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 - Rape of Iraqi girls by US mercenaries and soldiers was rampant in Baghdad - Iraq

    Rape of Iraqi girls by US mercenaries and soldiers was rampant in Baghdad

    One victim was a 9 year old girl who suffered permanent vaginal injuries

    Los Angeles, Alta California - May 6, 2004 - (ACN) The recent apology by President George Bush to the Iraqi people is not sufficient to undo the horrible pillage and rape of Iraqi women and girls that took place during the early days of the US occupation of Baghdad. There is some evidence that the invading US forces were provided with amphetamines and pornographic materials to incite their thorough ravaging of Baghdad.

    Reports of sexual violence and abduction of women and girls abounded in Baghdad during the early days of the occupation . . . reports that the US government chose to ignore. Human rights groups, medical practitioners, victims, and witnesses had documented many of the crimes. Human rights organizations were concerned that many other cases went unreported and uninvestigated because some of the Iraqi women and girls feared that reporting sexual violence and rapes would provoke “honor” killings and social stigmatization.

    A large number of the abductions and rapes were committed and filmed by hired mercenaries of the Pentagon and many of these photographs and videos wound up in for-pay pornographic websites based in the United States. One of these websites has shut down ever since La Voz de Aztlan made this information public. The website called "Iraq Babes", believed owned by Jewish pornographers, advertised it with the following banner: "Horny soldiers having extreme sex in war"! The website at has been shut down and presently only shows one web page with a stick drawing of a horse. The website showed photographs and videos of Iraqi women and girls being brutally raped. We hope the website has shut down permanently for it only reinforces the allegation that the USA is really "The Great Satan" Islam talks about.

    There are numerous cases of the brutal rape of Iraqi women and babies as young as nine years old. We are reporting the following two just as examples:

    Case 1:

    On May 22, 2003, in Baghdad, a nine-year-old girl was abducted from the stairs of the building where she lived, taken to an abandoned building nearby, and raped. A family friend who saw the young girl immediately following the rape informed international human rights groups.

    The report quotes the family friend, "She was sitting on the stairs, here, at 4:00 p.m. It seems to me that probably they hit her on the back of the head with a gun and then took her to [a neighboring] building. She came back fifteen minutes later, bleeding [from the vaginal area]. [She was still bleeding two days later, so] we took her to the hospital."

    A human rights group saw a copy of the medical report by the U.S. military doctor who treated the baby girl six days later. The report documented bruising in the vaginal area, a posterior vaginal tear, and a broken hymen. Lieutenant Monica Casmaer, a physician’s assistant attached to a U.S. military unit, examined the nine year old girl. with the pediatrician. She described the injuries as fairly severe, especially given the time that had elapsed before she was examined.

    Case 2:

    A young Iraqi woman told an international human rights group that armed men abducted her from her home on a Thursday night in early May, 2003. She said her captors gang-raped her at an unknown location before dropping her in an unfamiliar district of Baghdad the following morning.

    The report of the woman says, "I was here, on the stairs by the door when a car pulled up with four men. My daughter was on the upper floor, I was on the ground floor. The four men got out of the car and approached me. They were armed, they put guns to my head and said come with us. I screamed and said take the pistol away. My daughter started to scream. They pulled my hair and pushed me in the car and they started shooting at the house, more than fifty shots. My daughter was screaming the whole time. Many neighbors started to shoot too, but they couldn’t catch them".

    The victim added "In the car they made me put my head down between my legs, and put a pistol to my head. They said that if I moved my head I’d be killed, so I don’t know where they took me…. [Then they took me into a building where] they were hitting me on the head and arms, and I still can’t stretch out because my whole body hurts. They used hot water on my head, my eyes still burn from that and my arms. They raped me, in many, many ways. They kept me until the next day, I begged them, I said I have a young child, I said she might die if I leave her alone. And so then they left me alone. When I came home my appearance was so bad, my hair was a mess, my mouth was bloody and my legs too. They burned my legs with cigarettes. They bit me, on my shoulders and arms. All of them raped me, there were five or six more than the four who kidnapped me, there were ten of them total and I was raped by all ten of them".

    The most unconscionable aspect of these heinous rapes in Iraq is that many were filmed for the depraved enjoyment of perverts in the USA. Only a thorough Congressional investigation will begin the process of bringing the Pentagon rapists and sodomists to justice. Congress must investigate the connection between the rape of Iraqi women and girls and the Jewish pornographic industry in the USA. A thorough investigation might even save the lives of many American girls who are also being abducted and utilized for the same purpose. There are hundreds of underage girls that disappear in the USA yearly never to be seen again. Many of these young American girls lose their lives in the production of "kiddie porn snuff films".

    Source: La Voz de Aztlan - May 6, 2004

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