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    The Caucasian Emirate -
    Press-release of CRI Ministry of Information and Press №47

    In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate!


    President of CRI, Amir SCD - Majlisul Schura CRI, commander-in-chief of MF CRI, Amir of mujahideen of Caucasus Dokka Umarov appeared with the message to the fighting Muslims of Caucasus and oppressed Muslims in Russia.

    In message, particular, it is indicated:

    "Deceitful propaganda of kafir's and munafik's, which prophesies about the curtailment of war and the successes of occupiers, cannot change the real state of the matters. Hiding truth is possible some time, but lie is powerless before the sincerity and the validity. Taking into account our losses among the key personnel, we reorganized some our military structures. Plans are corrected, tactics is changed, connections and coordination among the separate subdivisions of mujahideens, directions and sectors are reinforced. The pasts autumn and winter left to great preparatory work. Concludes work on the reorganization of activity abroad. Our subdivisions each day accomplish planned military operations, inflicting loss on occupiers and traitors. Activity is above in some regions, in other below; however, work is nowhere stopped ". (with complete text of message it is possible to become acquainted on the Chechen sites). Head of Chechen state also gave the exclusive interview for Ukrainian publication "Banderivets". Answering a question about the prospects for peoples of North Caucasus fight against Russian neocolonialism, Dokka Umarov, particularly indicated:

    "I will recall that peoples of North Caucasus have an experience of joint state. During times of Sheih Mansur, Imam Shamil, and Mountain republic, and North-Caucasian Emirate of Sheih Uzun-Hadji. The basis of this association was always Islam, and in the case with Mountain republic - idea of all Caucasus unity and decolonization. Therefore Caucasian nations are experienced in basis for the association in the fight for the releases from the colonial occupation of Russia ". (with the complete text of interview in Russian language it is possible to become acquainted on the Chechen sites)

    At the fronts of Russian - Caucasian war

    During entire past weeks at the fronts of Russian - Caucasian war occurred military engagements of the soldiers of armed forces CRI and the mujahideen of Caucasus with the united bands of russian aggressors and their marionettes from the number of local national traitors. In the first days of March in the Chali city district mujahideen from subdivision of amir Hussein (brigade "Dzhundulla") conducted successful operation against russian aggressors. Mujahadeen fired from grenade cup dischargers bus with occupiers, which was disguised under the civil transport. As a result of the firing 5 kafir's  were killed. There are no losses from the side of mujahideen.

    On 4 March in Vedeno region of country in the course of conducting special operation in the region of village Shamil - Cotar (in the forest tract in 1.5-2 kilometers from this populated area) Chechen mujahideen destroyed group of russian occupational "special force". At least, 3 kafir's were liquidated, somewhat injured. Details of mujahideen operation are refined. As source in the Chechen command reports, in Shatoy region of country on 5 and 6 March occurred the military engagements between mujahideen and occupational - marionette formations. According to data of Chechen side from the side of kafir's and munafik's not less than 5 is destroyed and 2 terrorists is injured. Source reports that in the course of local fights became shahid (insha Allah!) 1 mujahideen. In the cource of action occupiers used helicopters. Other details do not communicate.

    On 5 March in Kurchaloyev region CRI saboteur party of mujahideen blew up the reconnaissance of occupiers. As a result of successful operation in the environs of village Niki - Hit 1 kafir was liquidated and 1 more was injured. There are no losses among the Chechen mujahideen.

    In the environs of village Elistanzhi in Vedeno region CRI the operations group of mujahideen from subdivision of amir Yasir fired one of the bases of occupiers. There are no precise data about the result of operations; however, it is known that among the aggressors there is those who killed and injured. As reported source in Chechen command, several days ago in Kurchaloy region CRI, along the road to the side of village Bachi - yourt, occupiers motor vehicle, which transported ammunition, was exploded. It is reported that undermining carried out the group of mujahideen from staff of Eastern Front MF CRI, Kurchaloy sector, which under command of young amir Hamza. Amir Hamza headed subdivision after the loss of two previous amir's - Xoj- Ahmet and Isa. Details of this diversionary operation of Chechen soldiers are refined.

    Near the village Tsa -Vedeno in Vedeno region CRI last week by Chechen mujahideen was attacked the auto-transport group of russian occupation forces, which consisted of 8 motor vehicles. As a result of lightning attack 9 kafir are destroyed , 2 cargo military motor vehicles are hit. From the Chechen side 1 mujahideen became Shahid (insha Allah!).

    Source in the Chechen command reported that on 1 and 2 March russian occupiers subjected to massive bombardment of forest tracts in Urus-Martan region CRI. In course of these firings 2 mujahideen became Shahid's (insha Allah!) from group of reconnaissance, 1 obtained easy injury.

    Occupational sources reported that at Vedeno thundered explosion in courthouse  one of local munafik's, so-called "imam" of mosque. It is asserted that there are no victims. The details of occurred are refined.

