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    Fatwa of ulama -e-Keram concerning the conditions in Chechnya -

    Fatwa of ulama-e-Keram concerning the conditions in Chechnya

    I am a professional journalist but to-day my mind refuses to work, my senses have deserted me, even in the prime of life my limbs shake as if with palsy, my nerves have become paralysed, my chest is convulsed with pain and my heart rent in two ---- all because of what the helpless Muslims of Chechnya are suffering at the hands of the Russian aggression. 

    The population of merely 1 milion, conspirising mostly of women and children is the target lethal Russian missiles, roaring, deadly jet bombers, and devastating artillery fire.  This is the only Muslim country in the world whose each and every citizen is directly under attack of ruthless barbarians.  Bombs are being rained from the skies upon the defenceless heads of Chechen women, children and refugee convoys.  On the ground mines are planted so as to main and cripple them, or blow them to piece.  Even the utterly prejudiced Jewish-Christian media has been unable to hide the bloody tales of horror which have been continuing for the last three months. 

    According to authentic reports internationally banned missiles, chemical bombs, poisonous gas, gigantic surface-to-surface missiles, sucd missiles weighing 12 tons each, are laying waste a small region of only fifteen thousand square kilometres.  Supported by Amercia, and the European countries, Zionists and the Jewish IMF, the Russian savages are bent upon killing every single Chechen Muslim, destroying every living thing on the Chechen land.  Human rights international organizations are closely studying and interactedly watching the systematic massacre, the ruthless genocide of a proud Muslim nation.  Except Afghanistan, all other Muslim countries are not only silent spectators but are unwilling to even verbally denounce this blatant tyranny.

    In the capital Grozny, 35 thousand helpless children, women, old men, the sick and wounded, cut off from the world are suffering extreme deprivations.  Lack of food and medicines are killing them where bombs have not.  According to the testimony of a foreign journalist a bomb or missile hits the ground every second, ---- so cheap is Muslim blood!  The Russian themselves claim that 150 air raids have been carried out in a single day.  This tiny republic has been surrounded by more than two hundred thousand Russian troops, only because of its crime of being a Muslim state.  The blood of the Muslims is flowing down every street, from every house and mosque.  Lying under the open sky in sub-zero temperatures and snow fall, Chechens are freezing to death.  Children have been separated  from their parents, parents from children, sisters from brothers, no one knows where the others are, whether they are alive or dead.

    In Grozny itself all necessities of life have been completely destroyed, and supplies from outside are being blocked.  More than 250,00,000 homeless, helpless refuges camped in neighbouring Ingushtia have become a source of entertainment for the world of Kufa.  The number of these refugees dying daily from cold and staroation has exceeded thousands.  Due to the ferocious, relentless bombing upon the civilian areas the number of shuhada and wounded is incalculable.  The Russian savages are molesting the innocent young Chechen girls but no one is willing to become a Muhammad Bin Qasim, a Mu`tasim Billah!  Alas!  to-day these poor, oppressed Muslims have no one in the outside world to take up arms for them against the Russian tyrants. 

    Only a handful of their own young men, with tawwakkul (reliance) upon Allah, and high expectations of the Muslim ummah are busy in fighting the great atomic powers.  Like moths around a burning flame they continue to eagerly embrace shahada. These bold are daring young mujahideen whose pious blood is turning the Chechen ground red have solemnly pledged that they shall not let disgrace come to the name of Islam.  Many among them are waging jihad while fasting, (without having eaten 'sehri').  Countless are those who don't even have a morsel to break their fast with.  There is a killing scarcity of food;  a single fire arm is used by more than fifteen mujahideen turn by turn.  In such conditions, these angel-like young men, zealous in Islamic honour, filled with the spirit of jihad, how are they managing to survive?  Without any doubt it is a miracle of Islam and jihad, a 'karamat' of these mujahideen but O Muslims! O worshippers! O keepers of saum! Think.  Are these honourable but oppressed Muslims not our brothers?  Are they not looking towards us with hope in their eyes?  Do they not belong to the ummah of Rasool ullah Sallalahu `Alaihi Wasallam?  Are these helpless people not being punished just for being Muslims?  If their suffering continue unrelieved thus, for God's sake think how will we be able to face Nabi Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam on the Day of Qiyamah?  How will we have the courage to stand before Allah Ta'ala?

