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 - Taliban Facts

    My 12 Days in Afghanistan

    Much has been written in the Western press about the injustices Afghans suffered under the rule of Taliban. This story took place just a few months before the Taliban regime was toppled by US forces and an entirely different impression emerges when viewed through this first hand account by a Mujahid.

    On the 4th July 2001 our plane departed from Karachi Airport for the Quetta Airport. Direct flights for Afghanistan are not available due to the sanctions of the United Nations on this war battered country. On our arrival at the Quetta Airport, two Taliban representatives were there to greet us.

    After a warm welcome and introduction of each other we drove off towards Kandahar from the Quetta Airport. Kandahar is a town from where the Taliban Islamic movement had started 7 year ago. It is the headquarters of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. It is the town where Ameer-ul-Momineen Mullah Mohammad Umar belonged to and he is still based here. But the capital of Afghanistan is still Kabul.

    On our way to Kandahar I was reviving my memory and thoughts about the last time when I visited Afghanistan 4 months ago. All the good memories were there in my mind and I hoped that this visit would InshaAllah add some more good memories. Last time I remembered when I came to Kandahar I got the opportunity to meet the great pious leader Mulla Umar. Also, it was a great experience to say Eid prayers in the presence of 600,000 people, with the Ameer of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan leading the
    prayers. The historical sites which I visited in Afghanistan also flashed in my mind. The people I met last time and the conversations
    which I had with them all started to run in front of my eyes like a film.

    I was thinking that very soon I will among the people who gave me a spiritual satisfaction. The simplicity and humility of the Taliban and the awe which they have instilled in the hearts of the western powers takes me back in the history. More then 1400 years ago the Muslims had gathered in the town of Madina with the intention of spreading Islam and to make the Islamic system prevent. Even though they were few and without worldly resources but still the infidel powers in those times were scared of their powerful ideology, they made an alliance against these believers. Those powers thought that by putting sanctions on the Prophet Muhammad (Salalaho Alayhe Wasalam) and his companions they would be successful in extinguishing this light. By tightening the noose of economic sanctions and attacking them at the same time, those people wrongfully thought that the Prophet and his companions would give up.
    They were not a ware of the fact that it is the Sunnah of Allah (S.W.T.) to test His men in this way and find out who are the obedient ones. They have to face hardships once they lift the banner and the flag of Islam. Economic sanctions, wars, evil plots are all planned against them and carried out. All the Prophets faced such challenges and so would the people who are their true followers. On our way to Chamman (the border of Pakistan) the road was smooth our 16 seater car ran without jerks.

    Vast barren lands, rocky mountains small villages came in our way. One of the interesting things that I saw on my way to Chamman was the enormous posts built approximately a century ago by the British Empire. All these posts were built on the strategic locations on the mountain ranges. The British Empire had built these posts because they had a plan to include the land of Afghanistan in their vast empire. It was said about the British Empire that the sun never set on the empire because the sun sets in the west and the empire was in the east. But it is recorded in the books of history how badly the British forces were defeated in Afghanistan by the brave Afghan Muslims who never accepted foreign domination in their land. Only one solider of the British forces had returned alive.

