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 - Afghanistan Quiz


    What does Afghanistan have worth invading for? 

    Natural gas, petroleum, coal, copper, chromite, talc, barites, sulfur, lead, zinc, iron ore, salt, precious and semi precious stones, and more opium than the Burmese Golden Triangle


    The British Government fought a war in China over their "right" to sell what product to the Chinese people? 

    Opium. The corruption brought to China triggered the Boxer Rebellion and eventually helped the Communists into power. 


    In what business did the Tafts, Forbes, and Coolidges make their initial family fortunes? 

    Selling Opium to the British for export to China, called the "China Trade" in polite society of the time. Ever see those paper flowers the military veterans hand out on Memorial Day? Those represent Opium poppies, symbols of a deep sleep, and date from the time of the "China Trade". L. Frank Baum had opium in mind when the Wicked Witch Of The West used poppies to put Dorothy to sleep in the way to Oz. 


    What was the original funding source for the mysterious "Skull And Bones" fraternity at Yale University, of which so many of our leaders are alumni? 

    Opium sold to China funded the Russell Trust, "Skull &mp; Bones" legal name. 


    What was the French Secret Service smuggling out of Vietnam and into the United States? 

    Opium, via the "French Connection", made famous by the movie of the same name. 


    After the French left, what was the CIA smuggling out of Vietnam and back to the United States in the body bags of our war dead? 

    Opium, via Air America, made famous by the movie of the same name. The Opium was sold to fund covert operations that the Congress would not approve of. The Opium was deliberately sold (converted to heroin) in black neighborhoods to reduce the political backlash if discovered. When the Vietnam War ended, the US heroin problem went away. Prediction: Once we are mired in Afghanistan, the heroin problem will return to our streets. 


    Who has the largest stockpile of weapons-grade Anthrax in the world? 

    The United States Of America. 


    Who was the last military commander to successfully invade Afghanistan? 

    Alexander The Great

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    The Holy Quran Quotes

    “Incline not unto those who do wrong, or the fires of Hell will touch you. You have no protector save Allah, and you will not be helped”

    (Huud, 11:113)


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