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 - Bremer 'knew of abuse in November', Iraqi minister says - Iraq

    United Nations report on sexual abuse of children

    The Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), for humanitarian affairs, which is working in cooperation with the United Nations, has issued a report on the phenomenon of the sexual abuse of children in the new American Iraq.

    According to the report, hundreds of families in Iraq have found the trade of homosexuality with children as a means of living, under the blockage of horizons and the deterioration of the security conditions in Iraq.

    The report tells the story of an Iraqi woman, called Om Zakaria, whose husband has been disabled from work, due to illness. She does not see any harm in handing her two sons, 13 and 14, to a gang that trades in the field of children's sex inside Iraq. She considered that the gang has done her a favor and that she is proud of her two sons.

    Om Zakaria said, "We are a poor family. My husband can work no more. Three months ago the head of a gang working in this field came to my house. He offered us money in case we allowed our sons to work with him. Thanks to him, now we have a good income." She continued, "Some people might view the matter as a shock, but at least we can eat and I am proud of my two sons." The report states various cases and interviews the children who are sexually abused. Some of them work upon the consent of their families and others are scared of murder at the hands of the father or relatives, in case they found out their situation and state.

    The report refers to some children who are forces to sell their flesh for the seekers of the taboo joy. It also talks about some families who have forbidden their children from going to school for fear of falling into the trap of the criminal gangs of sex.

    The report quotes an interview with a distinguished head of one of those gangs, who is not embarrassed to speak frankly of the nature of his work, considering that what his gang offers is similar to any other business.

    A former Un study stated that a quarter of Iraqi children are suffering from some sort of malnutrition, while one tenth of Iraqi children are suffering from a type of hunger.

    On the other hand, on May 12, in the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, the international organization for controlling drug trafficking announced that Iraq is about to be a transit station for transporting the heroine, which is manufactured in Afghanistan, to Europe through Iran. In the new democratic federal American Iraq, mercenaries from all over the world receive more than 1000 dollars a day in return for executing security missions, that were necessitated by the conditions resulting from the occupation, while there are successive reports on administrative corruption and organized looting of everything in the slaughtered Iraq, which became a Mecca and refuge for criminals, gangs, murderers and drug dealers. What arouses astonishment, wonder and grief is the scarcity, if not non-existence, of the interested voices that are concerned about Iraqi children; whether politicians or references that have concluded a truce with the occupation.

    The parties that came through the tanks of the occupation are carrying burdens that are remote from the burdens of the oppressed Iraqi citizens. Some are moving with breeder-crossing remote control from all directions, especially the eastern side, carrying their agendas and foreign contacts. Abdel Aziz Al Hakim, for example, is calling for giving Iran 100 billion dollars as compensations, while hunger and need force an Iraqi woman to sell her sons at the slaves' market.

    Al Ja'fari is launching statements praising the Kuwaiti situation after the borders' crisis with it. He is grateful for their favor and the white hands of the Kuwaiti government, which is receiving the billions of Iraqi compensations, with great hunger, and is submitting new requests to the UN for huge compensations, due to the environmental damages that the Iraqi occupation has caused Kuwait, despite the act that Iraq is now illegitimately occupied for two years, which has destroyed Iraqi lands, people, health, industry and infrastructure, in which Kuwait had an official effective participation. On the other hand, hunger, oppression, disenlightenment and humiliation is greatly spreading in Iraq.

    I was expecting Iraqi references, on top of which is Al Sestani, to speak about the suffering of Iraqis, and the torture and insults that they suffered and are still suffering from, in Abu Gharib, Buka and the known and unknown detention camps. I was expecting the spiritual leaders to protest against the situation in which the occupation and its Iraqi agents have led Iraqis to what they are currently suffering from; of oppression and huger, to the extent that a woman sells the flesh and chastity of her children to fight the merciless hunger.

    The references that have concluded a truce with the occupation issue religious opinions that urge people for the elections on the American agenda. They request people to save in electricity and then bless the federation, or in clearer words "the division and fragmentation for Iraq. What did the world do for the hunger of Iraqi children, the trade in their flesh and chastity and fooling with their present and destroying their future? Where are the Arab and Islamic countries and those in charge, whom we heard a lot of praise for that reminded us of the early era of Islam with regard to their responsibility for the nation's burdens? How do they rest with billions of dollars in their safes, while Iraqi children are hungry and wake up in despair, while the Prophet Mohamed, PBUH, says "He is not a believer, who sleeps full while his knows that his neighbor is hungry."

    7 Sep 2005

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