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 | Al-Qaeda vs IS(IS), uncovering the truth, exposing the lies

    Complimentary Materiaal  AQ vs ISIS
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    Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim
    Written: 20 Feb 2015

    (last update 20 April 2015)

    AlQaeda / Ahlus Sunnah VS IS / ISIS

    We start with explaining that the reason we have been neutral till around December 2014, it was to have a clear view, remove doubts, see proves, statements, opinions from all sides.
    If we wanted popularity, support, praise we would without doubt and blindly side with ISIS, as it was getting popular, has immensely good organized media, its supporters are very vocal and tech savvy.

    But our goal is instead the TRUTH vs FALSEHOOD.

    The problems between ISI began around April 2013, when it ventured into Syria, and try to take Jahbat Al Nusra (Mujahideen group affiliated with ISIS and Al Qaeda) under its direct command naming itself ISIS. For various reasons ISIS wanted JAN to be disbanded and enlisted into the ranks of ISIS, and JAN for various reasons wanted to keep things how they were.

    But ISIS did not seek permission from their Amir, Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri (hafidahullah) in their declaration.
    Sheikh Ayman said:
    “Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baqdadi al-Husayni erred by his announcement of an Islamic State in Iraq and Sham without seeking our permission or without consulting us.”

    Sheikh Zawahiri (Al Qaeda leader) for mediation

    Both agreed to turn to Sheikh Zawahiri (Al Qaeda leader) for mediation. His ruling :
    - The Islamic state in Iraq and Sham will be annulled and the work shall be continued in the name of “Islamic state of Iraq.” Jabhat
    - al-Nusra will be an independent branch of Al-Qaeda following the central command (in khurasaan.) The space of work for the Islamic state of Iraq (ISI) will be Iraq and the space of work for Jabhat al-Nusra will be Syria.”

    ISIS refused.

    ISIS denies agreeing to abide by Sheikh Ayman Zawahiri ruling         (For more info see LINK)

    ISIS denies that it agreed and turned to Sheikh Ayman Zawahiri for mediation and ruling.
    But the proves and testimonies to expose their lies and deceit are below:

    - Sheikh Abu Abdul Aziz al Qatari says Baghdadi agreed to abide by Sheikh Ayman Zawahiri's ruling

    (If video player does not show, reload page)

    Shaykh Abu Sulayman al-Muhajir:

    Al-Baghdadi said to me when we were discussing how to solve the problem:
    “If Shaykh Ayman commanded me to assign the issue of Sham to someone else I would do so.” [End of his quote.]

    Audio clip from part of the speech from Shaykh Abu Abdullah al-Shaami, may Allah preserve him, about the judgment being made by Shaykh Ayman al-Zawahari and the agreement of both parties.
    “So we (the shura of Jabhat Al-Nusra) halted in obeying him (Sheikh Al-Baghdadi) and decided to refer the matter to Sheikh Al-Zawahiri (may Allah protect him), whereby both parties accept him as a judge and a decider in the matter. In addition to this, the Sheikh (Al-Zawahiri) is the ameer (leader) of both of us, so his ruling becomes binding from two aspects… (voice fading)”
    -Shaykh Abu Abdullah Al-Shamee

    Refusing Order as well as Denying Ba'yah            (For more info see LINK)

    After refusing the order from their emir, it even went a step further denying it had allegiance to Al-Qaeda. For this we refer to section ba'yah.

    Here one finds the proofs of the ba'yah exposing the lies of the liar al-Adnani. Adnani lie (Message 11th May 2014): "The State is not a branch that is subordinate to Al-Qaeda, nor was it as such in any day"

    It is important for our readers to read the ba'yah section thoroughly, to learn and see the lies of ISIS. As it will show what we have learned that this group is full of lies, deception and slander.

    Declaration of the Khalifah                (For more info see LINK)

    The next issue that arises are the declaration of the Khalifah.

    Khalifah requires consultation, Allah swt laws have wisdom beyond comparison, how abhorrent is it to see ISIS supporters mock hadith by saying how can it be expected that the Ummah be consulted. While there are different views if it is by everyone or majority, there is the issue that at least what could have been done (if they were sincere) is consult those who are already fighting for the Islamic cause, and the Shariah of Allah swt, representatives and mujahideen of Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Caucasus, Syria etc.

