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    Shaykh ibn Jibrīn's Fatwa on Aiding the Talibān

    In the Name of Allāh, the Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy

    The eminent Sheikh al-Allāmah, 'Abdullāh ibn 'Abdur-Rahmān ibn Jibrīn, may Allāh bless you.


    It is not hidden from you what has befallen our brothers in Afghanistan, from the hardships of the enemies of Allāh besieging them,  and constrained livelihood, and lack of helpers and aides, and by being fiercely attacked from all directions by the enemies of Islām upon this state [The Talibān State of Afghanistan]. In spite of it all, [the government] does not cease to be firm in establishing the laws of Allāh on the earth of Allāh, and thus they are in need of help and to be allied with in their trial.

    Therefore, what is the ruling regarding aiding this movement with wealth, persons and supplications? What are your directions for the students of knowledge and the competent, skilful people? May Allāh reward you with good.


    Praise be to Allāh and that suffices, and peace be upon His chosen slaves.

    To proceed: When the Muslims throughout the world come to know that a group from their brothers have been oppressed and harmed, it becomes obligatory upon them to aid them and to strive to help them with whatever they can from the wealth, persons, opinions and statements. [Especially] when we know of the State of Talibān in Afghanistan that it rules with the Laws of Allāh, establishes the Islāmic education [system], prevents the means to Shirk, demolishes worshipped objects and idols, exhibits the manifestation of Islām by announcing the call for prayers, establishes the Friday [prayers] and congregational [prayers], prohibits sins and the forbidden acts, as indeed these are all apparent signs of their good intentions and sound faith.

    And since the Kāfir states, such as the Christian, the Jews, the Communists and the Atheists, all of them, are against the correct [version of] Islām, and similarly the Kāfir innovators, for verily it is obligatory upon the  Muslims to help their brothers in this [Talibān] State of Muslims, and to endeavour to repel the plots of their enemies, those who seek to cripple the Muslims' movement and to exterminate them.  For Allāh the Exalted has said:

    "And co-operate upon righteousness and piety",

    and in the hadīth:

    "Make Jihād against the Mushrikīn with your wealth, your persons and your tongues."

    The Muslims should aid their brothers with wealth and men, and should increase in their supplications for them, for victory and dominion, as Allāh is the one who responds to calls of those who supplicate, and indeed He is All-Hearing and Near.

    Stated and Written by
    'Abdullāh ibn 'Abdur-Rahmān al-Jibrīn
    The retired member of al-Ifta.

    And may the salāh and salām be upon Muhammad, and his followers and companions.


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