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    AQ vs ISIS - Takfeer on Jabhat Al Nusra

    Takfeer on Jabhat Al Nusra

    Reply to the Sharie (Judge) of the Extremists (Ghulaat) in Qalamon "Abu Waleed", reply to his Takfeer on Jabhat Al Nusra and his agreement with the khawarij

    In the name of Allah the Most Merciful,

    Prayers and Peace on the most honorable of Prophets and Messengers, his companions and whoever followed them in greatness to the last day

    I have read what the Judge of the Followers of Baghdadi in Qalamon, known as Abu Al Waleed Al Maqdisi had to say.

    I have found that he had deceived on the ignorant with lies, decorations and mixture, and this is the way of the Extremists the ones driven by ignorance and desires. I thank Allah for the kindness on Jabhat Al Nusra by exiting the examples of these kinds, as if they remained in it with this misguidance they would be a reason for ruining and dividing the Mujahideen lines.

    I start with the refuge to Allah, in revealing the truth which this person covered with falsehood for their followers:

    First: this man (may Allah guide him) claims "that Jabhat Al Nusra had broken from obedience and that The Islamic State in Iraq didn’t belong to Al-Qieda" so we reply:

    yes the Mujahideen groups in Iraq united under the name "Islamic State In Iraq" and pledged allegiance to Abu Umar Al Baghdadi (may Allah accept him) as a leader on them, but the Islamic State In Iraq to be under his leadership belonging to Central Al-Qieda and that his leader would be Sheikh Osama BinLaden (May Allah Accept Him). this is what Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir (May Allah Accept Him) mentioned in his letter to the leadership of Al-Qieda Central, to explain the establishment of the Islamic State In Iraq, the same letter mentioned by Sheikh Ayman Al Thawahiri (May Allah Protect Him) in his witness statement purposed to prevent bloodshed, the same letter which Al Adnani confirmed in his reply statement "Excuse me Leader of Al-Qieda".

    from there we learn that The Islamic State In Iraq is only a branch of Al-Qieda in Iraq only change in name to suit the stage in receiving support from the Muslims in face of the Rawafid State, although this wasn’t mentioned (that it’s a branch of Al-Qieda in Iraq) for political reasons, but it was known to all Mujahideen, it was even known to the intelligence of the West and its followers.

    The Islamic State In Iraq use to spread its justification as being under the leadership of Al-Qieda built on this the Muhajiroon used to join it, and of them Abu Mohamed Al Julani (current leader of Jabhat Al Nusra), and when leadership was passed on to Ibraheem Ibn Awad (Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi), he sent allegiance of hearing and obeying to the central leadership (Al-Qieda) and that he is on the same way of those before him, this was the point of his letter to the Wise Man of this nation Sheikh Ayman Al Thawahiri.

    "our blessed Sheikh we would like to show and announce to you that we are a part of you, we are from and for you, we owe to Allah that you are our Rulers, and you have a right from us of hearing and obeying so long as we live, and your reminders and advise is a right on us, as your orders are a duty on us".

    His letter was also published by Sheikh Ayman Al Thawahiri in his statement released to prevent bloodshed, the letter was also confirmed by Adnani and this was what Baghdadi and his leaders used to announce to the people, as based on this Julani came to Al Shaam.

    Based on their belonging to Al-Qieda they use to collect bayah (allegiance) and continued until the disagreement of Baghdadi has pledged to Sheikh Ayman Al Thwahiri and that his order is a duty on him.

    Here’s a link of IS's close Judge of Baghdadi:

    Here’s another recording of Abu Anas Al Iraqi and he is one of the Judges of Baghdadi

    Here’s the witness statement of Abu Abd Al Azeez Al Qatari (The Founder of Jund Al Aqsa May Allah Accept Him):

    So were Baghdadi and his leaders lying?!!!

    Then what’s Julani's fault and Sheikh Ayman Al Thawahiri if they believed their letters of "allegiance and belongings by hearing and obeying" sent to Al-Qieda Central, so is it a crime on Julani for forwarding the disagreement to their higher Leader (his and IS) complaining to him the politics of his direct leader?!

    So after all who nullified the Bayah (Allegiance)? And who broke the line?

