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    AQ vs ISIS - ISIS Claims it does not want to fight Mujahideen but that others (Mujahideen) attack them

    Complimentary Materiaal  AQ vs ISIS
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    ISIS Claims it does not want to fight Mujahideen but that others (Mujahideen) attack them:

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    During the infighting many muhajireen from ISIS who did not want to take part in the infighting took refuge in the bases of Jabhat an-Nusra as it was not involved in the infighting. In Aleppo alone, Jabhat an-Nusra was able to rescue 2000 muhajireen and give them shelter many with their families.
     Sheikh Abu Sa`ad al Hadrami was the leader of Jabhat an-Nusra in Raqqa. During these events he went missing. Jabhat an-Nusra claimed that they had asked leaders from ISIS in Raqqa about the whereabouts of Abu Sa`ad and they had professed that they had no knowledge as to where he was.

    A senior leader of Jabhat an-Nusra called Sheikh Abu Firas who was part of the efforts to mediate peace, narrates the following:
    “Since the conflict began between them and the other groups and since the first day that we  tried to bring them all to reconciliation and sort all the problems out, we went to Jamaat alDowla to strive to reconcile and to solve the issue, and during that first meeting, Abu Ali alAnabari said: “What do you want?”
    We said to him we propose three points as one [solution];
     Firstly: to cease firing [stop the fighting],
     Secondly:exchange the prisoners,
     Thirdly:establish Islamic courts to judge in all the cases of the conflicts.
     But he [al-Anbari] rejected this offer.
     And that was in front of the committee which was formed of four from Jabht al-Nusra, Abu
     Hasan Taftanasi, myself, Abu Hammam al-Shami , and Abu ‘Ubaida al-Tunisi, the Shari in the
     military office (of Jabhat Al-Nusra).
     Also present was Abu Abdullah from Al-Farouq , and brother Mansor from Ajnad alAqsa ,and Shaykh Abdullah al-Mohaisni.
     He [Abu ‘Ali al-Anbari] reprimanded us for reconciling between them and the ‘murtadeen’ [apostates].
     We said: “We do not consider them murtadeen”
     He said: “This is a disagreement between us and you.” [meaning the ruling as to whether they were Muslim or murtad.] and he insisted that we shouldn’t be mediators between them and the “murtadeen.”
     After a long discussion about this matter he said: “Let me consult [my superiors]”. Then he came back after an hour and a half, he said:“We will tell you our decision on the morning.”
     The next morning, we came to him, and they [Dawla] had announced that they had killed Abu Saa’ad al-Hadrimi, the Amir o fal-Raqqa from Jabhat al-Nusra.
     But we let it pass [this transgression] and did not discuss it, in order that we could focus on the reconciliation, but he [Abu ‘Ali al-Anbari] asked to meet the members of Jabht al-Nusra alone, so we went into another room, he said: “What did you do?”
     We said: “What?”
     He said: “What are you doing? Don’t you know what you are doing?”
     We said: “What did we do? You tell us.”
     He said: “How dare you raise your flag over our base in Darit Azza?”
     We said: “We raised our flag over your residence in Darit Azza to protect your soldiers because the FSA was about to raid the base and imprison all your members there or kill them, but the Amir of Jabhat al-Nusra in that area entered and prevented the FSA from doing that .And took the brothers [the soldiers from Jamat al-Dawla] and sent them to you safely with all respect and good manners.”
     He said: “We don’t accept [this], even if they [the soldiers from Dawla] all died, we don’t need your mediation, and raising your flag over our base is not acceptable.”
     We said: “They are your brothers, do you sacrifice your soldiers for not hoisting a flag over your residence? We can now lower the flag down, and you send back your soldiers.”
     Then I said: “The situation requires wisdom”
     He said: “We don’t care, either we eliminate them or they eliminate us.”
     I said: “Ya Shaykh, the situation needs to be handled with wisdom. I am asking you a question, is it wise to announce that you killed Abu Saa’ad al-Hadrami the Amir of Jabht alNusra in al-Raqqa?”
     He said: “We don’t care. It’s not important to us.”
     I said: “Leave it aside if it’s important or unimportant to you. I am asking you is it wise to announce that you killed him?”
     He said: “We don’t care.”
     Then brother Abu 'Ubaida al-Tunisi asked him: “Why did you kill him?”
     He [Abu ‘Ali al-Anbari] said: “Because he is a murtad, and admitted that he is amurtad.
     Abu 'Ubaida replied: “What made you consider him a murtad?”
     He [al-Anbari] said: “He is taking the Baya’a from the FSA.”
     I said: “Ya Abu Ali! Is taking the Bya’a from the FSA considered as Rida? He is bringing the people to Jihad, it is a righteous [praiseworthy] thing.”
     He [al-Anbari] said: “Yes he is a murtad for taking the Baya’a from the FSA.”
     This Takfeer is not based on minor or major sins. This Takfeer is based uponrighteous deeds
     And he said that in front of Abu 'Ubaida al-Tunisi, Abu al-Hassan Taftnaz, and me.
     And I swear on this, and I’m ready to bear witness on this in front of Allah and all of His creations.””

    Comment: ISIS takes big proud taking Ba'yah from all kind of groups including FSA, this proves takfeer is merly a tool for them to kill the true Mujahideen,grab power, and self intrest..


    Abu Hummam as-Suri. He is the military commander of Jabhat an-Nusra and tried to mediate a ceasefire between the factions and ISIS. He says:
    “I was among the delegation which was striving for a ceasefire between Dawla and the other armed groups. We couldn’t reach a commander in Dawla who is a decision-maker, until we reached Abu Ali al-Anbari. We asked him for a decision-maker, he said: “I'm a decision maker and my decision is binding to everyone in the Dawla (ISIS), even al-Baghdadi.”
    We said: “Good. We have a representative from each group.” Al-Jabha was given authority by some parties to represent them in negotiations. We talked a lot with Abu Ali al-Anbari, but we didn’t reach a resolution. We said to him: “Be careful now, the people have revolted against you.”
    He said: “No, they didn’t revolt; on the contrary the people love us.”
    I said: “You don’t know what is happening in reality. The people have taken up arms to fight you.”
    He said: “We will fight whoever carries weapons against us.”
    I said: “The armed groups [Mujahideen] and the people, and those who have claimed that you have done injustice towards them.”
    He said: "We will fight them all. We will wipe them out. We will either eradicate them or they us! We will eradicate all who take up arms against us, against the Dawla...” During his speech he was repeating: “They are Sahawat. They are Murtadeen. We will exterminate them!” And we left the meeting with him, achieving nothing.
    We came to discover that he is not a responsible person, someone in such a high position (the second man in the Dawla) wants to exterminate the people. Wanting to exterminate allthose who carry arms against Dawla. Even when the mediator says to him: “All the groups and the battalions will succumb to an Islamic Court.”
    He replied in front of me, and Allah is witness to what I say: [He said:] “When we finish [killing everyone], then, let there be an Islamic Court.”


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