    Instead while being in the midst of fitnah with other mujahideen, they claim the Khalifah (Caliph) elevating themselves for their own personal gain and power and use it as a tool to mislead the people to follow and support their whims and desires. How can they claim the Khalifah (Caliph) from a consultation of merely people who are local and secret? And then try to annul the mujahideen groups world wide?

    If they gained their power by unknown locals who gave baya, who are in position of power, knowledgeable ones and the people of insight, respected and leaders, then their claim and power stays in that area! The other sincere groups have understood that, and never tried to arrogantly elevate themselves above others, and deny the rights given to them by Allah swt in Shariah. And we read and understand in Sha Allah:

    Umar radiallahu anhu said: “If a man takes Bay’ah without consulting the Muslims, then there is no Bay’ah to him and those who gave their Bay’ah are required to change him or kill him.” Narrated by al-Bukhari and he said: “the governance among the Muslims is based on Shura (consultation).”

    Imam Ahmed said: “The Imam is the one whom all the Muslims are agreed to call him an Imam.” Minhaj al-Sunnah 1:112
    (Though we have to note that there is a valid difference of opinion whether all of AhlulHal Wal-Aqd (people of might & strength) should agree or their majority would suffice for that. Regardless of that, the Jama’at of al-Baghdadi has fulfilled neither of these two conditions. On the contrary, majority of the Ahlul Hal Wal-Aqd are against them if not all of them.)

    Sheikhul Islam Ibn Thaymiyya rahimahullah said: “If it was that Umar and those with him gave Bay’at (to Abu Bakr al-Siddiq) but the rest of the companions did not, then he would not be an Imam by that. But rather he became the Imam only after the majority of the companions gave him the Bay’at.” Minhaj al-Sunnah 1:530
    And he also said:
    “When the people of might and strength gave Bay’at (to Uthman), he became the Imam. If for example Abdur-Rahman ibn Auf gave him the Bay’at but Ali and the other companions who are the people of might did not give him Bay’at, he would not be an Imam.” Minhaj al-Sunnah 1:533

    Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Tarifi hafidahullah said: “It is not permissible for anyone to place his Jama’at as the pole around which all the allegiance and enmity rotates such that he does not see Bay’at or rulership except to that group. Whoever sees that way excluding the rest of the believers, then, they are from those about whom Allah said:
    إي َّن الَّيذي َن فَ َّرقُوا يدينَ ُه ْم َوَكانُوا يشيَ ًعا لَّ ْس َت يمْن ُه ْم يفِ َش ْيء
    Meaning: “Indeed, those who have divided their religion and become sects you, [O Muhammad], are not [associated] with them in anything.”
    Surat al-An’aam:159

    Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Tarifi said: “If a group from the groups or those claiming the Bay’at, gather up and claims the Bay’at for themselves, then this is not a conclusion from the majority of the groups. For that reason, this is not considered a Shar’i Bay’at, but rather an innovative (bid’i) Bay’at.”

    “If this matter (of the general Bay’at) does not have the agreement of the majority of the groups, then this is not considered a general Bay’at but rather will be considered an authority over an army.” (And not generally over the people)

    And yet they justify their actions by claiming they want to unite the Mujahideen, the Ummah. By what? By claiming power towards themselves? By excluding and fighting and killing them? By sowing the seeds of Fitnah not only limited to Iraq/Syria but even Yemen, Afghanistan, Caucasus, Egypt, Libya etc. By dividing the ranks, all for Ba'yah and power?

    On the contrary they work to fragment the ranks of those who strive for this religion, the Mujahideen, and sabotage their groups that strive for the religion of Allah and pit their followers against their emirs, and their students against their sheikhs!

    Were does ISIS stand for?

    Basically everything revolves around bayah and usurping power.
    Anyone who does not support them are labeled Murjia & deviants, just like recently they did so with AQ, AQIS, AQAP, Taliban and Scholars of the Ummah.

    The Muslim rights evaporate if one does not give baya.
    - Scholars are attacked, accused, slandered, the true scholar knowledge is denied, but if given bayah then the most ignorant are promoted to their scholar list like Abdullah Faisal.
    The same Abdullah Faisal who claimed : "Any Muslim who does not give Bayah to Islamic State is Munafiq & his wife becomes haram for him" and another time declaring making Saudi woman concubines is halal.
    One can only imagine how filthy and sick his mind is to make such claims, as how shamelessly he to try to dishonor our Muslim sisters, and how corrupt, deviant, evil to make halal that what is haram! But he is ISIS supporter so he gets on their list of scholars, while for the real scholars they keep on slandering.
    - No bayah, your blood becomes halal, see the takfeer videos.
    No bayah, your religion gets annulled in their eyes. (slandering of scholars)
    - No bayah, your wife is haram
    - No bayah, your wives, sisters, mothers, daughters can be taken as concubine.
    Basically everything evolves about their bayah, their power, their self-interest!