    Secondly: the Judge of the Extremists (Abu AL Waleed) claimed that "Jabhat Al Nusra doesn’t work for real control for the Ummah and that it doesn’t work on establishing operating Courts of Islamic Justice" so we say:

    I don’t need to explain the project of Jabhat Al Nusra as it’s been Explained by Al Julani in his statement replying to Baghdadi and in his interview with AlJazeera.

    As if every group worked to establish courts by itself and forced the other groups to be judge under it, the same that happened with IS in fighting Muslims will happen.

    So the lawful way is to unite the truthful Mujahideen Groups, the same way as the Mujahideen Shura Council in Iraq until they unite under an Islamic State on the way of the Prophet Prayers and Peace be upon him, not on the way of the Extremists.

    And we have seen as a preference from Allah on us that Islamic Law is established in most of the areas controlled by the Mujahideen, and the secularist which you claim are bearing the fruits of the Jihad, don’t have the verge to reveal that they are secularist regardless of even them even bearing the fruits of the Jihad.

    Thirdly: this man (May Allah prevent the Muslims from his Evil) has claimed that "Jabhat Al Nusra is a group of Apostasy" and he used "evidence" which revealed his ignorance in this dangerous Topic, verily the reason behind Extremism is ignorance and desires, we seek refuge with Allah from this, so we say:

    As for the first evidence given "The witness statement of Abu Muhammad Al Amriki" is the witness of one man who is Ajamie (non Arab) that all is known about him is that he was linked to a group belonging to Jabhat Al Nusra enough to make Takfeer on a whole group of Muwahideen (unifiers) and Mujahideen?!!!!

    It has already been cleared by the Jabhat Al Nusra Leader of Atmeh Abu Suleiman Al Masri in reply to what this Amriki has confused:

    It’s also been denied by Julani in his Interview with Al Manara Al Baydaa Channel, yet they refuse to believe, it’s as if they have found what they dreamed of in this Amriki so they don’t want to lose this dream of making Takfeer on the Mujahideen of Jabhat Al Nusra, we seek refuge to Allah from Extremism and its people.

    As for his third evidence given: "Jabhat Al Nusra has allied with the PKK in the City Of Raqqa" we say:

    this incident happened near Raqqa when Revolutionaries of Raqqa Brigade (Liwaa Thwaar Araqqa) allied with the PKK against the ISIS group and this group had allegiance to Jabhat Al Nusra, Except that Jabhat Al Nusra has made bara'a (condemnance and claiming innocence from this act) from this Brigade after this action of theirs, and Jabhat Al Nusra has explained what happened in a statement stating that it was without its knowledge (Jabhat Al Nusra), and in the way of Ahl Al Sunnah this is a nullifier of Takfeer, but in the way of the Extremists it’s a rare chance to make Takfeer on the Mujahideen, it’s a fundamental for Ahl Al Sunnah Wal Jama'a to look for excuses for the Muslim even if he doesn’t mention it, and we take care in Takfeer with most care, and we wish that a Muslim doesn’t fall into Kuffr, so Amazement be to Allah how he differentiated between the way of Ahl Al Sunnah and the way of Extremists.

    As for his third evidence given: "that Jabhat Al Nusra has allied with "Al Majliss Al Askiri" in Deir Azoor to fight the ISIS group" we say:

    the battles of the ISIS group isn’t normally with all Mujahideen groups in its areas and in Deir Azoor it was against all which includes "Al Majliss Al Askiri", so it would be attacked by all Jabhat Al Nusra, Al Majliss Al Askiri and others without co-operation between Jabhat Al Nusra and Al Majlis AL Al Askari, even if it’s been proven that there is co-operation which hasn’t, it would only be under the leadership of Jabhat Al Nusra as its the driving force and the project belongs to Jabhat AL Nusra, so if it happened it would be supported and the people of knowledge have differentiated between supporting and being supported. as supporting means to support the Kafir against the Muslims and the Flag belongs to the Kuffar so would the goal, so to support the Kuffar against the Muslims as mentioned would be Apostasy (Kuffr) but to be supported is a Sinn, and turn to the people of knowledge in this topic you will find the beneficial details bi'ithn Allah. Even so the Majlis Shura in the western area has made Bara'a (innocence) and denied any belonging to the Haiat Arkaan Al Askari in an official statement.

