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 - Former Taliban official martyred in clash with US soldiers

    Former Taliban Official Martyred in Clash with U.S. Soldiers

    U.S. troops face resistance during raid

    JALALABAD: A former Taliban official was martyred and three Afghans were injured when a gunfight broke out during a raid at the official's home in eastern Afghanistan by U.S. Special Forces, the Kunar governor representing Kabulís puppet regime said on Sunday.

    He claimed that there were no U.S. casualties. It was not immediately possible to reach U.S. officials in Afghanistan for comment. Watapur Karmon is 80 kilometres north-east of Jalalabad.

    The US forces went to the home of Naimatullah, a former district official of the Taliban regime, to arrest him for allegedly fighting against U.S. troops and the local puppet regime. Naimat and his neighbours resisted, opening fire on the US troops. Two Afghan women and one man were injured in the resulting gunbattle, the governor said.

    Naimat had jumped into a nearby river, and his body was found downstream on Sunday, said Akbar. It was not clear if he had been shot or drowned. No arrests were made, and the situation in the village was now calm, calaimed Akbar.

    At the weekend, suspected militants attacked European aid agencies, Agro Action and Medair, working in eastern Afghanistan, wounding two Afghan employees, officials said. Also on Sunday, a US-backed warlord vowed not to give up claims to power despite puppet President Hamid Karzai's decision to remove the governor of his home province of Paktia, the Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) reported.

    "The change of governor will not change my stand," Padsha Khan told the Pakistan-based private Afghan news agency. Afghanistan's official Bakhtar news agency reported on Saturday that Karzai had appointed Asadullah Wafa to replace Raz Mohammad Dalili as the governor of the province bordering Pakistan. No reason for the reshuffle was given.

    Khan has been politically inactive in the past few months, fuelling speculations that he had patched up differences with Kabul. On Sunday, however, he again challenged Karzai, saying that the problem in the troubled Paktia province could not be resolved without his taking power.

    Source: Balochistanpost

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