    I am a journalist by profession.  In pursuance my duty I make contact with Grozny many times a day.  I my job has led me to meet the Chechen mujahideen, Chechen refugees and Chechen officials.  Now I want to ask the ulama-i-keram, the muftiyan-i-keram the following questions for only they can answer my queries in the light of Qur'an and Hadith.

    (1)  In the light of such conditions which have stated above and verified in every way, what is the religious duty, the farz resting upon the Muslim countries?  Is it enough for them to helplessly pray to Allah Ta'ala for deliverance of the Chechen people or is it compulsory upon them to provide financial, material, military and political aid to them too?

    (2)  In this age of electronic media, Al-hamdulillah we have highly courageous, honest and honourable journalists on our country.  Is it not a 'farz' upon them to raise their voice against the Russian atrocities?

    (3)  In such horrifying as these, what does Islam order the ulama and mashaikh the religious and, political parties to do?

    (4)  Has not the time come as yet for the religious authorities of masajid to offer Qunut-i-Nazilah, thus calling down the wrath of Allah upon the oppressors and divine help for the oppressed?  Is it permissible, is it correct to call down the curse of Allah upon tyrants?

    (5)  Allah forbid, if Russia, Europe and America succeed in obliterating the Chechen Muslims, who will be held responsible?

    (6)  Has not the time come yet for the rich and the business men to open their purse-strings for the oppressed Muslims, thus fulfilling their religious commitment and avoiding the punishment of Allah which might descend upon them at any moment?

    (7)  Can zakat, sudaqaat and `atiyaat be given to the suffering Chechen Muslims, to the refugees, helpless women, children and old people?
    Please answer soon, before its too late.

    Al Mustafti Correspondent Dhar`b-i-Mumin Kavkaz

    The Answer:
    In the entire world to-day the Muslims are being punished for practising Islam.  Champions of human rights, welfare organizations, lovers of democracy are not human beings even.  It only a Muslim who can feel the pain of another Muslim.  Only a Muslim can sacrifice his life for another Muslim in accordance to the order of Allah.  True Muslims are as one single body.  A Muslim feels the pain of another in his own flesh and thus becomes extremely restless and tormented.  But alas the minds of the Muslims of to-day have become namb their bodies have become dead.  The condition of the Chechen Muslims mourns to-day the callous indifferences of the world, the shamelessness of the Muslim government.
    After this brief preamble here are the answers in order of the questions:

    (1)  To-day, as revealed by the 'istifta', the Chechen Muslims are the targets of unparalleled cruelty, tyranny and oppression of the Russian army.  In such conditions it is a religious, moral, human, farz of all Muslim governments, of every single Muslim to help them not only verifiably, but financially, bodily, military and politically too.

    (2)  It is the religious duty of every person to raise his voice against the Russian oppression in his own circle, his own sphere of influence.  It is the bounden duty on every bold, courageous and honourable journalist to write the truth about the cruel and oppressive forces and expose them for what they are.  They would thus be discharging their national duty.

    (3)  It is a 'farz' of the ulama, masha-ikh and other religious leaders to awaken the sleeping conscience of the nation, and to prevail upon the common people into helping and assisting their afflicted Muslims brothers.

    (4)  In the present conditions it si entirely in keeping with the practice of Rasool ullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam to curse the cruel, tyrant forces by name, in  Qunut-i-Nazilah.

    (5)  Every rank and class of Muslims will be held responsible on account of failing to do what was within their power.

    (6)  It is the imperative duty of all well-to-do, rich Muslims to help their helpless, deserving Chechen Muslim brothers with their sadaqah-i-wajibah and nafilah, for they rightly deserve all such aid and assistance.

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