    If we wanted you Extremists to deal with you in the same way as you do we would of made Takfeer on you for sieging the Mujahideen in Dier Azoor you and the Regime together and you know this is support for the Regime in attacking the Mujahideen, also your allowance for the Regime Military convoys to head to fighting the Mujahideen in Aleppo while you are able to block the way for on them, and we have evidence and witnesses to prove this, also more than once the coherence of your attacks with the regime of Attacks have been proven, so will you make Takfeer on the ISIS group if this is proven??!

    fourth: he says "that ISIS does not see that Bayaa (Allegiance) is a fundamental of Imaan and that it doesn’t make Takfeer for committing major sins, and he claimed that ISIS has prisoned the Extremists and ISIS only make Takfeer according to what is Kuffr" we say:

    That it doesn’t see Bayaa (Allegiance) as a fundamental of Imaan and that it doesn’t make Takfeer according to major sins we say this is true.

    But to claim it has prisoned the Extremists, we say it didn’t prison the Extremists it has prisoned the Extreme out of the Extremists those that are a threat for ISIS.

    As for "it doesn’t make Takfeer according to what is not Kuffr" this is nullified by his and his followers Takfeer on Jabhat AL Nusra and is also nullified by ISIS statements and its actions on ground.

    It has been cleared by the scholars and leaders of Jihad that they are Extreme and Muahideen Blood Spillers, all this from their corrupt assumptions (Ta'aweel) which agrees with the Khawarij.

    Plus their stabbing of the best of worshipers from the scholars and leaders of Jihad, this is also a way of Khawarij.

    As the Khawarij are not only who make Takfeer according to major sins, as those who rebelled against Ali didn’t use to make Takfeer according to major sins instead they made taker on Ali and his companions according to corrupt assumptions (Ta'aweel) of that he doesn’t judge according to what Allah has revealed, all of this and they are the origin of Khawarij.

    Fifth: this sharie (Judge) named Abu Al Waleed Al Maqdissi (may Allah Guide Him and Prevent his Evil On Muslims) tried to lighten the weight of the mistakes of ISIS in Takfeer claiming that it comes from Ta'aweel (assumptions), which nullifies them from being called Khawarij, we say:

    the Ta'aweel (Assumptions) meant by Imam Al Bukhari and the scholars is the Ta'aweel built on sunshine clear evidence, assumptions used to make Hujjah (accountability) and Burhaan (evidence) as the Prophet prayers and peace be upon him said "clear Kuffr that you have evidence of" (this hadith is to the nearest meaning the writer i.e. me could get to in English.

    Not the assumptions of the ignorant and people of Ahwa'a (desires) otherwise we would excuse every person that makes Takfeer on Muslims as eventually it would reach to assumptions, otherwise there wouldn’t be Khawarij which the Prophet (prayers and Peace be upon him) warned us of.

    Sixth: this Sharie (Judge) has claimed that the Khilafa of Baghdadi is valid, and used the sayings of the scholars on the validation of the Khilafa established by the force of the sword like the example of the Khilafa of Abdul Al Malik Bin Marwaan AL Amawi, so we say:

    This is him admitting that the Khilafa of Ibn Awaad Al Baghdadi is not through Shurah (council) nor is it with the acceptance of Ahl Al Hall Wal Aqqd (people of Influence and Bond) of the Ummah nor the majority of them even though they are the leaders of the Ummah and truthful Scholars.

    So verily it is not on the way of the Prophet but on the way of Al Hajaaj Bin Yusuf and Abdul Malik Bin Marwaan.

    And the Mujahideen will not submit their efforts after years of hardship and the thousands of Martyrs only to a khilafah on the way of the prophet (Prayers and Peace be Upon Him) with Shura, Justice and acceptance as we have be promised by our beloved Muhammad (Prayers and Peace Upon Him) of its return.

    And by Allah it’s as distant as it could be from Ibn Awaad (Baghdadi) and his followers the ones that used the sword against the Muslims, and took the best of the Ummah and its scholars as enemies, and they asked for the spread of division in the Mujahideen lines and their fighting and confusing their word (the Mujahedeen’s), so is there anything left for Ibn Awad (Baghdadi) of justice before asking for a Khilafa.....

    this is what I’m able to do in clearance of what this Sharie (Judge) tried to cover on those with short sight, so what I fulfilled in goodness is from Allah and what I have mistaken is from myself and shaytaan.

    And Prayers and Peace be on our Prophet Muhammad, His Family and Companions all together.

    Abaad Al Andulusi


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