    As we got closer to the Chamman border the hustle and bustle of the traffic and people increased. On our both sides small shops of various commodities were seen. Especially I noticed that the shops selling spare parts of the cars were in a rather large numbers. As we entered the Afghanistan territory, there I saw a board on which it was stated that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan welcomes you. This border town is in the Province of Kandahar and it is called "Spain Boldak". The two representative of the Islamic emirate who greeted us on the airport now dropped us at the office of the Commissioner of Spain Boldak. There we were served with green tea and some sweets by the commissioner and his staff. After resting here for about half an hour we moved forward to our destination in Kandahar. We hired a 'Tunis Taxi', which was spacious enough for our 6 member group. Pushto songs without music were being played on the cassette player. It was nearly the time for Asr prayers, which is just about 2 hours before the sunset, when our van departed
    from the Commissioner's Office in Spain Boldak. The temperature was getting a pleasant now as the heat of the sunlight was now losing its warmth. Otherwise before that it was very warm.
    The distance between Spin Boldak and Kandahar town was not more than 100km, but it took us 3 hours to reach the Governor House of Kandahar. On the way to Kandahar, almost 75% of the road was totally destroyed. Due to the warring condition and unjust sanctions by the United Nations the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not able to reconstruct the road on this important route. If somehow this road is made then it will certainly foster trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The UNO and the other infidel powers don't want to see these two countries to prosper. That's why a monitoring team of UNO is reported to be arriving soon in Pakistan to monitor the sanctions on Afghanistan. The brave and God trusting leaders of the Islamic Emirate have declared that these monitoring teams will be seen as enemies and treated like enemies. The Pakistan's religious parties and the tribal leaders have strongly opposed the plans of UNO too.

    UNO is just a tool which the western and other bullying infidel countries use to intervene in the Muslim countries. We must think about
    what problems this so called global organization has solved for the Muslims? How have the Islamic countries benefited from becoming members of this organization?

    The Governor's Guest House in Kandahar is known as 'Waalee Kothi'. Walee means Governor in Pushto and Kothi means house. Before the Taliban took over the control of the country, the Governor of Kandahar used to live here. But as Taliban follow the Islamic lifestyle so their Governors and ministers still live in their old residences where they lived before becoming the leaders.

    The Governor's house therefore was now changed into the guest house for the official guests. There were about 3 blocks in the Governor house. A small and a simple mosque were also built inside. Here all the guests, staff and the Taliban officials said there prayers. It was impossible to distinguish between a cook and an important Taliban official such as the Governor of Kandahar. Because they all dressed simply, theey all were Shalwar Kameez (baggy clothes) with the turban on the top.
    I noticed that in Afghanistan even though the economic situation is not healthy still the Afghan's maintain the quality of their turbans and also give unusual importance to it. I guess it is because it is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet and also a part of their tradition. It was very warm in Kandahar. The temperature rose up to 400C in the afternoon. During the evenings we visited the market place. It was very encouraging to see that the markets were full with different kinds of products. Especially it was a treat to eat the watermelons of Kandahar. They were very juicy and sweet.

    Men, women and children all were there shopping in the market. Women were in there traditional Burqa or a veil. The activity showed that although the world powers are trying their level best to economically kill this country so they could impose their own rules but due to Allah's blessings, the Afghan's are surviving and are very content with their Islamic rulers. Shaheedan Chowk was the centre of the market in Kandahar. The graves of the Ulema and their students who were martyred while fighting the British Empire a century ago were also present in this chowk. Some of the prominent people I met in Kandahar:

        * Mullah Umar , Ameer-ul-Momineen

        * Tayyab Agha, Personal Secretary of Mullah Umar

        * Mullah Hasan, Governor of Kandahar

        * Mullah Shahahbuddin Delawar, Justice of Supreme Court in Kandahar)

        * Mullah Jamali, Minister of Industries

        * Mullah Mohammad, Food Minister

    Some of the important places and events in Kandahar that took place were the Qisas, seeing the Appellate Bench and meeting Mullah Umar.

    One of the most interesting and an unusual event which I got to see in Kandahar was the event of Qisas. It was announced on the radio Shariath that today at 5:00 PM Qisas will be taken in the football stadium.

    A Taliban police officer had killed a student over a petty issue. Within a week it was declared that this officer is guilty and it was now up to the family of the deceased student what should be the fate of the killer. According to the Islamic rule, they had three choices: forgive the killer, Qisas or kill the killer.