    Daghestan Jamaat "Sharia" extended shot press release in connection with last events in this republic. In press release it is noted that mujahideen hasn't connection to recent budun murder at one of mosques in Shamil'kala (former Makhachkala) with name Dagir, although kafir's and munafik's, involved in this murder, attempt to fall down this crime on the mujahideen.

    In press release it is indicated: "This murder - occasion is once more to think by the fact, who considers that it is possible to sit out house and to remain in this case Muslims. For any, even external, following on Quran and Sunnah, kafir's today pursue and kill Muslims."


    As source from CRI reporting, on 27 February in regional center Achkhoy-Martan, group of munafik's-kadyrov conducted sequential punitive "cleaning". As a result  kadyrov robbers was stolen and driven away in the unknown direction 23 years old local resident, who lived in house along the Soviet street. Source reported that in course of the theft a large quantity of armed bandits participated.

    Further fate and location of the stolen young Chechen are unknown. As reported source in the Chechen command, on the night 3 and 4 March, 2007, Vedeno region CRI underwent artillery impacts and bombing from air. The information about victims among the innocent civilians as a result of these raid thus don't received.

    As russian media reported, in Saratov region of Russia on 7 March was stolen 34 years old native CRI. Stolen had accused in "theft of man".

    Is russian special services will impute to stolen, anything new or they charge with the "theft" of all the same 2-3 journalists, for "theft" of whom are killed or sit in the Russian concentration camps already several hundred (possibly, several thousand) young Chechen fellows, russian media do not report.

    Last Thursday, on 8 March, in Maskhadov (f.Staropromyslovskiy) region of Dzhokhar munafik's-kadyrov for the purpose of robbery attacked apartment house, heavily wounding woman. According to the communication source, armed criminals shot from grenade cup discharger on entrance door of house. As a result of explosion the mistress of house ownership was injured. The details of occurred are refined.

    Source from Georgia reported that in Pankis gorge unknown people killed Chechen refugee on the name Hasan, native from Itum-Kala. The surname of killed and details of occurred are refined.

    As communicated earlier, after the battle on 28 February in the settlement Tyube of  Kumtorkalin region of Daghestan, in the course of fierce fighting with repeatedly superior forces of kafir's and munafik's 2 Daghestan mujahideen became Shahid's (insha Allah!), kremlin terrorists stole local residents Daygib Makasharipov and Zalimkhan Guseynov which was hereabout from the place of battle.

    Last week report arrived, that in the same village were stolen 2 additional peaceful Daghestanians - Magomed Guseynov and Bammatkhan Yakubov, on which, allegedly, were indicated previously stolen Maksharipov and Guseynov.

    According to data source from Daghestan, Maksharipov and Guseynov underwent inhuman tortures in the torture chambers of so-called "MVD Daghestan" and without having maintained them could name simply the first arrived to the mind surnames. Further fate of arbitrariness chastisers victims is refined.

    As it became known only now, on 22 February on the stoppage near house 61 on the marshal Zhukov prospectus (northwest of Moscow) russian special services stole 29 years old inhabitant of Daghestan capital Shamil'kala (f.Makhachkala) Farid Magomedov. Theft occurred at the moment of his landing in trolley bus, which follows to the metro station "Polezhayevskaya" side. In the course of theft into the bag of victim explosive device with the remote panel was tossed up. As is known, to each stolen Caucasian in Russia tosses up weapon or narcotics, rarely false money.

    The cynicism of russian chastisers reaches the fact that they sometimes propose to victim itself to select, that it would prefer to have. But most frequently selection depends on political order, i.e., from that, by whom are until today declared Caucasians - "terrorists", "narcotic dialers" or "counterfeiters".

    Further fate of young Daghestanian is unknown.

    As occupational media reported, on 11 March in the populated area Ordzhonikidzevskaya (Ingushetiya), in particular house along Krasin street, building 40 in the course of so-called "special-measures", with an attempt at their seizure were killed inhabitants CRI Apti Yukhigov and Raisa Zakiyeva. Occupiers assert that man and woman showed armed resistance and in order not to fall into the hands of kremlin chastisers, they blew up themselves by grenade. The details of occurred are refined.

    Russian marionettes stole in Vedeno region 18 years old local resident, whom "suspect of participation" to the destruction on 7 February of this year of national- traitor Mayrbek Murdagaliyev, so-called. the "deputy of district administration chapter on power block". With the search of his house had, as usual, "discovered" the home-made grenade, which chastisers, brought with themselves. Further fate and location of stolen youth are unknown.

    Occupiers, national- traitors

    Munafik's in Chechnya act in correspondence with Bolshevik slogan "rob that amassed by robbery!". As occupational media reported, on the night 6th of March in Chali city "five armed criminals, dressed in the military form" broke into house of so-called "officer of the police, worker SIRTS". Threatening with physical violence, robbers took away money from militiaman house in the size of 500 thousand rubles, certification of MVD colleague, other documents, and also three cell phones.

