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    Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi o

    Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi on the Recent Events between HAMAS and Jund Ansar Allah

    “Would you kill a man for only he says: My Lord is Allah?!”
    “Isn’t there amongst you a single rightly guided man?!”


    Today, the news of killing Sheikh Doctor Abdul-Lateef bin-Khalid al-Musa, Abun-Nur al-Maqdesy, may Allah have mercy upon him, has distressed me. I wondered, when I was reading some of the Hamasi (related to Hamas) justifications, and the others sympathizing with them, about their disregarding the value of the blood of a Muslim Mujahid (Believing in the Oneness of Allah) and about their rejecting of all the texts of Shari’ah which preserve the blood of the Muslim, and regard it as great; but even the borders of Shari’ah keep off for its sake all the unclear evidences; while they come across the borders of Shari’ah against the wall with their pouncing unclear evidences; and averting their organizational interests and their black administration of law by ignoring them and deactivating them!!!

    When we called upon Hamas to correct the base (their ideology) and to assign the Shari’ah of Allah to rule over, the disputers roared over it saying that “it is deemed weak, not strengthened and the evils of assigning the Shari’ah of Allah to rule over are many”, a matter unbearable to Hamas, a matter for which wisdom is needed, after which it advances step by step, and also many other sayings from among their justifications and arguments which couldnt withstand the proofs of Shari’ah…

    Amidst these incidents and with all of a sudden, we perceived the evaporation of all those claims and patches of Hamas, which merely is for the sake of possessing authority, administration, interests, leadership and for the dictatorship.

    Other than all those mentioned above, there are many others in the contexts of justifying Hamas’s deactivation of Shari’ah and their implementation of manmade laws to rule,like such their loyalty to the Rafidah (Shiite sectarians) and secularists; however, and what a surprise is it!, they evaporate, and the pretexts of wisdom, being deemed-weak, politics, discernment, evils and benefits, are not mentioned when Hamas attack the mosques of the Mujahideen, and assassinate the Sheikhs of the Mujahideen, and without any embarrassment do whatever the idols of Arabs do when any objector opposes or disobeys them.

    Oh you people! Is there not amongst you a single rightly guided man?! The Sheikhs of the Salafi-Jihadi (Muslims following the path of the precedent Muslims who directly came after Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings are upon him) stream have called upon their followers many a times not to come in confrontation with Hamas even if their administration is classified as an infidel one; and even some of them have exaggerated in showing kindness to Hamas, but even pampering them until they sometimes reached the level of flattery so that they can turn away from their sins and go back to (Islamic) reason. And to give notice, tens of messages have been sent to me, asking about the viewpoint regarding Hamas, the viewpoint regarding fighting them, and the viewpoint regarding targeting their leaders; and time after time I replied with warning against launching a war against Hamas, or even breaking away from them by busying oneself with changing some atrocities if this would result in a greater atrocity because of which Hamas might attack the Mujahideen brethren, in the same way they have done before with some of their brethren, at the time when they observed no sanctity of an elderly, a child, or a woman.

    Our brethren in Gazza have perceived this and accepted it and the posts came from many of them that it is what they perceive too, that is to avoid and evade even while many of them accept and bear to stay homeless as fugitives with their families and their children, and not to get engaged with war against Hamas who are pursuing and chasing them for their Tawheed and Jihad…! We have been pleased and contented with the maturity of the minds of our brethren, and we have been delighted with their understanding and their perception of the conspiracies surrounding them, and the schemes of the Jews of the Ajams (foreigners) and those of the Arabs (Arabs loyal to the Jews) against them, and on top of them are Fatah, those seemingly await and watch about the happenings of Gazza and its people.

    This has been among our concerns which we have been looking after from time to time; but we have not seen from the references of Hamas or from their leaders those who did that to any of their followers or of their rabbles who have joined the brigade of the administration of Hamas for the sake of a penny or a shilling, following whoever has the authority, no matter who he is, that who has not been brought up even at the principles of the Islamic wise deviated the so called Muslim Brothers (a group falsely ascribed to Islam).

    We have not heard from Hamas or their references, any words drawing the attention to the sanctity of the Muslim blood, or focusing on the point that even pulling down the Ka’ba (Holy mosque) and the disappearance of the whole world -and not only the authority of Hamas!- are easier for Allah than shedding the blood of a Muslim.

    It seems that such issues are marginal to Hamas and their references; and I mean with them, the tenth grade citizens as long as they are not from among the followers of Hamas, or the patrons of Iran, or the tails of Hezbullat (worshippers of statues “Hezballah”)…
    These scales are those of Jaahiliyya (period preceding Islam) and not related to Islam, or to grace or honor; they are the definite vicious rotten fruit of the fruits of deactivating the Shari’ah of Allah, and assigning the law of idols to rule; they are the real Fitnahs (enticements and tests) which the Wise Legislator has warned against; and they are the big real evils which we should take the initiative to avoid, for Allah to keep us away from the rest of Finahs and evils. Those who speak in such a situation about Fitnah and who raise it, and pointing their arrows at the Salafi-Jihadi Path and its references in and outside Gazza, are invited to adjust their scales and be just, as it is the nearest to Taqwa (fearing Allah and observing His teachings). They should direct their advices and preachments to the farmers, cultivators, and harvesters of real Fitnahs at the scale of Shari’ah, not at their scales, (Surely, they have fallen into Fitnah).