    In the Islamic law the most liked decision is to forgive the murderer. That's why when we reached the football stadium in the evening we saw the members of the Islamic court were telling the public about the law of Qisas and at the same time encouraging the family of the student to forgive the murderer. People were taking their seats to watch the execution to take place. At that moment I felt that how close we are to our deaths and we live in a way which shows as if we never have to die. In the middle of the lush green football ground, Taliban officials, the murderer and the family of the deceased student were all present. In spite of his efforts, the Taliban senior Qazi failed to convince the father of the deceased student to forgive the 30 years old office. As his last will, the officer asked for few minutes, so he could say his prayers for the last time.

    A large number of the inhabitants of this town were watching all this in pin drop silence. I too was watching a healthy young person in front of me, who will very soon be executed, seemed to be having an awe inspiring deterring impact on the spectators. After the young officer finished his prayers he moved some steps further in the middle. There a man tied his hands at his back and covered his eyes with a black cloth. Then he was laid down on the ground with his head titled towards the Ka'aba. I saw some men sitting beside me had tears in their eyes. Even though he was the killer but still a soft corner developed in our hearts for him. The sword was handed over to the deceased's father so he could chop the head off. Everyone was watching the last moments with fear and sadness overtaking their hearts. The good thing was that an order of Allah was being fulfilled and justice was being done. The father of the deceased student raised the sword up high. He was about to chop the head off with full force when suddenly he stopped and forgave the murderer. All of a sudden the whole stadium stood up in joy that was overwhelmed in emotions. People ran into the middle of the ground to see the father and to congratulate the officer for the new life he just got.

    Immediately the official staff showed their efficiency and the murderer and the deceased family were taken out of the stadium in the official cars. This whole trial had a great impact on me end made me realize the importance of this life and how short and vulnerable it is. The implementation of these divine punishments has eradicated all kinds of social evils from the Afghan society. This is why the corruption level is almost zero in Afghanistan and there is peace and security for a common individual.

    Our meeting with a powerful world leader was held on 8th of July 2001 after the Asr' prayer. People may disagree with me over the statement that Ameer-ul-Momineen Mulla Umar is the most powerful leader today. But as far as I am concerned I believe in what I just stated this is because Mulla Umar doesn't bow down to any unjust, tyrannical powers of the world. He carries out and implements the law as per Shariah. He is only influenced by what the Shariah has to say about the matter. His decisions are based on true justice guided by the Quran & Sunnah.

    Mulla Umar's residence and office were in the suburbs of the town. There was a simple office block with a small beautiful mosque next to it. The office block and the mosque were inside a boundary wall. As the Jammah of the Asr prayer was about to stand so all the guests made Wudhu for the Salat. After offering the Sunnah prayers I was waiting for the Jammah to stand when Mulla Umar walked in quietly and led the prayers. His voice was very low and soft.

    I had to concentrate hard to hear his takbeer, keeping in mind that I was just near to him in the first row. After the prayers soft spoken Mulla Umar met the guests. Some of the senior Ulama from Pakistan talked to Mulla Umar and gave him our message in Pushto language. It was a great "emanful' sight to see a handsome middle aged, well built, pious Muslim leader standing in humility listening carefully to the Ulema.

    For about 15 minutes we were with the great Muslim leader who didn't speak much but listened a lot. In the end Mullah Umar and all of the guests made du'a to Allah (S.W.T.) After that the Ameer-ul-Momineen walked out of the mosque and left us with the good memories of his company. Shhabuddin Dilawar

    the justice of Supreme Court in Kandahar had an impressive personality. We met him in the court in Kandahar when he was carrying out the appellate bench. One of my group members who was an Islamic Scholar discussed the cases and how the decisions are made with the justice in Arabic. Both men had total command on the language.

    Later on after we left the court I asked my Islamic scholar friend about the Islamic judiciary in Afghanistan. He seemed very contented and satisfied the way courts decisions are taken. He regarded them according to the Islamic teachings.

    On the 9th of July we flew to Kabul with the official delegation of the Islamic Emirate. Maulvi Abdul Kabeeer who is the head in the capital Kabul for all the affairs of the Islamic Emirate was with us in the Fokker plane. After the death of Prime Minister Mullah Rabbani, Maulvi Abdul Kabeer has taken over his responsibilities.