    Deceit / Lies / Deviant / Slanderous
    They claim one thing to the masses for support but act the opposite way:

    Claim they do not make takfeer of Mujahideen or general takfeer:
    (For more info see LINK)
    (If video player does not show, reload page)


    ISIS Claims it does not want to fight Mujahideen but that others (Mujahideen) attack them: (For more info see LINK)
    (If video player does not show, reload page)


    Yet again lies and deceit popup from their mouths claiming that rulings of scholars are responsible for bloodshed, and not their deviant beliefs, takfeer and bayah linked beliefs that make halal what is haram, and haram what is halal by their so-called scholars like Abdullah Faisal. How unfortunate that so many have been misguided by their deceit and lies.

    Lies about Iran and AlQaeda

    Adnani Claimed:
    "The ISIS has kept abiding by the advices and directives of the sheikhs and figures of jihad. This is why the ISIS has not attacked the Rawafid in Iran since its establishment. It has left the Rawafid safe in Iran, held back the outrage of its soldiers, despite its ability, then, to turn Iran into bloodbaths. It has kept its anger all these years and endured accusations of collaboration with its worst enemy, Iran, for refraining from targeting it, leaving the Rawafid there to live in safety, acting upon the orders of al Qaeda to safeguard its interests and supply lines in Iran.

    Let history record that Iran owes al Qaeda invaluably."

    So who is stopping them now? Where are the bloodbaths in Iran? It has been a year since (feb 2014) ISIS became completely separated of AlQaeda, what is stopping them now? They exposed yet again another lie by themselves.

    Sacrifice and Credibility

    Adnani Statement 7th of March:
    So look at Muhajirs and see what row they are today. Do you think that they left homes & money to ruin Jihad? Or to fight Jihad? Did they leave families to fight Mujahids or to fight Assad?
    Indeed even though he is a deceiver and liar as we have proven, he makes a point about the Muhajirun, and we have no doubt that many of them in ISIS ranks came with good intentions but were deceived by the ISIS leadership. May Allah swt guide us all. Ameen.

    First point, the other groups have Muhajirun as well.

    Which brings us to the next point, as Adnani uses the sacrifices and commitment of the Muhajirs to defend his deviant group, it is only fair to also look at the commitment and sacrifice of the leaders of the groups which is even more important as they make the policies and give the orders and have the most influence within their ranks what happens on the ground and what the goals are.


    Baghdadi : No history of Jihad before 9/11. No scholarly credentials except an Islamic degree from a state run University.
    Sheikh Abu Abdullah Mansoor, a mujahid commander from Iraq says:
    “As for me, then I make my witness Allah besides whom none has the right to be worshipped, due to what I know closely of this claimant who has named himself Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and he studied from me alongside a group virtuous [brothers] a little bit from the book “Zadul Mustaqni’” in the year 2005, and then the study discontinued because of my arrest.
    I’ve come to know him accurately, he was of limited intelligence, slow at grasping and dim witted, he’s not from the intermediate students of knowledge and his study is that of an academic study in the state universities, those of which the levels [of study] are ridiculous and have no relation in forming a student of knowledge, let alone a scholar.”

    Abu Ali Al Anbari
    : Loyal member of Saddam's Baath party till the very end of the regime.
    He is deputy of Baghdadi and runs IS operations in Syria. He is one of the leading minds behind IS and holds much authority.

    Abu Muslim Turkmani
    - He previously served in the military intelligence of the former Bathist regime and then the Special Republican Guard a member of Baath party till the end.
    Turkmani became one of Baghdadi’s deputies and was leader in charge of Iraq. Anbari and Turkmani were considered the two most powerful leaders in IS.

