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    The Caucasian Emirate -

    Emir Supyan: ''Before declaring the Caucasus Emirate, more important words were said…''

    Kavkaz Center has interviewed a Naib of Emir (deputy Emir) of Mujahideen in Caucasus Supyan Abdullayev. Naib Supyan talks about the main point in the famous declaration of the Emirate by Emir Dokka Abu Usman, about widespread religious deviances in the Muslim world, about state symbols and borders of the Caucasus Emirate, about the final fate of Russian military bases in Caucasus, about the prospect of negotiations with disbelievers, and about the dear price Palestinian people pay for Hamas delusions.

    KC: The polemics that erupted in connection with the statement of declaration of the Caucasus Emirate by Emir Dokka Abu Usman has gradually subsided. During a short period of time, people came to know who was who.

    Many of those who positioned themselves as proponents of Ichkeria's independence, had been revealed as hardcore opponents of Sharia. As we see now, some of them hurried to go over to the camp of Kadyrovite apostates.

    All this time they have been spreading many conjectures and slanders, and particularly, tried to present the case as though there existed some disagreements between the Mujahideen, concerning the declaration of the Caucasus Emirate.

    They put into circulation such words like "Emiratians" and "green commissars". True, supporters of Mujahideen did not leave it unanswered, calling our opponents "democrats" and "democratians". Has the position of the Mujahideen on this issue changed?


    Emir Supyan: Position of the Mujahideen is clear from multiple video appearances and statements of the Mujahideen themselves. This position has not changed, and will not change, all the more under criticism from scared refugees. And all those words like "Emiratians", "commissars" etc. show only what fills heads of those people, how far they are from Islam. They are ill with hypocrisy. They are not offended or insulted at all, when they are called "democrats", rather the contrary, they are pleased. Such far they are from Jihad and the Mujahideen. Therefore I don't see any sense in carrying on polemics with them.  

    I would like to draw attention to another issue, which is forgotten in the heat of the debate. After reading articles and watching video materials which were sent to us from Europe and Turkey, I have noticed that the debates are going on specifically around the declaration of the Emirate. And it was thrust by our opponents with a purpose. But our Emir, before declaring the Caucasus Emirate, said in his address more important words. Much more important words, that are a matter of principle.

    Namely, he said that he rejected everything established by Taghut. He rejected its judgment, its laws, its institutions, borders that it defined for Muslim peoples, the form of government that it imposed. I. e., he said what Allah ordered in the Quran. He said words that can't be interpreted in two ways, words that are clear and understandable to any believer.

    The declaration of the Caucasus Emirate became just a logical continuation if the stated position. It was a natural political addition to the basis, to the essence of the statement itself. The statement itself tells about the adherence to monotheism, to Tawhid. It is Tawhid that demands from us rejection of any Taghut. And our verbal rejection means nothing, if there is no action behind it. Because the Religion, first of all, is action.

    Yes, and this action caused many reproaches and accusations of destroying the statehood, CRI etc.?

    Emir Supyan: Rather, the well-being of those who parasitized on the Chechen issue was destroyed. Even a person inexperienced in politics understands that Jihad cannot be led by a president, a chancellor, a speaker or a crown prince. Jihad is led by an Imam or an Emir.

    After a long period of time under the disbelievers' yoke we have become confused so much, that we even don't know where our Religion ends and religion of disbelievers begins. Therefore there is a warning for us in the Quran:
    "O you who believe! If you obey those who disbelieve, they will send you back on your heels, and you will turn back (from Faith) as losers"
    (Surat Al 'Imran, 3:149).

    We have mixed everything, and did it long ago. We talk about prayer, fasting, Sharia, and at the same time we celebrate "new year", birthday, refer to the international law, U.N. charter and other abnormalities...

    Moreover, when a Muslim is reproached for consuming wine, he does not deny that it is a sin, that it is forbidden. But when he is told, that participating in Olympic games is shirk, idolatry, he is surprised and starts to ask, how is it possible and what is so bad about it, because it is just a peaceful competition...

    Yes, in general, it is clear, but nevertheless, explain, what is so bad about it?

    Emir Supyan: Well, think yourselves, here they go and start a fire on mount Olympus in Greece, it becomes "holy", so many people hustle and conjure around it, it is carried through several thousand kilometers, through many countries, to the country where the games are appointed [to happen]. Finally, at exactly the appointed time, it is brought to the main gas burner and a universal donkeys' roar of delight shakes the air. 

    Then representatives of different Muslim countries, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and others, mix with disbelievers and perform the ritual walk around a stadium, under that fire. At the latest Olympic games in Beijing, Saudi Arabia was walking either first or second in that column.

    What is interesting, if all those Muslim delegations were asked to participate in the Easter procession, they would refuse. They would say that it is a Christian holiday, we are not allowed. But circumambulation around the "holy" Olympic fire turns out to be a different matter. It turns out that according to their deviant understanding, it is allowed to do that.

    Take notice that Saudi Arabia likes to position itself as a follower of monotheism. It struggles against amulets, worshiping of graves, stones, trees and other manifestations of idolatry. But they allowed themselves Olympic games and Olympic fire. Obviously, for political benefits, so to speak. 

    Many people wonder, how borders of the Emirate are determined? What are state symbols?

    Emir Supyan: The flag is the one that is usually in the background when our Emir Abu Usman appears. It is the black flag with the white inscription of formula of Faith. This flag is raised by Mujahideen in every corner of the Muslim world. We have the seal of the Emir.

    There will be no anthem, no constitution, no coat of arms or other nonsense. We do not intend to become "subjects of international law". We will not play those games any more. We already passed through this, it was a false path, a path of delusion.

