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 - Leaflets: Taliban Fighters Poised For Revenge

    Leaflets: Taliban Fighters Poised For Revenge

    CHAMAN, Pakistan, June 17 - Taliban fighters formed death squads to target Afghan officials in order to avenge the deaths of fellow fighters killed by the U.S. forces and their "proxy" Afghan government, according to pamphlets distributed in Afghanistan's restive southeast.

    The Pashtu-language pamphlets, circulated across the Afghan border town of Spin Boldak, opposite the Pakistani town of Chaman, also urged local people to join the fighting against the government of Hamid Karzai, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP) Tuesday, June 17.

    "We will very soon start attacks, similar to the campaign by Arab mujahedin. Taliban have already directed the mujahedin to launch (such) attacks," the AFP quoted one of the alleged leaflets as saying.

    The pamphlets placed Spin Boldak district chief Syed Fazaluddin Agha, a local leader and a suspected "agent" of Karzai's government "on the hit list."

    Another leaflet quoted by the AFP said Taliban fighters "give them (alleged agents) notice of 10 days to give up their government jobs."

    It also urged the local people to "stop spying for the forces of non-believers" and not to cooperate with Karzai's "puppet regime."

    "We will soon capture American agents and we reserve the right to avenge the death of Taliban," said one of the pamphlets.

    "They are claiming that the Taliban have formed martyrdom attackers and will soon start their operations.

    "They are threatening that they will take revenge against district officials for recent killings of Taliban," Spin Boldak district official Khalid Khan told AFP by telephone.

    On Wednesday, June 4, some 40 suspected Taliban fighters were killed in what is believed to be one of the deadliest clashes with government troops since Taliban was ousted in 2001.

    The pamphlets are said to be signed by Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Usmani, a deputy of the vanquished Taliban's fugitive spiritual leader, Mullah Omar.

    Usmani is on a list of Taliban commanders sought by the Afghan government and believed to be hiding in western Pakistani borderlands, according to AFP.

    On a visit to Pakistan in April, Karzai named Usmani among the top four Taliban leaders understood to be operating out of mountains straddling Pakistan's border with Afghanistan, north of the twin frontier towns of Spin Boldak and Chaman.

    However, Islamabad strongly rebuffed accusations that Taliban forces were regrouping inside the country and also denied the presence of any alleged terrorists wanted by Kabul on Pakistani soil.

    Many Afghan officials, suspicious of Pakistan for its previous nurturing and support of the Taliban, have accused it of offering sanctuary to fugitive extremists in its remote tribal border regions.

    Afghan and U.S. forces hunting the fugitives have come under repeated attacks along the southeastern border, leading to suspicions that anti-U.S. and anti-Karzai groups have been regrouping on the Pakistani side.

    Increasing atrocities and violation of rights of Pashtuns in areas where non-Pashtuns hold power are reported every day, said AFP.

    U.N. Warns

    In a related development, the U.N. issued Tuesday a warning of further bombings in the Afghan capital following the deadly attack on German peacekeeping troops.

    A taxi packed with between 100 and 500 kilograms (220 and 1,100 pounds) of explosives blew up alongside a bus carrying ISAF soldiers to Kabul airport, where they were due to fly home after completing their six-month tour of duty.

    The notice issued to all U.N. personnel and seen by AFP warned of possible attacks in the next two or three days by bombers using two Japanese motorbikes and two Japanese cars.

    Possible targets include high-ranking Afghan government officials, the U.S. ambassador and top commanders from the U.S. military or the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), it said.

    There have been several bomb alerts in the capital over the past few days, with one explosive device discovered Monday, June 16, outside a high school.

    Western intelligence sources have suspected that a "terrorist" cell headed by a foreigner has been operating in Kabul over the past three months.

    U.S.-led forces toppled Taliban after refusing to hand over Osama bin Laden who was blamed by the United States for the 9-11 attacks.

    Source: IslamOnline

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