    Abu Aiman al Iraqi
    Another former officer of the Bathist regime, according to a report, Abu Ayman held position of Lieutenant Colonel. He was one of IS key commanders who helped recruit many fighters
    that formed its foundation in Syria. He led its fighters in many parts of Syria notably in Latakkia area before IS withdrew from that front.
    Wali of DeiralZour under Baghdadi. He then went to Deir az-Zour where he led battles against the Mujahideen.
    According to Sheikh Saqr (who was a companion of Sheikh Azzam and Usama), Abu Ayman said the following words to a group of commanders who called a meeting with him
    We want the Shariah of the jungle”. Salman al Arjani who himself has joined IS has confirmed that he heard the statement from Abu Ayman. He is also notorious for personally killing a commander called Abu Baseer.

    Abu Jihad al Shishani
    . The man caught whose lying has been exposed clearly by Islamic Emirate of Caucasus.

    Haji Bakr : A former air force colonel in the Bathist regime, he was noted as a brilliant military strategist. He was arrested by the Americas after the invasion of Iraq.
    He joined the resistance and was a member of ISI. Upon the martyrdom of Abu Umar al Baghdadi he was one of those who facilitated the rise of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. It is alleged that he was he was the mastermind of a string of assassinations targeting commanders opposed to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and that he was the chief architect of Baghdadis rise to leadership.
    When Jabhat an-Nusra (JAN) was founded he went to Syria as one of its military leaders. When Baghdadi announced the State in Syria, he defected and re-joined ISIS.



    Sheikh Abu Julaybib (Anas Sahaba) :
    From Jordan, he made hijra to Iraq and fought as one of Sheikh Zarqawi’s most trusted commanders.
    He is currently leader of Jabhat an-Nusra in the southern Syria which includes Dar`a and Qunaitra which borders occupied Palestine.

    Sheikh Abu Muhammad al Jawlani
    He is a Syrian who has previously fought in Iraq and was captured and imprisoned by the Americans in Iraq. He spent time in the ‘school of Yusuf (as)’-prison, revising and studying the jihadi movement.
    On being released he returned to the jihad in Iraq. After the revolution in Syria, he returned to Syria with a handful of individuals and founded Jabhat al-Nusra.

    Sheikh Sami Uraydi
    He was born 1973 in Amman, Jordan. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Shari'ah from the University of Jordon in the year 1994 and received a Magistrate degree in Hadith in the year 1997 from the same university. He then received Doctorate in Hadith in the Islamic University of Baghdad, Iraq.
    He is currently serving as head Sharia advisor in Jabhat anNusra.

    Sheikh Abu Firas as-Suri:
    Born in 1949, Damascus. He joined the military academy and left because of his Islamic views. He was a trainer between 1977-1980 to the Mujahideen in At-Tali'a Al-Muqatila and he participated in many operations against the [Syrian] regime between the years of 1979-1980. In 1980 he moved to Jordan and the following year he left for Afghanistan where he trained the Mujahideen in several military sciences at various training camps in Khorasaan.

    While in Afghanistan, Shaykh Abu Firas met the two Shaykhs, Shaykh Abdullah ‘Azzam and Shaykh ‘Usamah ibn Ladin (in 1983), he continued to train theMujahideen in specially prepared camps to carry out operations in; India, Indonesia, Burma and Iran.

    Shaykh Abu Firas participated in military operations in Khost and Jalaabad and he was active in participating in the Shura charged with reconciling the differences among the Mujahideen of Afghanistan.
    He also had a leading role among the mujahideen in Afghanistan and Pakistan where he met Sheikh Abu Mus`ab Zarqawi. At the time of the American invasion he was tasked of securing the families of the mujahideen. He migrated to Yemen where he remained until migrating back to Sham to participate in the Jihad. He is currently the spokesperson of Jabhat an-Nusra and a senior Shura council member

    Sheikh Abu Maria al Qahtani
    Real name, Maysara al Juburi from the village of Harar in Iraq. He participated in the Jihad of Iraq and was imprisoned. In prison he studied under the Ulamaa.He was from the first group of Mujahideen that crossed over from Iraq to Syria alongside Sheikh Jawlani. Abu Maria was one of the founding members of Jabhat an-Nusra and was the second most powerful person in the group.
    He served as head of Sharia affairs but later handed over the job to Sheikh Sami Uraydi. He led the mujahideen in the eastern Deir az-Zour region but after its fall he is relocated to Dar`a province.

