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    Chechnya -

    Excerpts from the exclusive interview of Amir of Brigade of Reconnaissance and Sabotage «Riyadus Salihiin» Shamil Abdullah Abu-Idris to the SHARIAH information agency.

    Even though the Brigade of Reconnaissance and Sabotage «Riyadus Salihiin» claimed the responsibility for eliminating the «cesspool» (the puppet administration complex in Jokhar), somebody apparently wants to attribute the act to some mystical secret services, saying that the act was carried out by persons with «Slavic» or whatever appearance. Somebody thought that they were not the faces with Chechen appearance, - as long as nobody acknowledges that it is done by Chechens and that Chechens are becoming Shaheeds. And not just some individual women or men, but entire families are committing the acts of Self-Sacrifice in the name of Allah and in the name of Freedom and Independence of their Homeland.

    This kind of logic can be explained by the fact that the Ruskies leadership officially stated that there is no war in Ichkeria, and that allegedly only mercenaries are fighting down there. And therefore that operation does not fit into the fairy tale about mystical mercenaries. The enemies fear that others will follow the example of Chechens, those who were growing up side by side with Chechens and who can figure: why do we have to tolerate them (Russians), and why not do our best for us and for Islam? This is why somebody is talking about «Slavic appearances». Yes, really, those behind the wheel were dressed in military uniforms. But who said we couldn’t put a military uniform on? We always have it on, and this is our distinctive feature, because we all are military.

    But to tell you honestly, I am not sure that the guards who were there during the explosion could discern some facial features of the Mujahideen, since no one stopped the vehicles. There were four rings of cordons around the complex. In order to break through them, the Mujahideen needed to pass through four checkpoints accordingly. They slipped through first two of them at full speed, and the third and the fourth ones they took down. Everyone at the checkpoints ran away. We even considered the option that heavy fire may be opened on them, and therefore we used armored trucks, which no one has ever mentioned anywhere. But not a single shot was fired.

    We have a video footage filmed from several different perspectives. The time will come when we will show other footage as well. The invaders’ structures are also claiming that the individuals inside the vehicles were allegedly showing some IDs and badges, but all of that is nothing but a fairy tale. All the guards just ran away, and they did the right thing, since not too many people want to become a «hero of Russia» posthumously.

    But I would not say the operation was spotless, since we have not reached our main objective, which was to bury all the scum of the invaders’ puppet government in that «cesspool». The operation was scheduled for December 23-25, but for technical reasons we were unable to carry it out during these days. We had the information that Akhmad Kafir-ov («infidel»-ov, i.e. Akhmad Kadyrov) will not be there, but at the same time we found out that there will be Babichev, Ilyasov, and Kazantsev’s deputy Korobeinikov. We also knew that a broad session would be held in the building of the puppet administration on that day. We had the information that the session would start at 2:00 PM, therefore the decision was made to start the operation at 2:30, but apparently the session was postponed for three hours because somebody was late. Because of that not everybody had gathered by the moment of the blast.

    But that’s all right, Insha Allah (God Willing), next time we will try to conduct even more brilliant operation on eliminating national traitors and invaders.

    Today a lot of stir is going around the fact that there were innocent people in there. What kind of innocent people were they, since they were working for secret services, and since they went through a background check and tests all the way in Moscow to get that job strengthening the invaders’ regime inside the facility, surrounded with four rings and guarded by 3,500 soldiers and officers? At least 500 units of armored vehicles and over 100 mortars alone were concentrated around that building.

    At the same time they are saying that they went to work there «to make a living». It is not true, because all who work there have a higher educational background. These are the people from affluent families, who mainly are closely related to high-ranking national traitors. Many of them are from the families of FSB agents who came from Russia. All of them are servicemen and not civilians. And especially I would like to stress that we did not come to the home of any one of them, even though, Insha Allah, the time will come when we will come to their homes and make every Munafik (hypocrite, national traitor) answer if they do not stop in time.

    We have not come to any of their homes and did not destroy their houses. Whoever sits at home is really a peaceful civilian. We have attacked one of the facilities of the invaders’ regime, and whatever they say, this is a classical act of sabotage. And even if someone calls it a terrorist act, nothing will change, - as the saying goes: «A dog barks, but the caravan keeps on going».

    I would also like to express my opinion regarding those who accuse us of terrorism. Yes, for those who consider us an enemy we really are terrorists, because we inflict terror on our enemies by our mere existence and by our struggle. But for our friends and for those who stick to the neutral position we are not terrorists. For them we are not posing any threat. Today anyone who calls us terrorists admits that we are his enemies. That’s all. It’s like a litmus test.

    SHARIAH information agency

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