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 - Truth about Gaza War / Assualt

    Qazi: Zionist invasion on Gaza a slap on Ummah conscience

    LAHORE (PAKISTAN), (PIC)-- Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad has said that Israeli bombing on Gaza and massacre of Palestinians is shaking Ummah's conscience but the delay in calling meetings of OIC and Arab League is the worst betrayal with the innocent blood of Palestinian Muslims.

    Palestinian nation led by Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is fighting the war for liberating Muslims' Qibla-e-Awwal from the Zionist occupation and history will never forgive those sacrificing the Palestinian cause for personal interests and regional politics, he said in a statement on Monday issued by JI Media Cell.

    Qazi demanded that border crossing of Rafah, between Gaza and Egypt, should be opened permanently. Qazi said Israeli objectives behind using entire air force and war machinery to destroy a small town of 144 km area is not to protect the handful of Jewish settlers near Gaza border, but the actual aim of the open war against unarmed Palestinians is the preparations of new elections in Zionist state.

    He said Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak approved Gaza invasion last month but its announcement was made by Foreign minister Tzippi Livni in Cairo in the presence of Egyptian president.

    Qazi said former army chief Ehud Barack is out to achieve political aims from this war and labor party is spilling Palestinian blood for the sake elections. Qazi expressed sorrow that Zionists even violated Jewish religious injunction banning bloodletting on Saturday as big sin, adding that Israeli government has forsaken their religion in their mad pursuit of military might.
    Condemning the Israeli air strikes on hospitals, educational institutions, mosques and roads, Qazi said Zionists want to destroy the infrastructure of Gaza to cripple the Palestinians and forcing them to vacate the area. He paid glowing tributes to the courage and determination of Gaza citizens despite the cold shoulder given to them by Muslim rulers, and said the large scale demonstrations in the Muslim world are a proof that entire Muslim populations are standing behind them at this hour of trial.

    Qazi said the closure of Rafah by Egyptian government following the Israeli attacks has aggravated the situation inside Gaza by creating acute shortage of life saving drugs, food, milk and other essential supplies, whereas the seriously wounded could not be taken for treatment and surgeries. He said US and Israel has always considered Hamas as the biggest obstacle in their agenda for the region and it is why they did not respect the democratic mandate to Hamas by Palestinian people in last elections. Qazi said Israel has kept arrested assembly speaker and other elected representatives of Hamas for the last two years.

    Qazi said anti-Muslim and extremist attitude of US and western countries have endangered the world peace for the last six decades, but Muslim rulers are equally responsible for that because of their sheer apathy and US slavery.

    Qazi said it is the responsibility of entire Muslim ummah to help Palestinians who have been fighting alone the war of liberating the Qibla-e-Awwal from Israeli occupation besides the battle for defending the Arabs.

    Qazi appealed to the whole Muslim world specially the Islamic movements to observe Friday (Jan. 2) as peaceful protest day against the naked Israeli aggression against unarmed Palestinians and press Muslim rulers to come up with total support to the Palestinians against Israel.


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