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    The Brutal Attack on Flotilla AI

    The Brutal Attack and Massacre on Flotilla AID Convoy

    The flotilla aid convoy compromised of 6 ships with 10.000 tones of aid was heading to Gaza's improvised 1.6 million people to deliver aid which are desperately needed after 3 years of Nazi style siege.

    On 31 May 2010 the Jewish Special Commando Terrorists launched their attack against the aid convoys on which there were around 700 peaceful unarmed activists, man, woman, children, elderly from 42 countries hoping to deliver hard needed aid to Gaza concentration camp. The attack occurred about 40 miles (64 km) out to sea, in international waters.

    The aid cargo compromised of food, medicine toys etc..
    No weapons whatsoever were present on the ships. The ships had been thoroughly inspected at the ports of departures. See video below:


    The Shameless cruel Jewish butchers made excuses of that the aid being a National Security Threat. Indeed for such savage cruel people, food for the hungry besieged 1.5 million people of Gaza indeed is a national threat. They do not lie about this. Any aid to the camps of Hitler would have been seen by the Nazi's as well as national threat. The difference is that we live in a different time now, and there are no other despicable people who see aid as national security threat accept these brutal terrorist occupiers of Palestine. For these savage Jews, oppressing the people, stealing their land, humiliating the defenseless people, killing children on their way to schools is not enough off course. How can they not blockade, starve, murder, bomb, for not doing this you would have to have at least a tiny bit of decency and humanity. Thus the self-defense mantra, to let life means a "national threat" for these barbaric Jews who call themselves members of humanity.

    Lets hear from there own spokes person the equation we made above, see video below:

    So the questioner mentions that the president of Turkey is planning to send a warship as escort for the next aid ship. The Jewish Terrorist spokesperson then says "Turks sending warships to attack "Israel"?" So sending Warship escort to protect it from lunatic murdering Jewish pirates is the same as attacking the so-called Israel according to their spokesperson.
    Escorting Aid for hungry people = Jewish National Security Threat
    Escorting People so they do not get massacred = Jewish National Security Threat
    ANY act of self-defense or precaution is seen by the Jews as WAR. They want easy targets, woman, man, children, elderly DEFENSELESS.

    Just like according to them an ambulance is national security threat, bombing it according to Jewish self-defense. See video below:
    Ambulance = Jewish National Security Threat

    Just like children going to School, educating is national security threat, bombing schools in Jewish self-defense. See video below:
    School = Jewish National Security Threat

    Just like children going to University, educating is National Security Threat, bombing University in Jewish self-defense. See video below:
    University = Jewish National Security Threat

    Just like getting medical treatment is national security threat, bombing hospitals in Jewish self-defense. See video below:
    Hospital = Jewish National Security Threat

    Just like getting medicine is national security threat, bombing pharmacy in Jewish self-defense. See video below:
    Medicine = Jewish National Security Threat

    Just like hiding from the Jewish bombs is national security threat, bombing U.N. shelters in Jewish self-defense. See video below:
    Shelter = Jewish National Security Threat

    Just like this baby boy was a National Security Threat, killing him just for being born in his own land. His faith is the same as that of countless other Muslim baby's.
    Being born in your own land = Jewish National Security Threat

    In many societies people hide behind there governments when it acts like a blood thirsty demon. The Jews are passed that line. See below video of celebration in front of Turkish embassy after the attack. They spilled blood, and they cannot contain their joy celebrating this massacre.

    The circumstances of this tragedy is no secret for the ones who look for the truth. Cooperate media owned by rich Jews or fascists like CNN, Sky News, Fox News etc.. would like you to believe that attacking an aid convoy MURDERING 19 unarmed people made of peaceful civilian activists who were beforehand screened and ships searched before departure as an act of self defense. While some can MAYBE be excused for falling for that trap, that certainly does not apply for organizations and governments.

    NEW: 19 Year old Furkan's Moment of Death by Jewish Terrorists Caught on Camera !!:::


    Statement from the other butcher, USA, "expressed deep regret at the loss of life in today's incident, and concern for the wounded" in a phone call to Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister. "The president also expressed the importance of learning all the facts and circumstances around this morning's tragic events as soon as possible."

    Comment: Yeah, ok, next time perhaps Al-Qaeda does its commando raid on some ships, call Bin Laden, and express the desire to learn from him all the facts and circumstances. While we at it, change your laws, and when someone is murderer lets say in Washington DC ask the murdered for the facts. That makes sense, what else to expect from Obama, one thug defending the other.

    Ambassadors from the 27 EU countries: The EU condemns the use of violence that has produced a high number of victims among the members of the flottilla and demands an immediate, full and impartial inquiry into the events and the circumstances surrounding it.

    Comment: Condemn? Suddenly forgot the words terrorist acts, or unacceptable ? And condemns the HIGH number of victims ? The Jews did not stick to your daily quota rule ? Well you must know them better then us since the majority came from your continent, so you must be referring to the bloodthirsty nature of these Europeans. No wonder you put them in Palestine, middle of the Muslim lands. Enough non European bloods to spill. Sleep well, and if you can make the quota public, maybe they will stick to your sick how many killings per day quota.

    Navi Pillay, UN high commissioner for human rights: I am shocked by reports that humanitarian aid was met with violence early this morning reportedly causing death and injury as the boat convoy approached the Gaza coast. The blockade keeps undermining human rights on a daily basis. The current situation falls far short of what is necessary for the population to lead normal and dignified lives.
    I condemn once again the indiscriminate firing of rockets from Gaza into Israel.

    Comment: Next time some group blows up a bus full of occupiers also mention that you condemn killings by these lunatic Jews of innocent children at least ? If you not too busy kissing some boots with a david star. No pressure.

    US Vice President Joe Biden: says "Israel" had an "absolute right" to attack peace activists on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla. "Israel has an absolute right to deal with its security interest," "has been as up-front and supportive of Israel's security as this administration,"

    Comment: Reminds me the excellent words of Sheikh Osama bin Laden, About Americans will never know security until Palestinians will. One of his noble goals and conditions. Very understandable if you hear these arrogant butchers from the US. On the other hand, Americans allways claimed Osama's motives are he hates America's freedom. Yeah they don't mention, Americas freedom to kill, plunder, pillage and murder. Hopefully things getting clear for our readers.

    CONCLUSION reading from the above statements.
    There nothing wrong with attacking a ship and killing people on it, at least this ship was made public its content, its people and its purpose. If its allowed in this cicumstances then well, any other ship can be made a practice mark, just leave your number, Obama will call you, to ask the facts, EU will call you to discuss quota's, and the UN will make some irrelevant statement about your victims that they should not go over the speed limits or something. OW and they will regret and be in "shock", some will even manage to utter CONDEMN, but that's basically worse case scenario, no words like sanction, terrorist act, unacceptable. So you good.

    An Excellent Article about this event and ADVICE:
    Excellent Atricle by our Caucasus Emirate Brothers; Massacre of Muslims on Freedom Flotilla will have 'limited impact on the situation'
    May Allah SWT reward them, keep them safe and grant them victory.


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