    Commander Abu Humam as-Suri
    aka Farooq as-Suri
    He travelled to Afghanistan in the nineties, between the years 1998-1999 he joined the AlGhuraba training camp of Shaykh Abu Musa'ab al-Suri for a year before moving on to Qandahar’s famous Al-Farouq training camp, he graduated as one of its best. Abu Hamam also worked as a trainer in Al-Farouq camp, where he gave Baya'a to Shaykh Osama bin Laden by shaking hands with the Shaykh may Allah have Mercy on him and accept him.

    Abu Hamam was made responsible for the Muhajireen from Sham in Afghanistan and was the one who watched after their affairs in Khorasan. He participated in most of the battles which occurred and took place after the Crusader’s invasion of Afghanistan.

    He was with Shaykh Sayf al-Adl until Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid ordered him to work in Iraq before the fall of Baghdad, where he stayed for about four months, as an official representative of Tandheem Qaidat al-Jihad from the leadership in Khorasan. During that period, he met Shaykh Abu Musa'ab al-Zarqawi, and Shaykh and Abu Hamza alMuhajir. While in Iraq, the Iraqi intelligence arrested him and handed him to the Syrians who later released him as nothing was affirmed against him.

    After the beginning of Jihad in Iraq, he was assigned as the military leader in the office of Mujahideen services, Abu Musaa'b al-Zarqawi used to send his Amirs to receive training from Abu Hamam before returning to him.

    After the beginning of the brutal campaign of arrests in Syria in 2005 at the hands of the Nusayris, he went to Lebanon, then to Afghanistan per the order of the mashayekh there. He was ordered by Shaykh Atiyat Allah, who was responsible for all foreign operations then, to work inside Syria and directly report to Al-Qaeda.
    He was arrested in Lebanon and jailed for five years. After he was released, he joined, Jabhat al-Nusra. He now holds the position of the Military Commander of Jabhat al-Nusra.


    Ahrar al Sham : Many of its leaders were prominent members of Salafi movement in Syria imprisoned by Assad before revolution and some had active part in Iraqi Jihad. Its leader Abu Aiman al Hamawi was a close companion of Zarqawi(rh) and was the one who wrote the famous statement of the allegiance of Jamat ul Tawhid wal Jihad to Alqaeda. Abu Yazan al Shami according to one account was requested by AQ in Iraq to make Hijra to become a judge but was arrested. Abu Khalid al Suri(rh) started his Jihad from the time of Sh Abdullah Azzam(rh) and continued to be in companionship of Osama bin Laden, Abu Musab al Suri, Zarqawi and others.

    JundulAqsa : Formed by Shaykh Abdul Aziz Qatari(rh) with a history of Jihad dating back to the time of Sh Abdullah Azzam(rh).

    JunduSham : Formed by Muslim al Shishani who was a prominent leader from the time of Khattab(rh) in Chechen Jihad.

    JMWA : The leadership of JMWA similarly has history of participation in Syrian Jihad.

    Harakat ul Sham al Islam : This group was formed by Shaykh Abu Ahmed al Maghribi who migrated to Afghanistan during 1990s, was also imprisoned in Guantanamo bay.

    AnsarulIslam fi Sham : This is Syrian branch of Iraqi Jihadi group Ansar ul Islam. This was the oldest Jihadi group in Iraq which also gave refuge to Zarqawi before US invasion began. Its leadership of past and present has similar history of participation in Jihad and activism against Bathist movement.

    Jabhat al Nusrah : This group has countless such individuals but among the most prominent known leaders include ex-military leader Abu Hammam al Suri who was among the top graduates of AQ's farouq camps and held responsibilities in Iraq and elsewhere, Abu Firas al Suri who started his Jihad in 1970s against Syrian Bathist regime then moved to Afghanistan and later participated in Jihad of Yemen and elsewhere. Abu Yusuf al Turki , the famous sniper who trained many in Afgh/Pak, Snafi al Nasr and many others.

    At the end, I would also like to clarify that right of repentance is for everyone including Saddam's ex-generals.

    By far most of the evidence we present are clear proof, but since they have proven to blatantly lie and slander, thus it makes it important to look also at the character, reliability of the persons involved. ISIS wants us to believe all the Mujahideen and scholars against them are all liars, many of whom have spent many years in Jihad even before Syria, they all turned overnight liars, and that ISIS who we have been exposed lying above, are telling the truth.

    IS as it stands today does fight against the Kuffar and in that we should prefer them over kuffar. But this does not take away the fact that their intention is to aggress against other Mujahidin and they have done it countless times. It also doesn't take away the fact that they have made takfir of Mujahidin groups as testified by Amir of JaishulMuhajirin wal Ansar.

