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 - Americans Kidnapped 70 Iraqi Scientists and holds them in Secret Detention facilities in the States - Iraq

    Americans Kidnapped 70 Iraqi Scientists and holds them in Secret Detention facilities in the States

    The Intelligence systems from different countries are rivaling each other on the land of Iraq to grab what they can. The most prominent intelligence competition in Iraq is between the Zionist Mossad and the U.S intelligence apparatus.

    According to the Palestinian Al-Manar newspaper, the Zionist intelligence system mission in Iraq is to chase Iraqi scientists and experts who had any participation in the nuclear arms programs and who headed scientific teams during President Saddam's reign. The Zionist Mossad is rivaling with the American intelligence system, as both pursue the same interests in Iraq.

    Al-Manar stated that the Zionist Mossad is not chasing these groups of experts and scientists for the sake of killing them. The Zionist Mossad is kidnapping and “transferring” them with their research to the Zionist entity. According to Al-Manar sources from Iraq, the American CIA has “transferred” over 70 Iraqi nuclear expert and scientists to the U.S, the CIA claimed these experts have a very extensive experience, and they don't want this knowledge accessible or transferred to any other Arab countries.

    Some of the Iraqi scientists who tried to run away out of Iraq were killed during Mossad and CIA chasing operations. The Zionist Mossad in Iraq depends on an Iraqi cell which they drafted to work with them, in order to be able to fulfill their mission.

    The Zionist Mossad first gained experience by chasing and killing nuclear scientists from the Soviet Union, who were kidnapped and transfered to the mid of the Zionist entity in secret after the fall of the Soviet government. The Mossad is using the same experience with the Iraqi nuclear scientists and experts.

    The Soviet nuclear scientists are still held in a secret place in the Zionist entity which many sources think is inside a compound which is known in the Zionist entity as “The House of Special Rest and Enjoyment” and where only a small circle of military officers is allowed. This compound includes a whore house for high officers. It is near Tel-Aviv, to the north.

    Source: Al Manar

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    (Al-Baqarah, 2:217)


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