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    Chechen Voice in Hostage North Ossetia -

    Chechen Voice in Hostage North Ossetia

    Chechnya is a nation of around 1.2 million people. The Russian onslaught has costed the lives of estimated 200.000 civilians and displaced hundred of thousands of Chechens. The Russian systematically reduced Chechen city's to rubble. Indiscriminately, merciless bombing whole cities to the ground killing innocent civilians including elderly, children, woman and men.

    Rape, torture and extrajudicial executions by Russian troops have become everyday occurrences in Chechnya.

    Russia has around 100.000 troops raided this little country to unleash a genocide on the innocent Chechen people. Russians have killed tens of thousands of Chechen children. Civilians are executed as collective punishment for resistance attacks.

    Russian troops are committing virtually every crime you can imagine. Teenage males are tortured, are killed for no reason or on a suspicion of belonging to resistance with no proof to support that claim. People are abducted for ransom, especially teenagers and even little children then tortured and threatened to be killed of their relatives donít pay the Russian soldiers their ransom.

    If they are not able to pay, the consequences are they will not see their loved ones back a live. Weeks later after the Russians have "enjoyed" their torture, the body is most likely found somewhere ditched along the side of a road.

    Girls and womanís are abducted, taken to Russian military bases to be abused and violated. Afterwards their most likely fate is to be killed by those sadistic rapists in service of Russian Army.

    Villages, city's are constantly terrorized and raided by death squad of Russian army, and their backed militias (including skinhead groups who come kill as much as they can for their racist believes). They conduct the so-called "cleanup" operations, in which they take away the male relatives so young as 12 years of age in their furious ethnic cleansing campaigns. Many thousands end up in camps and many thousands get killed.

    Quote from Human Rights Watch Briefing Paper to the 59th Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights
    April 7, 2003 :

    Russian troops in Chechnya were committing hundreds of forced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, and widespread acts of torture and ill-treatment, the human rights situation in Chechnya remains abysmal. The March 23, 2003 referendum-hailed by the Russian government as a major step toward peace and cautiously endorsed by the international community-cannot obscure Chechnya's harsh realities. The armed conflict in Chechnya continues and humanitarian law violations appear to be increasing.

    Human Rights Watch has documented since the beginning of the conflict. In more than fifty interviews with victims and eyewitnesses, we also documented new cases of extrajudicial execution, torture and ill-treatment, and arbitrary detention. The Russian government's long-standing failure to investigate diligently such abuses and prosecute their perpetrators remains unchanged.

    Unpublished government statistics confirm the high risk of abuse civilians face in Chechnya. According to an unpublished report on criminal activity in Chechnya, in 2002 1,132 civilians were killed, or between five and eight times the murder rate for Russia, and between ten and fifteen times the murder rate for Moscow. A second unpublished report, providing crime statistics for the first months of 2003, stated that for January and February there were seventy murders, 126 abductions, and twenty-five cases in which human corpses were found. Accompanying the statistics were detailed descriptions of more than 185 crimes in Chechnya committed in January and February 2003; in many, federal forces are implicated.

    The Hostage in North Ossetia

    The hostage taking in North Ossetia of around 1000 people in a school, gets 100x more coverage by the international media then the hostage taking of the barbaric Russian army of around 1 million Chechens and the killing of 200.000 civilians including tens of thousands of Chechen children. But their is apparently no airing time for that, it is clear that the world media sees around 1000 hostages from the second biggest oil exporting country more important then that of the little Muslim country called Chechnya with a defenseless Muslim population of just over 1 million people.

    Western media paint the picture of Russian children traumatized by this event, while no one mentions what is happening to the Chechen children who see their brothers, parents shot dead, their sisters raped, their homes destroyed, their whole villages, towns disappear, raized to the ground.

    The Russian people fanatically support this terror of their governments against the Chechens, now this same terror has came back to the senders. The Russian people should be made to understand, that supporting and cheering ruthless murder of Chechen children does not go unnoticed or unpunished. In regards with the option of harsher treatment of the Chechen people that Putin could take in response to this Hostage operation (which is speculated by the Media's) does not make sense. After reading you answer for yourself on how harsher can they be? What crimes are the Russian army not already doing in Chechnya ?

    Q. Who killed the people in the hostage taking of the school in North Ossetia?

    A. The Russian people! The Russian people fanatically support the slaughtering of the innocent Chechen people for around 10 years now. Their president Puting made a sweeping elections victory because of his relentless killing of Chechen children, men, woman and elderly and his vow to continue.


    The Russian people should take a lesson from this, that supporting the killing of Chechen children means supporting the killing of Russian children, and they alone are responsible and the perpetrators of the North Ossetia hostage and the outcome of it.

    Final this info is extracted from Human right in Chechnya

    29-May-2004 :
    Chechen women are targets of kidnapping, 2,500 Chechen residents declared abducted, missing
    28-May-2004 : Chechen children increasingly targets of kidnapping
    26-May-2004 :
    Almost 600 people have been kidnapped last year in Chechnya, Practice of large-scale purges resumed in Chechnya


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