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 - The Taliban - Arab Mujahideen Relations

    The Taliban - Arab Mujahideen Relations

    With the movement of Sheikh Usama bin Ladin to Afghanistan upon the compliance of the Sudanese government with the American-Saudi pressure to expel him, Sheikh Ibn Ladin resided in the company of one of the leaders of Hizbi Islami, Sheikh Younis Khalis in the Nankahaar region.

    He was then surrounded by the Arab Mujahideen who dispersed, after the end of the Jihad against the Communist invaders, in Pakistan and areas of Afghanistan because they were pursued by Arab intelligence officials, even though many of them were occupied with seeking knowledge, business or securing sustenance for themselves and their families.

    The Arab pressure, especially that of the Saudi, for handing over Ibn Ladin (Abu Abdullah) increased. Sheikh Younis Khalis refused this instruction and said to Sulaiman Al- Ali, the Saudi family ambassador to Afghanistan: "O Sulaiman! We are the Afghans. If the livestock in the lands of the two Holy Mosques; the cattle, sheep and camels; sought our protection, we will surely protect it in the best manner and we would not hand it over to no one. So, in what way do we deal with a man who we saw from him nothing but support, Jihad and bestowment? And these are the graves of his brethren and their martyrs are in every region of Afghanistan?? This will not be!".

    When Taliban entered Jalal Abad and its rule became stabilised, the Movement' s deputations passed by the Sheikh saluting him in honour and dignity. One of the commanders said to Sheikh Usama - this account is from an eyewitness: "O Sheikh! Our lands are not the lands of the Afghans, but it is the lands of Allah; and our Jihad was not the Jihad of the Afghan, but it is the Jihad of the Muslims. Your martyrs that are in every region of Afghanistan, their graves testify to that. You are between your families and kinsmen, and we bless the soil that you walk upon".

    This was translated to practice when the leaders of Taliban refused to even discuss the matter of handing him over with the Saudis when they visited their country to obtain recognition of their government.

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