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 - Facts about Zionist

    Facts About The Zionist - Lebanese War

    * Hezbollah captured 2 Zionist soldiers on July 12 to negotiate an exchange for Lebanese prisoners held by the Zionist entity, some for more then 20 years! (Hezbollah targeted only Zionist military in the operation, justified because of Zionists have Lebanese prisoners).

    * Zionist entity responded arrogantly by a brutal, indiscriminate air terrorist campaign targeting civilians, civilian infrastructure, civilian houses, civilian city's and civilian villages.

    * Zionists use the excuse saying they were attacked and had to defend them selves and free there occupation soldiers. Does Hezbollah not have the same right to free there prisoners held by the Zionists? At least Hezbollah targeted the Zionist army to achieve there goal.

    * Hezbollah only then started to shell Zionist villages and cities.

    * The Zionist claim that they withdrew from South-Lebanon after 18 years of occupation in 2000, so Hezbollah had no reason at all to conduct the operation capturing 2 Zionist soldiers. But the fact is that the Zionists still occupy Shehaa farms (Lebanese territory, and also holds Lebanese prisoners some for decades).

    * Bush and Blair claim that Hezbollah attacked the Zionist entity, by violating the Zionist entity's sovereignty and capturing the 2 soldiers. Yet before this recent conflict the Zionists violated almost daily Lebanese sovereignty (airspace) by sending fighter jets, spy planes into Lebanese territory, as well as ground incursions. The Zionist entity also violated Syrian sovereignty by sending its fighter jets over Damascus 2x!

    * Tony Blair claims that call to ceasefire is not possible because it should be mutual, and that is the reason why he does not want to call upon the Zionist entity to stop its agression blaming Hezbollah for being the problem. While Hezbollah all along has said, that if the Zionist entity stops its agression it will be the end of hostilities from the resistance group, and the negotiations can begin regarding prisoners swap.

    * Bush administration and Tony Blair want to make the world believe just like with the Iraq war a pack of lies. They claim Hezbolah crossed the greenline and abducted the Zionist soldiers, with that starting the agression. But the facts are that Hezbollah arrested the Zionist soldiers on Lebanese territory, and not accross the so-called greenline. This matter is proven which you can read in artcile on the Lebanon section.

    * Sofar (2 august, 2006) Hezbollah killed 41 soldiers and only 27 civilians, the Zionists killed 642 Lebanese civilians (25% children) and wounded 2,303, who is the real terrorist ?

    * 1/3 of Lebanese population has been displaced.

    U.S. role in this :

    U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice claimed that the “true” reason behind the U.S. government's rejection to appeal for ceasefire was:
    "What we don’t want to do is to have a cessation of violence that is not going to last for more than the next time that Hezbollah or Hamas decides that they’re going to launch a rocket into Israel or abduct an Israeli citizen," Rice said an exclusive interview on
    "Fox News Sunday".

    Yes the Zionist entity is holding thousands of Palestinian prisoners, and hundreds of Lebanese. Do they don't have the right to free there people ? At least Hamas and Hezbollah abducted Zionist SOLDIERS (total 3), the Zionist entity has thousands Palestinian and hundreds of Lebanese CIVILIANS abducted and locked up. Hezbollah and HAMAS had good reasons to launch the operations to capture the Zionist soldiers, the same reason which U.S. allows the Zionists to use.

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    The Holy Quran Quotes

    “And they (polytheists, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah and in His Messenger, Muhammad (saw) ) will not cease fighting you until they turn you back from your religion (Islamic Monotheism) if they can.”

    (Al-Baqarah, 2:217)


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