    The Kandahar airport was totally empty. There were no passengers or staff. Apart from some airport security people there were no other staff in the airport. Again the unjust policies of U.N.O. showed their negative results on the Muslim economy.

    Kabul airport's condition was similar to the condition of the airport in  Kandahar. The airport building was clearly reflecting the fact that this place was a battle ground in the near past. Signs of bullet holes were scattered on the different walls of the airport building. All this destruction was caused by the warlords who were here before the Taliban captured Kabul. Outside the airport there were a few taxi drivers waiting for the passengers. All of them were very eager to tare us to the defense ministry area in Kabul. I would like to inform the readers that the purpose of our visit to Kabul was related to the training for Jihad and to put share with the Mujahideen in the front past. As we drove off towards the defence ministry area, I noticed that Kabul city was divided into two parts. The area around the airport was now in better condition. Wide roads and buildings showed that this city once was a developed are.

    The city of Kabul in its first sight gave me a feeling as if I was in an eastern European residence, maybe because the Soviets had built many buildings here for their people. Therefore the architecture was similar to the countries which were once under the soviet block. As we got nearer to our destination the destruction of the civil war got mere and clearer. The long distance road which leaded towards the ministry of defense of Afghanistan had destroyed buildings on both of its side. I think it was the first time in my life that I saw so many buildings in such a condition. They all were totally wrecked because of the civil war among the people who are now form the Northern Alliance. It should be kept in mind that the Taliban forces captured Kabul without much resistance in 1996. Taliban say that Allah (S.W.T). had given them special assistance in the capturing of the Kabul City.

    The defence ministry was situated in the suburbs of Kabul, about 30 km  away from the airport. On reaching our destination, we saw a few Mujahideen on the main gate. This place was for the foreign Mujahideen who were here in Afghanistan to help the Islamic Emirate and thus Islam. Over here there were 3 building blocks, divided into different units for the wrabs, Pakistani's, central Asian Burmese and some Mujahideen of other nationalities. We could easily walk and meet all the Mujahideen in their units. There were no restrictions.

    In an open ground there was a place where five time prayers were conduced. A place for ablution was just nearby. After looking at the Mujahideen over here, it did not seem that they were here for war. But they were actually enjoying the path of Allah. Their forces showed their happiness and it reflected that they were very content in their hearts. Mujahideen from the ages of 18 to 70 years old were all those, to do trade with Allah (S.W.T.). For about 3 hours, myself and the group members rested in our unit. After a brief discussion with our Ameer, it was decided that we will leave for the Bagrma battlefield which was about 50km north of Kabul. It was a great 'emanful' feeling - I still remember the time when our Ameer told us to give our names and other important information to the Mujahid who was maintaining the records of all the fighters in the front. He added that because Mujahideen get martyrdom, so it is important to note this information.

    I was thinking if I would be one of those lucky people who sacrifice their life for Islam or I have more life to live. I felt every close to
    my Lord at that time and I was preparing myself mentally for all kinds of situation. On the way to Bagram we came across many destroyed tanks and other artillery left by the Russians. I was told that these vast fields surrounded by high mountains were once the battle grounds. As we were coming closer to our destination my mind and heart were in a state that they were never before. I couldn't believe that Allah is giving me the ability to fight in His cause. I thanked Allah for all I was seeing and experiencing. As we were getting clearer the signs of proper roads were gone. Now we were traveling on paths within the mountains and green fields which leaded toward Bagram.

    On the way to Bagram battlefield, our Ameer told us that he will give us a surprise. We were wondering what this could be. He asked the driver to stop the car near a small village in the mountains and told him that we will be back in ten minutes. We all followed him and climbed up the Rocky Mountains.

