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    AQ vs ISIS - Takfeer by ISIS

    Complimentary Materiaal  AQ vs ISIS
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    Takfeer by ISIS

    Just as small excerpt:

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    This article is a collaborative effort between some brothers to document the extremist and takfiri statements made by LEADERS within ISIS (the so-called Islamic State and invalid khilafa). The aim is to expose their extremism in front of their sincere English speaking supporters, many of whom will be unaware of why ISIS has been labelled as takfiri, extremist, and in the worst case, khawarij. Please note that we have restricted ourselves to only leaders, whether religious, political or military, within ISIS and have not documented the extremism of their soldiers, which, to be honest, is far worse than their leaders and would occupy pages and pages. 


    1. IS shar'i in al-Raqqah, Abul Layth al-Thayqami (@abo_aleeth) - He made takfeer on the muhadith Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Tarifi (@Altarefe_En (English) and @abdulaziztarefe (Arabic))

    • Here he blatantly calls al-Tarifi an apostate:
    • Furthermore here he is debating JN shar'i, Abul Munthir al-Khalidi and insists on the apostasy of al-Tarifi, refusing to retract his takfeer: In this same conversation, he also makes takfir of Sh Abdul Rahman al Barrak and Sh Abdullah as-Sa'ad (student of Sh al-'Ulwan)

    2. IS commander in Iraq, goes by the name "Ghareeb" (@kmkmmmsmsm) - he made takfir of Sh Abu Mariya al-Qahtani (@alghreebmohajer)

    • Here he blatantly calls al-Qahtani a kaafir: The quote states: "By Allah I don't doubt even by a hair that al-Harari (Abu Mariya) is an apostate. In fact he is a WICKED TAGHOUT (false idol)."
    • This same leader has constantly attacked Sh Aymen al-Zawahiri and hinted at his 'apostasy'. Check some of his debates with Turjman (@AsawirtiMedia) (they're in Arabic)

    3. IS leader in Baadiyah Abu Sammi al-Wayili (@abusami1980) - he made takfeer on Jabhat Al Nusrah.

    • Here he is justifying killing a JN muhajir, Abdul Karim al-Tamimi, as a murtad kaffir! In this pic, he is talking with the brother of the killed JN muhajir. He said in the quote: "We did not raid them (JN) except that we believe in their APOSTASY. I will repeat (if your brother) was neutral (didn't want to fight IS) he should have left their base and declared his innocence from them".

    4. Wali (Governor) of Aleppo for IS, Abu Atheer - he famously threatened to USE CHEMICAL WEAPONS in Aleppo! He also made takfeer on JN in Aleppo saying they aided the apostates (because JN was telling IS to accept sharia court instead of siding with IS and fighting others).

    5. Wali of al-Hasakah for IS, Abu Usamah al-Iraqi -

    6. IS shar'i in Deir Al Zour, Abu Musab Al Tunisi -

    7. Shar'i in IS, Abu Jafar Al Tunisi - He was kicked out of Ansar Sharia in Tunisia for extremism and his takfiri views and now is a leading shar'i in IS!

    8. Senior IS member, Abu Dhar al-Jazrawi - everyone fighting under JN is a murtad:

    We haven't yet mentioned Abu Ali al-Anbari, probably the overall leader of IS in Sham, who made takfeer on JN keader in al-Raqqah, Abu Sa'd al-Hadhrami, who was killed by IS as an apostate for accepting bay'ah from FSA groups (which is a good deed and not even a sin!). We didn't yet mention IS wali on the Coast, Abu Aymen al-Iraqi who said (according to testimony of several Mujahideen including Shar'i of Sham Al Islam) that he doesn't want Shar' Allah to judge between them and other brigades but wants law of the jungle! We haven't yet mentioned the IS fatwa labeling IF as apostates etc.


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