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    Syria War -

    Abuses and Minorities in Syria

    After the recent headlines about abuses by the groups fighting Assad, as well as supposed abuses against minorities we were compelled to write a piece about this, to inform, to spread the truth.

    To begin with we will tackle the issue that made headlines regarding the execution of hundred+ Assad terrorists by the I.S.
    These regime soldiers who are portrait as poor victims of I.S. are the same thugs who have raped, murdered, massacred and tortured countless innocent Muslims. It is the least what these criminals who pretend to be soldiers deserve. In which war or society have criminals like these, who have committed such barbaric crimes been released without punishment, without justice?

    Has the hatred towards the believers increased to such extend that the world thinks raping, torturing, killing women, men, mothers, fathers, children, infants should be left unpunished? Does the world think that 170.000 innocent Muslims in Syria are merely a nuisance?

    Executions of such filthy criminals need no defense but rather praise, it is the little comfort their victims receive which demonstrates that their pain and suffering matters, and that someone is doing something about it, even if the west and Russia hate justice except for themselves.

    When was the last time the west or Russia ever stood by a just cause, their legacy is that of mayhem and murder, genocide and destroying whole countries. How arrogant are those with such history to speak of abuses. The evil in the west and Russia seem to have seeped so deep in their souls that it seems they cannot differentiate between the mass murder abuses on a grand scale in which they are experts in and a resistance, a just slaughter of one of the most evil criminal people alive.

    This brings us to the second part; abuses against the minorities.

    The issue of abuses against minorities by groups fighting the brutal Assad regime has gotten - as is to be expected - far beyond reasonable media coverage from the corrupt media conglomerates.

    Let us start with some statistics; approx. 79% are Sunni Muslims, 10% Alawi, Ismaili, and Shia, 8% Christian (includes Orthodox, Uniate, and Nestorian) remaining 3% Druze. The Alawite regime who have been in power for over 44 years stayed in power through collaboration and help of the other minority groups. For over 44 years these combined minority who make up 21% of the population have ruled over the majority Sunni Muslims, by terrorizing them into submission. Secret police raids, detentions, murder, torture, blackmail, threats all on state level for more than 40 years long. All of this so the minority can live lavishly and in the highest positions of power of the country sucking the blood of the innocent poor defenseless Sunni Muslims of Syria.

    These are facts, reality, history and unfortunately the present. When the uprising began the minorities reaffirmed their loyalty to the brutal regime from whom they benefitted for generations. They passed the chance to redeem themselves, to find humanity and justice in their hearts, but instead they followed their evil desires to rule and to continue to make gains over the heads of millions of innocent Muslims who are by far the majority of the country.

    At first they pretended nothing was wrong, even though thousands were being murdered in cold blood. Once the resistance spread, and the Muslims fought back in jihad, they claimed to have no choice but to support the savage Assad (like the decades before), out of fear of being mistreated if Assad would fall. A classic self fulfilling prophecy, supporting the Murderer in his crime, then crying crocodile tears for the consequences of that, and claiming "I told you so".

    In fact these minorities are nothing less than cults of oppressors who benefitted from the misery, murder and oppression of millions of innocent people and stuck (and still stick) by the tyrant Assad for more than 40 years.

    The ones who think that there is a badge named minority behind which one can hide after supporting and committing heinous crimes are merely insane fools.
    The ones who thought it would be an easy ride, and it would be a slaughter party of Sunni Muslims with no light at the end of the tunnel for them, merely deceived themselves.

    Those who thought that the forces of darkness would roam superiorly unchallenged did not take into account that Allah swt is the mightiest, and would raise the forces of light (jihad) to protect the deen, the believers, Allah's word, and no matter what the odds, can and has given victory in battles.
    These (minorities) cult of oppressors will reap what they have sown, the opening of the window to repent and surrender BEFORE defeat is closing fast, as after defeat pleas and excuses will be to no avail.

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    (Al-Baqarah 2:11-12)


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