, and expelled from it the Shiite-Communist confederation. So, what are the facts behind this Movement and its objectives? How did it deal with Arab Mujahideen there? What are the dangers of the conspiracies that plans to domesticate it and attempts to change its path to conform with the interests of the regional and international powers, especially that of the United States and it's allies?

    Eid Message Amir-ul-Mumineen Mullah Muhammad Omar - 2009
    Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan:: Message of Felicitation of Ameer al-Mu’mineen on the Occasion of ‘Eid al-Fitr'
        The Taliban Introduction
    Are the Taliban from Ahl as-Sunnah? (new)
    The Taliban and Women
    Taliban's Achievements
    Life Of Mullah Muhammad Umar
    American Journalists Set the Story Straight on Afghanistan
    U.N. drug control officers: Taliban has nearly wiped out opium production
    Sex Abuse and Silence Exposed (new)
    U.S.-led Forces in Afghanistan are Committing Atrocities, Lying, and Getting Away with It (new)
    The Taliban, Education and Health Policy Toward Girls. (untold Truth)
    American Journalists Set the Story Straight on Afghanistan
    The Taliban and Shariah
    British journalist Yvonne Ridley, Taliban captive tells her story and the conspiracy of western Intelligence Agencys to have her killed
    The Taliban - Arab Mujahideen Relations
    Afghanistan, the Taliban and the Bush Oil Team
    The Military Threat
    The Planned Conspiracies
    U.S. planned attack on Taleban before 11-9
    Canadian Physician Describes Healthcare in Afghanistan
    The Significance of the Taliban for the Muslim Ummah
    The Taliban and Destruction of the Idols
    Frequently Asked Questions about the Taliban
    My 12 Days in Afghanistan
    Afghan Journey: A Personal Account
    An Afghanistan Quiz
    US 'Kill Team' Targeted Afghan Civilians
    Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding a picture published by Time magazine
    'Only the Taliban Are Not Corrupt' Interview with CIA Veteran Michael Scheuer

    Afghan Mujahidin :

       Return of the Taliban Classic Guerrilla Warfare vs U.S. Power
    700 Afghan Militia Troops Resign In Protest at U.S. Policies
    Afghan Prisoners Beaten to Death at U.S. Military Interrogation Base
    Afghan War Documentary Charges U.S. with Mass Killings of POWs !
    Mullah Umar Nominates Maulvi Shahab Uddin Dilawar as his Vice
    Intelligence Agencies Report Over 2700 U.S. Soldiers either Killed or Injured in Afghanistan
    Report - Taliban names Anti-U.S. Leadership Council
    Taliban's New Hierarchy Unveiled
    Afghan Officials Confirm U.S. Role in Massacre of Taliban Prisoners
    ''Rahbar Shoora'' Set Up by Seven Former Taliban Leaders, Afghan Sources Report
    Former Taliban Official Martyred in Clash with U.S. Soldiers
    Leaflets Taliban Fighters Poised For Revenge
    Mujahideen Training Camps in Afghanistan, Pakistan
    Non-Pashtun Group, Gujar Taliban Declares Jihad against U.S.
    Pro-Taliban Fliers call for Jihad Against U.S.
    Report Anti-Karzai Pashtun Resistance In The Making
    Taliban Asks Official Troops to Join Them
    Taliban Commander Martyred in Battle
    Taliban Volunteers Joining Resistance
    Taliban, Al-Qaeda using Low Tech to Beat High Tech
    Zionist Intelligence Network Established inside Afghanistan
    Afghan Leaders In Secret Talks With The Taliban
    U.S. Officials meet with The Taliban

    Guantanamo Bay :

    Statements / Interviews :

    Taliban Mujahidin Multimedia :

    Taliban Mujahidin Gallery  : #1, #2, #3, #4, #5.

    Video's Jihad Afghanistan
    Meet the Talibans - Exclusive

    EXCLUSIVE -Talibans what they are Fighting For
    To be continued..InshaAllah!!
    Taliban says it will continue to fight

    US military base under Taliban control
    Taliban Fighters Display US Weapons - 10 Nov 09
    Afghanistan's Complex Nature of Fighting - 24 Feb 09
    New Salafi Group Emerges in Afghanistan - 7 Jan 2010

    Afghan Soldier Kills 2 Americans Joins Taliban
    Afghan Civilians Stormed Occupation Base

    Battle of Laghman 2

    Nida al Jihad - The end of aggressors in the land of Afghan - the province of Nuristan

    Al-Ansar Media Center & Nida al-Jihad Foundation of Afghanistan
    Latest video from Nooristan entitled "Transgressors Punished"

    Avi / 206MB / 1hr

    Elif Media: Ramadan aid 2009 in Afghanistan


    Jundullah Studio presents........
    Threek e islami Uzbikistan fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan
    (German Mujahideen Battalion)
    Download Now - AVI / 239MB / 30min17sec

    Nida al-Jihad:
    "Help from Allah"
    Download Now - MPG / 386MB / 37min01sec

    English Subtitles ( Video ) of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan's Release:
    "Bloodshed and Revenge"
    by Umar Studios
    Download Now - WMV / 314MB / 39min09sec

    Manba ul-Jihad Presents
    Mujahideen Operations in Afghanistan
    Download Now - AVI / 250MB / 56min41sec

    TORA BORA MAHAZ Present: Military Operations - 2008 - Tora Bora Mahaz of Islami Emirate Afghanistan present:
    Military Operations -2008: Istishhadiya, ambushes and other actions
    Download Now - WMV / 258MB / 53min28sec

    ISLAMI EMIRATE AFGHANISTAN: IN FIGHT, The eighth release, August 2009<--PDF

    The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.....
    Studio Jundullah presents
    {Sieg oder Shahada}
    {Victory or Shahada}
    Download Now - AVI / 206MB / 26min01sec

    Jundallah Studio:
    "Fadl Al Jihad"
    Download Now - AVI / 895MB / 55min

    Jamaat Bulgar : Firing rockets on NATO forces
    Avi / 22.2MB / 2min34sec

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