    Verily, the virtuous blood, shed today from Sheikh Abun-Nur al-Maqdesy and his brethren; and the bloods of the brethren of Jaishul-Islam (Army of Islam) which have been shed before, with no guilt except saying “only Allah is our Lord, and we accept no domination but His”; we will not pretend to have forgotten; and we will never forgive those who shed them, because first, we do not have the power to do, as Allah has right in them, their possessors have right in them, and their patrons have right in them; and Hamas need to give each one his right; and of the most priority, and without it, this page cannot be turned, and it will not become a forgotten history that melts among the great weighty interests. The first of these rights is Hamas’s renunciation of Shirk (apostasy) and condemnations (against Muslims), and their going back to the heart of Tawheed, in order to enter the circle of brotherhood of Iman (Belief in Allah) which the words of Allah, the All-Exalted, encompass, “Whoever is offered anything in clemency by his brother, then the demands to follow should be with kindness, and the payment back to him should be with beneficence”. For that reason the blood of our brethren was shed at the time of tests and verifications.

    Without this, we will not turn this page, and we will not forget the blood of our brethren which flowed for the sake of Tawheed; and we will not allow anybody to cleave our heads with his preachments regarding national unity under the banner of democracy; as there is nothing called unity in the dictionary of the Salafi-Jihadi stream, except that under the word of Tawheed; and we will not accept anybody to vie in quantity with us regarding the benefits and evils while he has not yet learned the principles of this art, and has not learned that the alphabets of benefits and evils are to learn that the greatest benefit ever is Tawheed, and the most evil ever is condemning (Muslims). We will not permit anybody to lecture us on the evils and damages of Fitnah while he does not understand or know that the biggest Fitnah is Shirk (polytheism) with all its forms. Consequently, and after he learns, digests, and understands this, he should direct all his advises to the most needy to them in Gazza, those who are the leaders of Hamas and their administration and authority; who are not sufficed only with being ignorant about them and destroying these foundations; but they ruined even whatever they vie in quantity with others regarding their knowledge about the sections of Fitnah, evils, and the weighted benefits which they magnify, and the claims for wisdom, shrewdness, and understanding of politics. They, then, took the initiative to spill the chaste blood, although they have domination and authority at their hands. They have been and are still capable of dealing with many matters which the people in charge should do before resorting to dealing with violence. Their concern for authority has made them blind, and made them to forget that the last resort in medicine is cauterization, and before it are many and many stages.


    Whatever is said regarding the hurry of the brethren or their warmth, or any other things which the patch-makers of Hamas provoke at such times, still the one controlling the crisis is he who is the first and last responsible one for this Fitnah; and it is he first to whom criticism should be directed today, in addition to advising, disapproval, and other ways, because he has the authority which entitles him and enables him to treat the situation with communication, debates, and dialogues before war; and if the situation became difficult, then there would be siege, imprisonment, detention, threat, frightening, and many other ways which Hamas master and use with all their enemies, except those whom they describe once as Takfeerieen (people accusing Muslims of infidelity on no bases), once as al-Qaida, and another time as the Salafi-Jihadi group.
    These ones do not deserve from Hamas such progression; and in their dictionary regarding dealing with them, there are not any wisdom, any politics, any courtesy, or even arguing in a friendly manner…! We cannot see from them (Hamas) regarding them except murder, assassination, and crippling through shooting fire at the knees and other fashions.

    Accordingly, their treatment of that Fitnah is not related to Shari’ah; but it has been and is still authoritative, idol-like, and police-like emerging from their manmade laws, and shaded under their manmade democracy, and their legitimacy is that derived from the majority…!
    Before I conclude, I would like Hamas and others to know that we are not absent from the Palestinian scene, but we are in its heart and in its centre; and we do not ignore it as it is on the stairway of our priorities; offering advice for our brethren, for the sake of our religion, our Jihad, and our Ummah (Muslim community). We do not close our eyes before whatever leads to confrontations, or to clashes that do not benefit our religion, our Tawheed, or our Jihad; but the first and the last ones to benefit from it are the Jews of Ajams and Arabs…
    We have tried earnestly, and we are still, keeping off the Fitnah of fighting between our brethren and Hamas in Gazza; however we do not see from Hamas any attempts for this, but they are rather walking in the opposite direction…
    Accordingly, Hamas are the first and last responsible for this Fitnah; and the defenders and the patch-makers would not benefit Hamas in restraining such truth with telling lies, fabrications, falsifications, or counterfeiting.

    Hamas are the ones responsible in Gazza; and therefore they are the first and last real responsible ones for this Fitnah; and it is at their hands to pull out the wick of the crisis; it is at their hands to rescue the people of Gazza and take them away of the darkness of the real Fitnah to the illumination of Tawheed…
    To them, critics are to direct their criticism, and preachers their preachments, and advisors their advices…
    They are not to cause inflammations of the mucous membrane of our noses with some preachments and advices, whose truth at the time of contemplation are but preaching, the ones about to be slaughtered, to keep quiet and to stop shuddering…! Just to comfort the butcher and not the sacrifice…!!
    The butcher in the Gazza scene is Hamas; they are the one holding the knife, and it is at their hands to extinguish the Fitnah…
    Will Hamas extinguish the Fitnah?! Or will they be guided by their sins…?!

    Please Allah! Have mercy upon our brother Sheikh Abun-Nur al-Maqdesy, and all our killed brethren. Please Allah! Accept them among the martyrs in the cause of the Word of Tawheed, to assign It to rule. Please Allah! Appoint as ruler over us the pious of us; and not appoint over us the sinners; and clear Your Anger and Your Ire away from us; and not to punish us because of what the fools among us have done…!

    Abu-Muhammad Al-Maqdesy,
    Sha’ban, 1430 after Hijra of the Favorite Prophet, peace and blessings are upon him!


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