    But nevertheless, we somehow have to determine the borders. Because Sharia should be established on a specific territory, as far as I understand?

    Emir Supyan: Yes, it is true. Exactly, now we are establishing Sharia in the territory under our control. And it is forest and mountains from sea to sea. And it is our territory, inshaAllah! We have reinterpreted many concepts recently.

    But it is a relative control.

    Emir Supyan: Yes, relative, the same way as disbelievers and apostates have the relative control over the plain part of Caucasus. Control is always relative during a war.

    Regarding the borders I will say so. People like to prove their historical right for some lands and territories. All conflicts between so called "minor" peoples are caused by those borders.

    But those conflicts were thrust upon by the imperial policy.

    Emir Supyan: Even if there would be no imperial policy, territorial disputes would not end. As far I remember, even between villages there were constant discords over those borders.

    But the borders of the Emirate are a different issue. Emir Abu Usman clearly indicated is his address, that he was not going to determine the borders of the Emirate right now. This issue is open.

    Elaborate, please.

    Emir Supyan: I elaborate, the issue of the Emirate borders, or, more exactly, the issue of preliminary borders of the Emirate, this issue will be solved after the first truce with the disbelievers.

    It means that we intend to hold as much territory, as much we will have strength [to do it], and inshaAllah, we are accumulating it, the strength, and will accumulate. If we will not have strength, then there is no sense to draw any borders at all.

    Do you think that the Kremlin clique will negotiate with the Mujahideen and offer peace? But they have built more than six major military installations in the territory of Nokhchicho. Around 300 thousand troops are concentrated on permanent basis inside Ichkeria and around. They will hardly resort to negotiations.

    Emir Supyan: Regarding major military installations and all Russian military with their families, they are not a power now, but a vulnerable target. Any regular army becomes a target during guerilla warfare, both at stationing locations and on the move.

    And at a moment of a serious political crisis these major military installations will become hostages, like it already happened, when the leader of the Chechen people Jokhar Dudayev came to power. So it is not yet known, who will inherit those installations and military bases in the end.

    Regarding the negotiations... One of the main results of the right creed are the right reasoning, right understanding and evaluation of what is going on.

    We don't have a right to offer peace to disbelievers. It was a major error in our previous policy. Because Allah warns in the Quran:

    "So be not weak and ask not for peace, while you are having the upper hand. Allah is with you, and will never decrease the reward of your good deeds."
    (Surat Muhammad, 47:35).

    Therefore offering peace to disbelievers is ruled out. But it is also said in the Quran:

    "But if they incline to peace, you also incline to it, and (put your) trust in Allah. Verily, He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower."
    (Surat al-Anfal, 8:61).

    And they will offer it. But we will not accept any peace. Disbelievers usually offer peace in exchange for rejection of Sharia by Muslims. They say: "We will not bomb and kill you, if you would accept our laws".

    So, any deals from our side at the expense of the Religion are ruled out? 

    Emir Supyan: Exactly! This is the right formulation of the question. The war, its goals, results we want to achieve, are now reinterpreted. For the time being, we have been fighting defensive Jihad. But, inshaAllah, the time approaches when we will give disbelievers an ultimatum for their spreading of filth and corruption on earth.

    There is a question on the tip of the tongue again: nevertheless, what do you think, will there be at least northern borders of the Emirate?

    Emir Supyan: A Chechen byword is crossing my mind now: "Yetti, yetti, ghiba vakqa iza", or "Ghiba vallats tokha tsunna". The meaning of this expression is: "Beat him, till he crosses Ghoba", or "till he goes across Ghoba". People usually keep saying so, when they advise to physically punish disobedient children or irrepressible brawlers.

    Many people do not ponder over the meaning, do not understand, what it means. The point is that Ghoba is Kuban. So our ancestors already preliminarily defined where to chase [the disbelievers]. But I am saying it by the way. We are going to chase the enemy more farther than Ghoba.

    The main thing is that we and all those who sympathize with us, should understand, that we don't play anymore in "international law", "sovereignty" or "peaceful coexistence" with disbelievers. Such understanding about the world, relying on anyone or anything besides Allah, led Muslims to multiple sufferings.

    Yes, unfortunately, the examples are not so hard to find. It is unpleasant to listen to political pronouncements of Hamas leaders. SubhanAllah, they are relying on the West, on the European Union, on Obama! Trying to emphasize their adherence to democracy, they reached a point when they handed over a Mujahid to Egyptian secret services, calling him an "al-Qaeda member". 

    Emir Supyan: Delusions and illusions of Hamas cost dearly to the Palestinian people. The Zionists have been committing outrage in that land for 60 years, they have been exterminating Muslims in most barbaric way. The Zionists regularly bomb and attack, carry out punitive raids and large-scale military operations. At the same time, Hamas has not organized elementary bomb shelters for the people. It means that they did not prepare for a serious war. And you know, there is no such corner in the Muslim world, that would be so unanimously stuffed with money by Arab states[as Palestine].

    In the end, what would you wish to young Mujahideen and those who sympathize with our fight?

    Emir Supyan: I would like to remind myself, in the first place, and then to all our brothers, that the main purpose of our life is to deserve pleasure of Allah. To remember, that victory is the same temptation, as is defeat. Therefore victory should not cause high opinion of ourselves, and defeat should not drive to despair.

    The path is chosen, and we will not turn away from it. If the goal of Jihad is elevating the Word of Allah, then we should strain every effort just for that. And the result is with Allah, praise be to Him, the Most High.

    28 Feb 2009 - KavKaz Center

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