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    The Caucasian Emirate -

    True Place of Execution

    Publication time: 23 December 2009, 23:27

    Wind, rain and snow scattered, washed away and changed the Chechen soil. Lush vegetation replaced ashes and the stench of war. Instead of former urban avenues and apartment blocks, huge wasteland with grass and lawns crossed by pedestrian paths appeared.

    These vast lawns instead of the former center of the capital of the Chechen Republic look like a green shroud covering the land that has been killed many times before. It's amazing that the grass is green and not red because land absorbed so much blood of locals and foreigners.

    On a vacant plot a mosque has been erected that they called the largest mosque in Europe. Probably- it's due to the fact that Chechens were always looking for something bigger: "the biggest village in Europe" has been Shali for some Chechens and Urus-Martan for the others. And now there is "the biggest mosque".

    The foundation of the mosque was built under Aslan Maskhadov, a Chechen president at the end of the First Russian-Chechen war. Vakha Arsanov, a vice-president of the CRI, was directly involved in this project with Turkish companies that erected the foundation and began to erect the building.

    The beginning of the Second Russian-Chechen War finished with the plans to construct the main mosque in Ichkeria as it finished with the lives of many Chechen including those who were just born and those had no time to be born. The unprecedented brutal war has come again for a piece of land placed between the Terek River and the Caucasus Mountains.

    Destruction and death, blood, tears and death camps crowded with children, women, young boys and girls. Behind the barbed wire reigned violence, fear, torture, and there were corpses, corpses and once again corpses. An innumerable number of tortured bodies, the corpses of young boys, girls of 12 years and older that the Russian butchers offered the relatives of their victims to buy for burial.

    Russian officers frankly told their victims that they had orders to kill from "the Supreme Commander": to kill the young, to diminish the number of the Chechen people by at least 250 thousand and to torture as much Chechens as possible in concentration camps in order to make them cripples, to suppress their will and to deprive them of courage.

    After 5 years of Great Terror, the Russians decided to give to their Kremlin terror a Chechen face. That is why they organized "elections" of their puppet. Putin said: "Do you want to stop the bombings, "cleanings", mass graves? Then vote for Kadyrov". The people driven to despair succumbed to this blackmail of the Kremllin scum and obediently went to the polls throwing to ballot-boxes their honor and the honor of their children.

    Nighttime bombardments of villages ceased but they were replaced by nights of abductions. Kadyrov the Elder reinstalled the Stalin's practice of night arrests dated 1937 He said:

    "Knock at the door, and the next morning there will be was no man, that the way you are to work". Since then, night cleanings widened in Chechen towns and villages. No man - no problem, Kadyrov the Elder used to say.

    The practice failed in its second half - "no problems". Problems for Russians and the Kadyrov regime increase every day. And not only in Ichkeria, but in the entire Caucasus. These problems manifest themselves even in the main Kadyrov's mosque.

    Mirzayev, a mufti of the occupation regime who till the Second War was the chairman of the Supreme Sharia Court of Ichkeria read a sermon in this mosque about vice prevailing nowdays in Chechnya. He said: "Never before, there was such adultery as today. Girls agree to go with you, you have only to nod a head. Moreover, they pester men with suggestions, I swear by Allah."

    This mufti didn't say why he didn't oppose this practice, being "a servant of God", what he was personally doing to get rid of this vice, why, if he said that the purest Islam flourished in Chechnya, there was vice at all, why young people didn't not listen to his sermons, and risked lives listening to Sayeed of Buryatia.

    Mirzayev tried to explain to believers what a bad man this Sayeed of Buryatia was. He "revealed" that his name was not Sayed but Alexander Tikhomirov who converted to Islam- worked as a KGB agent and was a devil incarnate.

    The paradox is that it was Mirzayev himself who was nominated as a mufti by the KGB.

    Getting more and more furious, Mirzayev the Mufti appealed to the youth not to listen to Sayeed, not watch his videos and listen to only him, Mirzayev who allegedly knows how to serve God and the Mammon at the same time. At the end of his sermon, Mirzayev turned to the congregation: "If I'm wrong, tell me "You're wrong", stop me".

    And then an incredible thing happened. Among his congregation trembling of fear and slaves not daring even to think in a different way a young man raised his voice: "You're lying! Sayeed is a Muslim and he is on the right path". Such words in a Kadyrov's mosque could only be compared with a thunderbolt. The young man wearing the same Sufis skullcap like the others accused Mirzayev of lying. Armed men immediately surrounded him and took him away. Nobody saw him any more (See a video here).

    But there are some indications that the young man shown on the puppet TV who allegedly try to blow up the Kadyrov's proxy, Delimkhanov (he is on the Interpol search list for a political murder in the UAE), was the same young man whom Kadyrov arrested in the mosque after he opposed his puppet mufti.

    This act of the young Muslim could only be compared with martyrdom of Mujahideen marching towards death, blowing up invaders and traitors of the Truth and the country. The words of the martyr literally blew up the lie of Mirzayev, and like other martyrs, he sacrificed for the sake of Truth. This is clear evidence that false servants of Mammon are not able to poison the minds of the younger generation.

    The young man speaking openly expressed the view of tens and hundreds of Muslim of the same age, and his arrest by the Kadyrov's gang immediately after he spoke in the mosque will encourage thousands who act in words and deeds. Lies, fear and violence can paralyze some people for some time. But they are not able to make the whole nation terrorized forever.

    The nature of the Second Russian-Chechen War was explained by Putin: "I will fight with their God." The fact that the Second War is quite different from the first one was confirmed by the American "Liberty" Radio. In the First War, the "Liberty" provided much coverage from the Chechen side of the front. But at the beginning of the Second War, its correspondent said a telephone talk with Movladi Udugov, the Ichkeria's Minister of Information: "No Movladi, we can not put you in the air the same way as in the previous war. This is another war".

    And this is really another war. This is a Russian war not only against the independence of Chechens, it is a Russian war to destroy the religion of Islam throughout the Caucasus. At the same time, it is not an interfaith war. For this you must have a confrontation between the two religions. In our case, on the one hand there is a religion of Islam, on the other, the Russia's side, with paganism and atheism.

    Today, the Caucasus is a war zone in the war against Islam. Mosques became a place of execution of the Truth. They provide no protection for Muslims who speak the truth. The truth is not taught there. Only the general line of the ruling regime is being preached in such mosques. And Muslims who doubt this propaganda are arrested directly in the mosque and disappear without trace, or people find them with broken arms and legs branded as "terrorists".

    As Radio "Liberty" said, it is a different war. Putin and his army are waging a war against Allah. But that's their choice and that choice foresees the end of the Evil Empire. Russia's defeat in the war is only a matter of time. Muslims have much time, and Russia very little.

    Danilbek Elikhanov
    (Yusuf Ibrahim)

    Kavkaz Center

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