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 - Truth about Gaza War / Assualt

    Hamas! Correct the Foundations, Have Fear of Allah and not the People!

    Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi -Muharram 1430

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    In these difficult and awkward times for both the Ummah as a whole and our Muslim people in Ghazza, a person can do nothing more than pray that Allah aids our brothers there and saves them [from the Israeli aggression]. One shouldn’t hesitate about standing by the side of his brothers, encouraging others to aid them, and striving to fight Jihad against their enemies with all of one’s abilities. If the desertion of the governments and armies is a clear and exposed matter, there is no need to clarify and expose them. The restrictions placed upon the handcuffed Muslim masses by the Tawagheet (idolatry governments) do not, however, prevent them from expressing their aid and support of their injured Muslim brothers… and if the Tawagheet and their armies in the various Muslim countries did not prevent them from waging Jihad against the Jews, there is no doubt that the situation would be different. The country of the brothers of apes and pigs would not have acted with such wantonness against the Muslims, and it would never even think about playing around with its blood…

    So if we are not surprised by the weakness and treachery of the governments which have sold their religion, people, land, and honor, all for the price of guarding their ruling seats and thrones of humiliation and treason, and if we are not surprised of the death of the image and feelings of its armies, we are, however, extremely surprised at the Hamas leadership which raises the slogan of Islam, but also uses it to erase those aspects which it is embarrassed about, those aspects such as making Islam the law of the land and taking it as a way of life, and that Hamas is compared to those who made Islam the law of the land, such as the Taliban. Hamas claimed their innocence of them, and they also cautiously refuse to sympathize with some leaders and scholars of Jihad. They announce their innocence from these things to the entire world, while they do not feel embarrassed in killing those Muwahhidoon (monotheists) and Mujahidoon who refuse to join their deviant organization, giving ridiculous and revolting justifications. They also do not feel any difficulty in praising the Rawafid (Rejectionists – Shi’as), their parties, their Imams, and the heads of their deviancies, nor have they found difficulty in praising many secularist governments which conspire against Islam and the Muslims, praising its idolic rulers who have sold religion, honor, and land, and they (the Tawagheet) are the most likely of people to do this. It may be that this fact became clear to Hamas and they have experienced this first hand only after it became too late.

    Some may say that this is not the time to speak like this, and that it is not the time to advise, expose, criticize or rebuke… for a river of blood is not benefited or stopped by mere words. To this I say: the time for this is all the time; leaving this would be another form of desertion, and it is one of the main reasons for the enemies to gain control over us, bringing on destruction, and spilling of blood…

    We have been and continue to follow with pain and remorse the series of compromises, contradictions, and setbacks in which this organization has degenerated.

    We have been and continue to follow its deception of the Muslim youth, those thirsty to fight, with its Islamic banners and flags. It deceives them with its savvy slogans, in reality using them to fulfill their erroneous goals and lost strategies, misguiding them from the path of the believers, taking them on the same course as the criminals…

    We have been and continue to follow its leadership holding fast to the fraternal relationships with the Tawagheet who have acted treacherously to Allah and His Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم), while at the same time we have seen them selling the fraternity of Islam and spilling the blood of the Muwahhidoon to please the Jews, Crusaders and other enemies of Islam, for on the day that it killed more than 10 of the Mujahidoon several weeks ago and injured other women and children, their watering Ghazza with their pure blood instead of the Jews’, its announced without shame that the target was the group who had kidnapped the British journalist!!! Even though this journalist was released a year ago!!! Their announcement was in harmony in this matter, while the Jews, thrilled, announced that those who were killed by Hamas were those who kidnapped their soldier, Shalit.

    For this reason, we explicitly state, painfully, that we do not expect Hamas to bring victory to our religion or people, and we do not place our hopes in their slogans and fervor, as long as it insists in their ways without repentance, leaving these deviancies aside.

    If we do incite our youth generally and encourage them to wage Jihad and defend the weak, we place our hopes in those who have a clear, distinguished, pure and strong methodology, the sons of Tawheed and Jihad, not the sons of democracy, nationalism, and deviancies, those who have taken the path of the believers, staying clear from the paths of the criminals. Whoever else chooses to defend its Ummah, its honor, and its land, we will not prevent them, desert them, or impede them in this, but we will call him to be their followers; we will never be pleased with him as a leader in any case, as we do not place our hope in him as long as he is not firm upon Tawheed and restricts himself with its guidelines.

    Indeed this fierce attack which the enemies have launched against Ghazza today will never be repelled or impeded by imploring the Tawagheet of Kufr, by building bridges with their intelligence agencies, or by seeking their pleasure by leaving religious principles or killing Muwahhidoon and Mujahidoon. Rather, all these are cause for defeat, weakening, desertion, breaking [of the Muslims], and the belittling of the enemies and their control.