    From where munafik proved money in size, which corresponds approximately to 15 year salary of school teacher, russian media for some reason don't report.

    Ever more increases number of road - transport incidents, accomplished by unbelted munafik's, as a result of which perishes a large quantity of innocent civilians or munafik's road-hod's themselves.

    As source from CRI reported, in the center of occupied capital, at the intersection of streets "Pervomayskaya" and "Vozrozhdeniya", as a result of road - transport incident passed away so-called "colleague of police". Volkswagen, beyond control of which was found drunk munafik from bandit formation "Staropromyslovskiy ROVD", encountered with VAZ - 2112 under administration of Dzhokhar inhabitant. From obtained injuries "militiaman" passed away along the road into the hospital. Fight for the "right" to rob its own people collects ever larger turns in Daghestan. In the threshold and in course of so-called "elections to parliament" munafik's -"candidates" literally fought between themselves for places in this marionette institution, presence in which almost assuredly gives possibility to rob its own people. After the known case with skirmish in Dakhadayevskiy region, about which it communicated earlier, another number of similar incidents happened.

    Thus, one person is injured as a result of incident with application of firearms on one of the "electoral districts" in Temirhan- Schura (f.Buynaksk) in Daghestan. As source reported, incident with weapon application occurred in the "electoral district", located in building of State University branch. Injured was delivered into hospital and operated.

    In Dokuzparinskiy region of Daghestan so-called "chapter of municipal formation" thrashed another munafik, so-called "chairman of local territorial election commission".

    Justice on - Russian

    As russian media reported, so-called "Superior Court of Russian Federation" recognized as legal sentence on Magomed Mukhtarov affair, condemned to 23 years of freedom deprivation "for organization of explosion in the capital of Daghestan, Makhachkala during September 1998". 

    Mukhtarov "were charged" with organization of explosion on Parkhomenko street in Shamilkala (f.Makhachkala) on 4 September, 1998. As a result of explosion 18 people was perished, and more than 100 obtained injuries. As assert kafir's, "the purpose of terror act was attempt on life of mayor of Daghestan capital, Said Amirov, which lives on this street", although Amirov didn't suffer.

    In this connection it is necessary to note that similar destruction and this large quantity of victims is physically impossible with the explosion of one mine, even greater power, if explosion occurred not on the spot of large accumulation of people (market, etc.). In this case the incident occurred in the private sector, where houses find in a sufficient distance from each other.

    There are significative indications of hundreds Daghestanians, who saw how from the side of Caspian Sea arrived flying russian rocket with large power, which fell on Parkhomenko street and caused those destruction and victim. As experts consider, russian ballistic missile, neglected from Kapustin Yar range on the border of Volgograd and Astrakhan provinces of Russia, where during this day actually starting were passed, deliberately or by mistake were deflected from the predetermined trajectory and instead water area of Caspian Sea fell into the residential section of Daghestan capital, port in Caspian Sea.

    So, Mukhtarov "designation" by organizer of false "act of terror" and his censure is the sequential attempt of russian terrorists to hide they own bloody crimes against Caucasian peoples.


    On 8 March in Kabardino-Balkaria passed mourning measures in connection with anniversary of mass deportation of balkar nation in 1943. During this day into Siberia and Kazakhstan were sent about 40 thousand balkar, almost half of them perished in the way and in the reference. In Novopushkinskiy square of Moscow on 8 March passed the picket of memory the President CRI Aslan Maskhadov, the perfidiously killed by russian terrorists two years ago, also, against the war in Chechnya. As Elena Batenkova, participant in action reported from the place of events, one of picket organizers Andrey Naletov was delayed. First militiamen pulled out from hands Naletov and tore poster with Anna Politkovskaya portrait. Picket leader attempted to resist, and they detained him.

    Action place was enclosed with metallic barrages, near eleven policeman were on service. Activists forced were to pass to the place of action through metal detector framework.

    Organizers of mourning action during the day of two-year-old anniversary of President CRI murder appeared Pacifist club, Committee of pacifist actions and group "Feedback".

    On 5 March in outskirts of Danish city Hillerod meeting of Chechen refugees in connection with second anniversary of loss the President of CRI Aslan Maskhadov (Shakhid, insha Allah!) took place. Participants of meeting unanimously condemned Russian state terrorism in the attitude of Chechen state and it leaders, and also national- traitors, who two years ago together with russian occupiers blasphemous mocked above body of publicly chosen President CRI Aslan Maskhadov. Deputy foreign Ministers CRI Usman Ferzauli and Il'yas Musayev been present at meeting and other participants appeared with warm words in A. Maskadov's address. At conclusion of meeting Muslim rite of offering (sagya dakkhar) and collective prayer (dua) reading took place.

    Ministry of Information and Press CRI

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