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    AQ vs ISIS - Exposing ISIS

    Translation of testimony of ex-ISIS soldier, Abu Talhah al-Jidawi

    Translated by: IraqiWitness on Twitter


    1. My name is Abu Talhah I came from Saudi Arabia and when I arrived in Syria I went to Shaddadi where I got training on weapons.

    2. They brought us scholars that said: Islamic Front are apostates, then after some time they came back &said Nusra are aggressors (Bughat).

    3. After that they stationed us at a checkpoint and they said Nusra, Ahrar, FSA are apostates.

    4. They used to bring us videos of only ISIS, & they brought clips that said sisters were raped. This is not true. We didn't have internet.

    5. They talked about Jawlani and called him an agressor and they said Zawahiri is senile.

    6. As for the operation, Abu Azzam al-Ansari, second in command, came, before this he said there's an operation against Nusra. I refused.

    7. This time he said its against the Sahwat, he lied to me, and he said they raped women and are road bandits etc.

    8. So we went to a HQ and prepared a suicide vest and weapons with help of Abu Imaarah al-Iraqi, he took us to the place of the operation.

    9. With me was Abu Sad al-Liby & Abu al-Bara al-Jazrawi, when we saw the site he said they are all apostates, there are no women and kids.

    10. He said wait 15 minutes so I can withdraw, we waited then Abu Sa'd carried out the operation, we went into the house next to it.

    11. Abul Baraa started shooting, then we heard women screaming, we got scared because they told us there are no women and kids.

    12. We went to the roof and someone came up and the brother shot at them, we stayed there, and threw some grenades.

    13. I tried shoot at someone twice and the gun jammed twice. And I threw 4 grenades that did not blow up!

    14. We stayed on the roof until they started throwing grenades so we went to the stairs we stayed there and stayed there till sun rise.

    15. I entered a room and we prayed and stayed there until it was daylght then they started shooting and then we shot back.

    16. Then we surrendered after requesting a Shar'i of Nusra, we said we will be ruled under Gods law and we handed in our weapons.

    17. Nusra Front they treated us as brothers and did not beat us and they always used to come and say "You want something else brother?"

    18. We did not know that this place was Nusra they said apostates and FSA etc.

    19. My message to Abu Azzam al-Ansari and Abu Imaarah al-Iraqi who deceived us, you sent us to kill Muslims!

    20. My message to anyone who's coming to Syria not to join ISIS and this is my advice.

    21. We did not see the media, or the truth, but we realized the truth after seeing Muhaysnis message & we consider him a truthful Mujahid.

    22. My message to Foreign fighters in ISIS that you leave ISIS and join Nusra, they treated us as brothers or even better as brothers.

    23. *Starts Weeping* Thank God.

    --THE END--



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    (Al-Baqarah, 2:217)


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