    What is expected from Hamas today is not that they polish their image with some statements and slogans which are like facial powder which is wiped away by a mere touch. This matter can no longer be patched up. Facial powder cannot do anything to the clear and outright misconfiguration and deviance’s seen by all those with eyes. Rather, today it needs surgery to remove many of its cancerous tumors which have started to eat away at its body and principles. It must do this if it is serious about bringing victory to Allah’s religion, for it is the only path to its might and glory.

    Indeed, by Allah, we feel for them and advise them sincerely. It must first correct its foundations and fear Allah, not fear people. The first thing it must place in front of its eyes and its strategies is to bring victory to Allah’s religion, establish His Shariah, and actualize His Tawheed by bring people back to their Lord’s Shari’ah and the path of the believers, not to Democracy and the path of the criminals, and by implementing the Laws of Allah, not those of Abbas, and by opening the door of Jihad for our brothers, not by refusing them and impeding their way as they did, similar to the Tawagheet Rulers, moreover even killing them to please the enemies of the Ummah and Islam.

    The equation which the Muwahhid Mujahid understood in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Somalia and other lands, was not fully understood by Hamas, explained to its followers, or implemented practically. For this reason, it weakened and the Muwahhidoon left it… that equation which strengthened the fronts of our brother Muwahhidoon everywhere, being further strengthened by people coming to support them from all over.

    Indeed it is the saying of Allah:

    يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِن تَنصُرُوا اللَّهَ يَنصُرْكُمْ وَيُثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَكُمْ

    O you who believe! If you help (in the cause of) Allah, He will help you, and make your foothold firm. [Muhammad (47):7]

    Indeed the type of “helping the cause of Allah” which brings on “the help of Allah” and “steadfastness” is not by renouncing his laws and proudly implementing manmade laws.

    Nor is it scorning the way of Allah and adopting democracy, taking the path of the criminals seeking the pleasure of the enemies of Allah.

    Nor is it by striking fraternity with the apostates and allying with the Rawafid while taking the beloved slaves of Allah, the Muwahhiddon and Mujahidoon, as enemies and killing them.

    Indeed our Muslim people today in Ghazza as well as other Islamic lands have become tired of deception and fraud and they can no longer be fooled and tricked. It now looks for those who can lead it with the name of Islam which stands out, pure and clean.

    Today we are hearing the screams of widows, the elderly and the bereaved of children calling out to those of whose honor, superiority, purity they are certain from the leaders of Jihad. Their screams penetrate the innovated nationalistic borders, throwing flags, nationalities and other divisions which weaken and divide it against the wall, looking to the day the leader in front of them is from the people of true Tawheed and Jihad.
    I advise Hamas and its leaders and remind them that Islam is coming and nothing can stop it, the Islam of the Messengers, the Islam of the Prophets, the Islam of might and Jihad. It is the people of Truth, Tawheed and Religion who will be given authority, whether people will like this or refuse it. Indeed we are seeing with the eyes of our insight, rather with our physical eyes, that victorious hordes of victory and flags of might have set out to avenge its religion, its Islam, its Prophet, and its Ummah, to bring back its honor and glory, cutting down the falsehood of anyone who stands in its path from its roots, whoever it may be. As long as Hamas or anyone else does not correct its principles and foundations according to the way of Allah, the Ummah will spit it away and will replace it, amongst others who Allah will replace, those who turned away from His religion and methodology, deviating from His Tawheed and religion.

    وإنْ تتولَّوا يَستبدلْ قوماً غَيرَكُمْ ثمَّ لا يكونُوا أمثَالكُم

    And if you turn away, He will exchange you for some other people: and they will not be your likes. [Muhammad (47):38]

    O Allah! Save the weak believers!
    O Allah! Save our brothers in Ghazza, Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, Chechnya, Afghanistan and everywhere else!
    O Allah! Give them victory over their enemies!
    O Allah! Cure their sick and heal their injured, free their prisoners, strengthen those of them who are broken, feed their hungry, clothe their naked, accept their martyrs, and give them victory over the tyrannical people.
    O Allah! Revealer of the Book! Mover of the clouds! Destroyer of the hosts! Destroy their enemies!
    O Allah! Repel their enemy and destroy them with their own plans! Make their plotting against themselves!
    O Allah! Deal with their enemies from the Tawagheet and their armies, the Jews, Christians and Communists and those who aid them!
    O Allah! Do not raise their flag nor fulfill their goals, and make them a sign for those after them.
    O Allah! Divide their ranks!
    O Allah! Take all of them, kill them all, and do not leave any one of them! Make what is in their hands spoils for the Muslims!
    O Allah! Raise the flag of Tawheed and topple the flag of Shirk!
    O Allah! Give authority over the Muslims to the best of them, and do not give authority to the most evil of them!
    O Allah! Do not punish us for the acts of our foolish! Relieve us from your hatred and anger! Make this a guided Ummah in which your beloved slaves are honored and your enemies are humiliated, one in which the good is enjoined and evil is forbidden, one in which Your Book is given rule!
    And may the peace and blessings be on our Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم), as well as all his family and companions.

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