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    Syria War -

    Syria Jihad is no Jihad

    The Syrian uprising started on January 2011 from initially minor protests to a full blown war. As of Aug. 22 2014 AT LEAST 191,000 people have died in Syria.

    The Syrian Muslims have been suffering from 1970 under the brutal regime composed and dominated by the Alawites (a minority sect). The regime has ruled with ferocious brutality and cruelty to keep the majority population of who are Sunni Muslims under their control. This has been aided by other minorities like the Christians, Shias, Druze, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Armenians and Marionettes who have in general collaborated and supported the murder and genocide of the defenseless Sunni population of Syria.

    There is no doubt this is a Jihad, a war where the Muslims face brutal annihilation, against whom there is a war waged by Shias from Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, even Afghanistan and whose allies are Christians, Shias, Druze, Chaldeans etc from within Syria.

    Russia who is known to be full of hatred against Muslims is the biggest state ally to the Syrian regime. Russia gives material, political, financial and military support to this genocidal regime. There have also been reports and evidence that there are Russian mercenaries fighting for the regime.

    Besides these the Assad regime has won the support of fascists and far-right nationalist parties and organizations across Europe.

    These include the National Front (France), Forza Nuova and CasaPound (Italy), Golden Dawn and Black Lilly (Greece), the British National Party (UK) and the National Rebirth of Poland, Falanga and All Polish Youth (Poland). These groups give not only political support but to certain extend also material support like the Greek fascists, from Black Lilly (Mavros Krinos) who have gone one step further and have fighters on the ground in Syria and claim to have fought alongside Hizbullah and Assad forces in the brutal assault on Qusayr.

    After it being well known that the most brutal forces have gathered around in Syria to fight, subdue, kill and massacre the Syrian Muslims, violate our religion, honor, dignity, who can say this is not Jihad???

    If this is not jihad, then the person saying this does not believe in jihad. For the recent war in Afghanistan they made excuses because Washington did not approve it like in the 1980's, for Iraq they came up with excuses to deceive the people, for Somalia they didn't shy to make excuses and lies again. Even our beloved Caucasus were there are no Western interests, even then they showed their hatred for Muslims and jihad and declared there is no jihad. Now in our dear and beloved Sham (Syria) these same people yell, scream and lie that there is no jihad! May Allah swt punish the hypocrites.

    Alhamdulillah the Muslim Ummah is not deceived by the treachery of lunatics like the Saud Mufti and the likes of him whose credibility is zero. They have committed treason, treason against the Muslims, against this Ummah. But it is no surprise since they are on the payroll of and allied to one of the biggest enemies of all the Muslims the Saud Regime of Saudi Arabia.

    Saudi Arabia has been working furiously to fight and stop anything that comes close Islam. Be it in Tunisia where after the dictator Ben Ali fled he received a warm welcome in Saudi and a big palace from where he can work to undermine post Ben Ali Tunisia. Don’t forget this was the same dog that forbade the Hijab, and during his rule fought hard to destroy Islam and Muslims in Tunisia.

    One of the other examples is Egypt, were the Saud regime is the closest ally of the secular butcher Sisi, supporting him financially, diplomatically any way they can.

    Then there is Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, everywhere the same thing, supporting the secularists, anti-Islamic forces. That is the Saud regime, so one cannot expect different from its stooges who have the delusion of being scholars, with even some of them believing to be the Ulema. May Allah swt protect us from these frauds.

    Of course one does not forget their decade’s long alliance and being a servant of the United Satans of America with whom they have bombed and destroyed Muslim countries throughout the region. This alliance with the leaders of the kuffar who have millions of Muslim blood on their hand has not been a secret, on the contrary, the Saud regime is proud to be close the the USA, to be their close friends, allies and accessory to their crimes.

    The only reason the Saud regime is against the Assad regime is merely political reasons, the Shia/Sunni regional balance of power. But even then their hatred and jealousy for jihad knows no limits. They bring the so-called sheikhs to tell the people that what Syria needs are not men but prayers. They claim no need for jihad. Why? You might ask. Easy to answer, the only reason they say there is no need for men in Syria is because any Muslim who is a true believer that will go to Syria will not go to fight and die for a secular Syria like the FSA who are backed by the Saud regime. Rather he will go and join Islamic groups, and sacrifice for Allah swt and for the Shariah of Allah swt. And this is the main reason when one listens/reads their propaganda “when they claim Syria needs no men” as the Saud regime and its puppet "scholars" cannot support Islam, after all they haven been in alliance with the kuffar for decades and fighting Islam for decades spilling innocent Muslim blood.

    NOTE: For Fatwas and Islamic rullings regarding Jihad in Syria, see the video player on, the last 4 videos on the list.

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