    NOTE: Dear brothers and sisters, there is a saying going from ISIS as well as their supporters that "we do not follow scholars" and "that nothing can be taken from scholars (or reliable) who are in the west, in prisons or living in lands ruled by Taghut" then what was your Islam before ISIS, from who did you take knowledge from? And I add we should not follow scholars blindly. But true scholars are to be followed as they know the rulings, the Sunnah and Quran in depth, with right context and relevance. This coming from ISIS leaders is understandable since many converted recently (from Bhaatism). It is merely a trick of them to deviate you from the right path, as true scholars warn against them, so they try to create distance between you and these scholars. And I am not talking about scholars who support  Taghut, but the scholars who made big sacrifices and stood firm in the face of these Tawaghit and proven themselves! These are the scholars being slandered, these are the scholars who are overnight all declared deviant by ISIS. This so you follow the deviance of ISIS and so you don't listen or pay attention to the warning, teachings and advice of what the Ulema teach and say.

    And we do not and never will accept their threats of slander and accusations when one speaks against their (ISIS) crimes. Like the Zionists (so-called Israel) call who ever speaks against their crimes terrorist sympathizers or terrorist supporters so does ISIS accuse who ever speaks against its crimes of supporting Taghut or label them Murjia & deviants or worse make takfeer on them. We reject this! Their tongue is sharp, but their accusations baseless!

    Hate for Jahbat al-Nusrah

    The hate of ISIS against JAN can be summarized by accusation of ISIS of JAN breaking bayah to them, and separating themselves. But those who have read all our proves will see through this deception and lies and will see, it was ISIS breaking bayah, deviating and JAN took courageous stance of loyalty towards their emir Sheikh Zawahiri who was also the emir of ISIS until they betrayed him. JAN refused to betray and break bayah, and refused to stand by ISIS in its deviation and betrayal, in its slandering of scholars and killing of Muslims. May Allah swt reward JAN who upheld their bayah, who refused to be a partner in the crimes of ISIS. Jahnbat al-Nusrah are indeed the most slandered group by ISIS with countless lies. It is shame so many have fallen for lies towards a group who is in its right, and believed the liar who is in the wrong.

    The time will be years of confusion. People will believe a liar, and disbelieve one who tells the truth. People will distrust one who is trustworthy, and trust one who is treacherous. (Ahmad)

    May Allah swt protect our brothers of Jahbat al-Nusrah. Ameen.

    Exposing ISIS (For more complate detailed info see LINK)

    This page contains articles, testimonies, videos, books exposing the deviance of the ISIS sect, its lies, deception and crimes. One will see their self made Shariah, selective implementation if Shariah, making Muslim blood halal what is haram, making up terms like "dogs of Allah" (astagfirullah) claiming the Prophet SAW would follow them (astagfirullah) refusing the Muslim to pray (wala hawla wala quwwata illa billah), happy to go against the commands of Allah SWT and the Prophet SAW by boasting to wanting to kill with a blunt knife and much more.

    (If video player does not show, reload page)

    Conclusion :

    Dear brothers and sisters, please read and think, who are the ones that are being slandered, made takfeer upon, accused of deviance, see above the sacrifices, their fight for Islam and the Ummah, how big part of their lives have been lead. These are the ones who are slandered, accused, vilified and made takfeer on !

    And by who? The people who only some years back converted to Islam, who before dedicated their lives to Baathism, fought Islam and the Muslims, who proclaimed to be superior by their Baathist ideology over Islam and Muslims!! Now those same ones have converted to Islam (Alhamdulillah) now again make the claim of being superior over other Muslims! There is a pattern! They justify their misguidance by lies and deceit! Dear brothers and sisters hold on to the truth and do not fall for their traps.


    Other Notes :

    There are several points of criticism of ISIS that we do not agree on:
    - The Kobani / Ein al Islam Operation, many say it was futile, senseless, no strategic importance for ISIS to commit to heavily their and lose so many of its fighters. The matter of military operation like these, one should not jump to conclusions  like these in our opinion as it is their strategy, with their own goals and aims, and their own planning's and vision. Perhaps they saw benefit in taking the area, perhaps they needed it, perhaps they had many other reasons. It is up to themselves to make their own strategy and decisions on the battlefield what they think is beneficiary to them and their goals.
    - Why did we then bring up attack on Iran? Because Adnani accused and slandered AQ, made claims, so he himself brought up the issue and exposed his own lies.

