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 - Truth about Gaza War / Assualt
    Egypt's intelligence blackmails wounded Palestinians to tell about Hamas


    CAIRO, (PIC)-- Palestinians citizens wounded in the Israeli war on Gaza and treated in Egyptian hospitals affirmed Friday that elements of the Egyptian intelligence questioned them and asked them to reveal information on the whereabouts of Hamas's arms stores.

    The Al-Jazeera net news website on the internet quoted a number of those wounded Palestinians as affirming that elements of the Egyptian security interrogated them in very harsh manner, and asked them to reveal what they know about Hamas's military force, adding that the security officers threatened to deny them medical treatment if they refused to "cooperate".

    In a telephone call with news website, one of the wounded Palestinians who remained in Egypt for treatment revealed that the Egyptian security forces asked him to inform Hamas that Cairo will not allow them to "smuggle" weapons through Egypt's borders, and that it will not allow Hamas to rebuild its military capabilities anew.

    He also revealed that the Egyptian security promised him of keeping the information he may reveal as confidential, adding that he was asked about Hamas Movement and on the hideouts of its senior leaders.

    "At the beginning they treated me in a nice and polite manner, but after I denied knowing anything about Hamas, one of the interrogators beat me on the wound and said: Don't lie, you are from Hamas and the Qassam Brigades, and you should speak, otherwise, we won't allow you to continue medical treatment here, and we will throw you like dogs", the wounded Palestinian underscored.

    During the 23 days of the brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip, Egypt remained defiant and refused to open the Rafah crossing point, which is under Egypt's full control, to allow medicine and food into the devastated Strip, although it opened the border terminal for medicine only shortly before the Israeli disgraced failure in the war.

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    (Al-Baqarah, 2:238)


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