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    AQ vs ISIS - Refusal to Shariah Court

    Complimentary Materiaal  AQ vs ISIS
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    Refusal to Shariah Court

    And the agreement was just near and close to being achieved only if this people had religion, and manners and piety and knowledge. Indeed the people had called them towards it many times, i.e. to make the Shareeah the judge (for their disputes), but they were arrogant and refused and magnified themselves when they made their organization “a state” which would be improper to sit with the small ones of the (other) organizations in a gathering to issue judgments and verdicts. And the imposter liars among them and those who falsely wore the cloak of knowledge went on to justify for them that “the Islamic history” is devoid of a “state” sitting with an “organization” in a gathering for getting judged. If only these people read the statement of Him, Most Exalted,

    “And if two groups of believers…” ( 49:9) and the explanation of our mother Ayisha, may Allah be pleased with her, they would not have spoken such lies against the Quran and the Sunnah. And if they read the biography of the Messenger, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, they would have surely seen how he accepted the judgment of Sa’d ibn Muadh in the battle against the Jews of Qurayza. And if they had read history, they would have surely seen how the rightly guided Khalifa Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him, accepted the being judged between him and Muawiya, may Allah be pleased with him. But these are the “Shariyees (jurists)” in this organization who got carried away behind ignorance until they brought about this huge disaster.

    Adnani (Message 11th May 2014)
    As for the independent court that you requested, then we say to you – this matter is not possible, rather unreasonable, it is an incapacitating request from sorts of fantasy.

    Abu Hummam as-Suri testifies about Abu Ali al-Anbari (decision-maker ISIS)
    He replied in front of me, and Allah is witness to what I say: [He said:] “When we finish [killing everyone], then, let there be an Islamic Court.”

    Abu Ayman Iraqi
    Former officer of the Bathist regime, according to a report, Abu Ayman held position of Lieutenant Colonel. He was one of IS key commanders who helped recruit many fighters that formed its foundation in Syria. He led its fighters in many parts of Syria notably in Latakkia area before IS withdrew from that front. He then went to Der az-Zour where he led battles against the Mujahideen.
    According to Sheikh Saqr (who was a companion of Sheikh Azzam and Usama), Abu Ayman said the following words to a group of commanders who called a meeting with him
    We want the Shariah of the jungle”. Salman al Arjani who himself has joined IS has confirmed that he heard the statement from Abu Ayman. He is also notorious for personally killing a commander called Abu Baseer.

    When Salman Al Arayjan was pressed to "verify the statement" And make sure b4 accusing Abu Aymen, he responds to a IS supporter saying "I was sitting infront of him when I heard him say this! So free us of your doubts/suspicions, do not show Ta3sub to People but only for th Truth alone!".

    O I have Conveyed!!


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    (Al-Baqarah, 2:278)


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