    - Criticism of ISIS not attacking the so-called 'israel'. Again, its their own strategy, besides the tons on reasons we can think of we keep it short, their other battles going on, their other battle fronts, attacking this evil Zionist entity requires planning and huge resources so it not to be futile but really to achieve victory, the ones who come with such criticism should re-think what they claiming.

    - Burning of Jordanian Pilot, we basically don't care about the soldier of Taghut, even though we made clear we don't agree with burning as punishment, he is not worth debating, what does matter is that ISIS used our sister Sajida al-Rishawi as PR and propaganda tool to promote their own interest, which made her a target for the Jordanians to retaliate against her by executing her. Sheikh Maqdisi who was negotiating to have her swapped against the pilot was lied to from the beginning as the pilot was killed within first week of capture, so there was nothing to swap or negotiate, only for ISIS to run a propaganda campaign as if it cares for the Muslims and their blood. And after the execution of our dear sister it is clear how much ISIS supporters value Muslim blood, when they declared that she is better of death then in the prisons of the Taghut. Making it seem like they did her a favor by getting her killed. SubhanAllah, how they make Muslim blood cheap. May Allah swt reward Sheikh Maqdisi for his efforts to help our sister Sajida. The same noble sheikh who is slandered and accused by these ISIS for speaking against them, for being justifiable angry after being lied and deceived by ISIS. But we expect nothing less anymore from ISIS.

    - Regarding treatment of minorities by ISIS, this we see by far not being a priority, especially with the reality and facts on the ground were the minorities are the ones keeping Assad in power, supporting him with genocide against the Muslims in Syria. The other reason is that when it comes to minorities like the Kurds, their evil communist atheist leaders and groups have been caught often with propaganda and lies as well as social media and mainstream media who have published most ridiculous stories that have been proven to be lies.

    Q- Do we hate ISIS
    A- No, we do not hate ISIS, our problem with ISIS is its deceit and lies, its takfeer and killing of Mujahideen, its power hungry methodology, its deviant corrupt ways.
    Q- You don't want a Khilafah?
    A- Off course we want and support the establishment of the Khilafah, which will be on the Prophets SAW methodology following the Quran and Sunnah, and not based on methodology of power hungry Takfiris, Khariji, Bhaatists, and other misguided people who break bayah, lie, deceit, slander, kill Muslims, usurp rights of the Muslims etc.
    Q- Why silent so long?
    A. We wanted to have all facts, we hoped for reconciliation between the groups, we wanted to be sure of certain issues. The other reason is, the story was 1 sided, with ISIS being very vocal and the other side very silent. This silence from the other side was to not make this fitnah bigger, to try to defuse it. But the effects were the opposite, by which ISIS got more support, confident, and groups started joining it, thinking it was the side that was right since they did not hear from the other side. See article explaining this:  Muslim Abu Walid Shishani's Statement on the Fitna in Syria

    We did get reports from brothers on the ground, telling about the takfeeri acts of ISIS soldiers. At ISIS checkpoints after discussion they did takfeer on these Muhajirun, this is way before the fighting between JAN and ISIS started, early stages of the fitnah. But we hoped these were just isolated incidents. We got other reports, but we made excuses, for us it was a matter of it is better to be silent then to say things that might not be true.

    Once things did get clear, we did our best to make an all inclusive piece on this issue, but such things take a lot of time, and work, even though it might seem easy on apparent.

    Q- What is our stance on the Kurds who are fighting ISIS?
    A- They are mostly if not all communists, atheist and the like of, so we have nothing but enmity towards them.
    We do not support any Tahgut, Kafir against ISIS.


    - The Ruling of Giving Oath of Allegiance (bay'ah) to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (ISIS)
    by sheikh al-'Alwaan
    - A Testimony to save/preserve Blood of the Mujahideen in Sham

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    Article_This is Their Manhaj
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    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PDF's , it gives a clear picture of whole situation:
    - Clearing the allegations against Ahlul-Jihad and clarifying the errors of Jama'at ISIS
    Reality of ISIS
    The Reality Behind the IS
    The cloak of The Khalifa
    Declaration Disownment Divergence


    May Allah swt guide us all, and give strength and victory to this Ummah. Ameen.



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