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 - U.S. Congressman says Jews are behind war against Iraq - Iraq

    U.S. Congressman says Jews are behind war against Iraq

    Los Angeles, Alta California - March 11, 2003 - (ACN) Congressman James P. Moran Jr. of Virginia said that "American Jews are responsible for pushing the country to war with Iraq" and that powerful and influential Zionist leaders are manipulating Bush. Congressman Moran made the remarks at an anti-war forum in Reston, Virginia that was held at St. Anne's Episcopal Church on March 3. "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this," Congressman Moran said. Congressman James P. Moran is a seven-term Democratic incumbent.

    A growing number of Americans seem to be waking up to the realization that US Middle East policies are being driven by both the Jewish and the Oil Lobbies as well as by ultra-right wing Zionist-Christian fanatics who are fervently awaiting the "rapture" and the "end times". It is the Jews, however, that are orchestrating the varied interests involved in pushing the war.

    There are Powerful Zionists in the Bush Administration that are the primary architects of the "Attack Iraq" campaign because this strategy will ultimately advance of the Zionist entity and the International Zionist's agenda in the Middle East and elsewhere around the globe. Among the principal Bush Administration Zionists pushing hardline policies against Islam are Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Ari Fleischer and Harlan Ullman. Richard Perle is a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy and is presently Chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board. Perle is also a former director of the Zionists Jerusalem Post newspaper. Paul Wolfowitz is Deputy Secretary of Defense and many believe that he is the principal Zionist in the Bush Administration behind the push to bomb Baghdad. Ari Fleischer is the White House Press Secretary who has tight connections with the Jewish dominated media in the USA. Harlan Ullman is the creator of the brutal military strategy called "Shock and Awe" that calls for a "Nagasaki-Hiroshima" type of massive attack on Baghdad and other Islamic targets.

    A principal Zionist agenda item is for the Zionist entity to take over the entire Middle East and Iraq is its first target. An Iraq war will eliminate one of its primary obstacles and also give Ariel Sharon and opportunity to decimate the entire Palestinian population. It is now no secret that the Khazar Likud Party is planning to take advantage of the confusion created by a US war against Iraq to implement an "ethnic cleansing program" in Palestine. The Zionist entity has nuclear weapons as well as horrific arsenals of biological and chemical weapons but because of the Zionist entity's support by American Jews and Zionists in the Bush Administration, no one is questioning it. It is now un-American and un-patriotic to question the Zionist entity and the billions of US taxpayer's dollars that go to fund the Zionist armed forces killing machine.

    The Oil Lobby, President Bush and Vice-President Cheney as well as their cronies will benefit enormously when they take over and control Iraq's oil fields. Already a company tied to Vice President Dick Cheney has won a Pentagon contract for advice on rebuilding Iraq's oil fields after the war. The contract was disclosed in a Defense Department statement concerning preparations for Iraq's possible destruction of it's oil fields in the event of a U.S.-led invasion. The statement calls for proposals on how to handle oil well fires and for assessing other damage to oil facilities. The contract went to Kellogg Brown & Root Services, which is owned by Halliburton Co., of which Cheney was chairman until his election in 2000. Also, National Security Advisor Congoleezza Rice's former company, Chevron, will stand to profit immensely through the US control of Iraq's oil fields. Congoleezza was on the Board of Directors of Chevron just prior to her appointed by Bush and Chevron named an oil tanker after her.

    The third group pushing for war against Iraq and against Islam generally are the Christian Zionists. A Christian Zionist is a Christian who looks with favor on the Jewish return to Zion because of the biblical significance of this return. Traditional Christian thinking said that God's covenant with the Jews had been diluted by the Jews failure to accept Jesus as the Messiah. The Church viewed itself as the continuation of the 'Israel of God', made up of Jews and Gentiles alike who accepted Christ. Under the doctrine of "Replacement Theology" it was the Christians who now were God's chosen people, carrying out God's will on earth. All earlier religions, including the Jews, had to accept Christ or were lost. But in the 1830s a new school of thought was put forth by John Nelson Derby, an Englishman. Derby's views are known as "dispensationalism".

    In dispensationalist doctrine, the final stage of history before the advent of the Antichrist and the second coming of Christ, would see a return of diaspora Jews from around the world to the biblical land of israel. This happened in 1948 with the migration of Jews from Europe and Russia, the establishment of the Zionist entity and the subsequent displacement of the Palestinian native population.

    Today, millions of Evangelical and Protestant Christians in the United States and around the world support the Zionist entity with an uncritical fervor, exceeding even that of the Jews themselves. These fake Christians turn a blind eye to the atrocities being committed against the Palestinians and thus against the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Zionist government has recognized the significance of this support since the 1970s, and has deftly taken advantage of it.

    Congressman James P. Moran Jr. of Virginia is correct in his assessment that the Jews are behind the imminent attack upon Iraq. They are behind the "feeding of greed" to the warmongering "Oil Barons" in the Bush Administration and they are behind the manipulation of the sinful Christian "dispensationalists".

    Source: La Voz de Aztlan - March 11, 2003

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