    We could clearly see an old fort up on the top. As we got nearer to it, we saw few graves and there was a massive grave in the middle, about 30 feet in length. The Ameer just stopped there and disclosed to us that in this massive grave 72 companions of the Holy Prophet are resting. They all were martyred here while capturing the fort on the top. They came here in the time of Caliph Uthman (R.A.). I walked closer to the grave and there I saw a board which gave all the details about the scared people resting in this grave.

    Over here I could imagine to some extent the sacrifices these great men gave for Islam. I was thinking about the companion lives. They faced all the hardships in the path of Allah. They understood the true meaning of this life that's why they had spent their lives in the path of Allah. To my surprise, just next to this grave there was a grave of a mujahid from Pakistan for his last will be had requested that he wants to get buried next to the companion. At that moment I also requested my Ameer that if I get martyred I want to bury near here. He looked at me and just smiled and said Insha-Allah.

    There were lush green fields on our both sides. The scenery was beautiful. We were told that the enemy lives were just near from here on. On the Bagram battle field, the main purpose is to defend the capital Kabul. Bagram battlefield is very well known because there is a military airport here constructed by the Soviets. To this day no one controls this airport, as it is in the middle of the battle ground and its surroundings are heavily mined.

    When we reached our destination in the front posts in Bagram we were welcomed by the Mujahideen there. The enemy lines were about 4km north from where we were. We could easily see the province of Charikar between the mountains. The Panjsher valley is the stronghold of Ahmed Shah Masood. A supply line from Tajikistan is still open for Ahmed Shah Masood. Through this supply line men, weapons are delivered to the opposition of the Islamic Government. Troops of USA, Russia, and India are also present in the Tajikistan to defeat the Islamic force. Most of the Americans are the military experts.

    Just after the sunset the opposition started to fire mortar bombs on our position. We also gave them a tough time. The sky was covered with red, green lights. Both sides were bombing each other severely. And the Ayats of Quran relating to Jihad were coming into my mind and they were raising my spirit and morale. We all knew that our eyes were fixed not just on Ahmed Shah Masood but on the satanic world powers. After the Islamic state in Madina now Afghanistan is the new Madinah. It is the place from where Islam is going to resuscitate again and over all the unjust systems.

    During the night we patrolled the area to watch out for the enemy forces. Arab Mujahideen from Yemen, Saudia, Kuwait were also there. Large mosquitoes in Bagram and their bite are very well known among the Mujahideen. I remember that one of the Yemeni Mujahideen told us that 3 days ago, about 40 Mujahideen in their camp saw a dream in which the Holy Prophet informed them about the capturing of Tajikistan by the Mujahideen in the near future. Al-Hamdullilah the help of Allah for the Mujahideen can be clearly felt. One of  our  Mujahid  from  Pakistan got  martyred  in  the province of Takhar. This battlefield was not much far away from where we
    were. He was only 22 and a very pious person. His name was Abdul Wali. He was hit by a mortar bomb. As soon as blood started to rush out of his body, the whole place began to emanate a beautiful fragrance. I was lucky to smell the beautiful fragrance of his blood. Such miraculous incidents occurred in Jihad very frequently. There our post was a long trench made by the Mujahideen in 8 months. After reaching its end, we were only about 50 meters away from the enemy's posts. It was a treat to fire at the enemy lines from this close.

    After staying at the Bagram battlefield for few days our time was over. Over of our group member also felt ill, probably malaria. So we then started to park up for Kabul. Our journey back to Karachi from Kabul was totally on road. I can't forget the 14 hour journey from Kabul to Kandahar which was made a rocky path. We got the opportunity to see more of Afghanistan in this journey. In Kandahar we stayed one night in the Governor House, and hired a taxi for Quetta the next morning. When we reached the Quetta airport after 4 hours drive to buy the tickets and catch the 2:00 PM flight. But we were told by the airport staff that the schedule has changed from today, therefore the flight just took off. We didn't have much choice after that because the next flight was the next day. After a brief discussion we decided to hire a taxi for Karachi and after a 13 hours journey, we safely returned to our homes.

    Source: By Mir Adeel Arif

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