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    Jund Ansar Allah

    Jund Ansar Allah: Declaration of the Islamic Emirate of Bait al-Maqdis

    A Declaration of the ISLAMIC EMIRATE of BAYTUL-MAQDES (Al-Quds)

    “O you who Believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger, and those of authority from among you. And if ye have a dispute concerning any matter, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. This is the good and the best resort”. An-Nisaa, verse: 59.

    A Declaration of Loyalty to the ISLAMIC EMIRATE


    Thanks are but to Allah; peace and blessings are upon the Messenger of Allah.
    To proceed,

    After trusting Allah, the Great and the Almighty; we, the Jund Ansar Allah Group of Baytul-Maqdes, announce our absolute loyalty to the Islamic Emirate of Baytul-Maqdes, under the leadership of our master: Sheikh Abunnur al-Maqdesy, may Allah protect him and preserve him, in the Islamic Emirate. We promise Allah, the Great and the Almighty, to listen to and obey him in the Ma’rouf (kind acts Islam wise). We say to our master Abunnur al-Maqdesy, “March with the blessings of Allah; we are darts in your quiver for arrows; strike with us where you want; By Allah, you will find us but loyal obedient soldiers, and strong steady men” Accordingly:

    First: We announce the thawing of all our military groups, in the Islamic Emirate of Baytul-Maqdes.

    Second: We call upon all the sincere faithful ones in Baytul-Maqdes to hasten to pledge loyalty to the Islamic Emirate.

    Third: We invite the Muslims in the Gazza strip to support the Mujahedeen, sponsor and shelter them.

    Fourth: We ask Muslims everywhere to support this young Emirate, and help it with money, weapons and men; it is the hope of the Ummah (Muslim community) to raise the banner of Tawheed (Belief in the oneness of Allah) high in Baytul-Maqdes; Allah, the All-Exalted, says, “And if they seek aid from you in the matter of religion, then aid is incumbent on you”. So, be cautious of deserting this young Emirate in the time of need.

    Fifth: We say to the enemies of Allah, “The soldiers of Tawheed will not rest, and will not sit gravely anywhere until the religion of Allah, the Great and the Almighty, is rendered victorious; and until the whole Muslim lands are freed; and until our captive Aqsa is purified from the filth of the cursed Jews”.

    We call upon Allah, the Great and the Almighty, to help us render His religion victorious; raise His Word high and patronize His Prophet, peace and blessings are upon him; and to help us set the female and male Muslim captives in the prisons of the infidels free; and we invoke Allah to bring the Ummah together at the word of Tawheed; verily, He is the Patron of this and the Capable of it.



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    “Prayer (Salat) is the most important practice in Islam. Allah has ordered the Muslims to be mindful of it. The Holy Qur'an says:"Guard strictly your prayers, especially the Middle Prayer, and stand before Allah with all devotion.”

    (Al-Baqarah, 2:238)


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