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    AQ vs ISIS - Exposing ISIS

    Ex-ISIS Testimony - Abu Musab al-Tunisi Speaks of His Experiences in ISIS and Why He Left?

    This is the link of the video.

    1. Disclaimer says: Abu Musab al-Tunisi left Tunisia to Sham, traveling thousands of miles to fight in Gods path and protect Syrians.

    2. When he arrived his evil leaders turned his weapons towards Muslims, whats the full story about ISIS? Why did he leave them?

    3. How do the security apparatuses deal with suspects? What's the media blackout ISIS is creating? How did Nusra treat those who left ISIS?

    4. [start]: My story of Hijrah to Syria is a weird one, I went to Libya and stayed there for a bit and then traveled to Syria.

    5. I arrived in Idlib & joined ISIS, few days later I joined the leader of border region so they could see my "recommendation" (Tazkiya)

    6. So when I arrived they took my personal details and they asked do you want to register as fighter, inghimasi or suicide bomber?

    7. Translator Note: Inghimasi means someone that enters battle where he most likely won't survive [ 1st people that raid etc.]

    8. I said I want Inghimasi, but of course suicide bombings are the root of Jihad. But I wanted Inghimasi.

    9. So I stayed in "guest house 10" I stayed for some days waiting for the training camp, after some days they took me to a frontline.

    10. I stayed at frontline for a few days & then I started experiences something weird. A brother came & said "You'll see some strange thngs"

    11. Person that coordinated me entering Syria came to me, I said "I registered as Inghimasi" he said "Why? You will see very weird things!"

    12. This brother went back to Tunisia, another brother came and said "You will see weird things, we started fighting Ahrar and Nusra."

    13. I said "How? I know ISIS and I know their ideology and that they don't Takfir and that they have AQ's ideology."

    14. I started loving Jihad in 2006 after I watched Jihadi videos and that's what made me have this ideology.

    15. They also said there's a Bayah Imamah. I went to the training camp and I didn't even finish it.

    16. Then Abu Ali al-Anbari came and he said "You will go to fight against Zinki group" we asked who this Zinki group was. Are they FSA?

    17. He said we grew tired looking for this groups root but their leaders are apostates & their fighters are Hirabah:

    18. So we went to a place called Basratun, they gave half of us weapons and the others not and they did not tell us where we would fight.

    19. One night there was a checkpoint up ahead but they didn't tell us it was the brothers, so I thought Zinki is trying to infiltrate.

    20. So that's the first thing they don't tell us who we are fighting or where we are so we clashed with the brothers thinking it was Zinki.

    21. One day they withdrew and it was Maghrib time and we (8 ppl) were at one of the front lines and they did not let us know.

    22. a whole night we were walking through hills mountains etc they were disregarding lives of Muhajiren. So we went back to the guesthouse.

    23. We stayed in the guesthouse for 2 days then they took us to a place close to "Zarqawi Camp." They said we were at frontlines against FSA

    24. After that we withdrew from Aleppo and moved to Raqqah, there I saw something weird.

    25. There was a Swiss brother and they suspected he was a spy so they started beating him, "We said Fear God" if he's a spy investigate etc.

    26. He said "are you a security official? Are you a Shar'i? If not then go" this person was Egyptian and he literally said:

    27. "Who ever has a paper heart (compassionate) should not see this." -- and this Swiss turned out not to be a spy after all.

    28. He was here for 7 months, he was expecting to see something but he saw something else completely.

    29. He used to watch Jihadi videos and used to see brothers laughing, happy etc. but he found himself on front lines against brothers.

    30. He even said he wanted to be a photographer and help the Jihad that way.

    31. When we wanted to try this security official in court they ignored it and even gave him a new car!!

    32. Then they said we're going to take you to Hasakah and we became very happy as we were going to fight the regime and the PKK.

    33. So they took us but didn't tell us where we were going, ISIS take their men & they don't know where they're going/fighting against who.

    34. So they took us to an area and then 3 in the morning they took us to a HQ saying we'll stay there.

    35. We entered and I even had my gun over my shoulders! Then we found out it's a Nusra HQ! We took it through treachery.

    36. We found fighters praying, 1 of the brothers felt guilty and went to them and said "You are our brothers" then they kissed his forehead.

    37. Then they took the Nusra fighters to one of their scholars to explain to them the Shubuhaat/suspicions of Nusra.

    38. The leader told us take the weapons so we asked for a scholar to come here and ask can we take this? Is it war booty?

    39. A brother went up to the food & said can we eat from this? (bec Nusra are muslims) The leader said the weapons would go back to Nusra.

    40. By God the Muhajirs (foreigners) do not know, we came to raise the word of God, we will not become fanatics over names.

    41. We came here picturing something but now we see different picture. We came to implement Gods law not become intolerant bec of names.

    42. We came here believing ISIS wants Shariah and has the right manhaj but we found the opposite.

    43. When we were in their HQ Nusra made a statement that ISIS should leave or that they will see what will happen and this is their right.

    44. They didn't even tell us of this! This is a disregard to blood of Mujahideen. If we saw the statement atleast we would have deployed!

    45. 1 day we prayed Fajr then started eating when we heard gunfire. We didn't know what happened. Chaos. I even put on someone else's shoe.

    46. We went to the rooftop and we started firing not knowing what's going on, if I knew this was Nusra I would not have fought them.

    47. When I first wanted to come to Syria I wanted to join Nusra bec they are al-Qaeda.

    48. I asked one of the brothers who are they, he said PKK because he heard some words during the clash.

    49. There were two brothers that went down, May god accept them just like may God accept those who died in Nusra.

    50. When I believed they were PKK I said I won't surrender until I die, we were getting shelled from everywhere.

    51. So during the clash we said who are you, they said we are Nusra. I said how do I know you are Nusra?

    52. They said surrender yourself and you will be safe and they said we don't want to fight you.

    53. So when we surrendered they they treated us so well I felt embarrassed. They said you are our brothers and we will clarify things.

    54. So they clarified and showed us Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, Abu Qatada, Nasir al-Ulwan statements and I knew and trusted them since 2006

    55. When I saw that the black cloud above me left, we are not blind or stupid and you might say "why did you not ask? Did you not research"

    56. My answer as soon as I left and went to Libya and to Syria I couldn't access Minbar Tawhid, (media blackout).

    57. But when Zawahiri's statement came and when they disavowed ISIS I obeyed that, he is my Shaykh.

    58. And this all true, ISIS tells us we are going to fight Nusayris and then we find we are fighting our brothers.

    59. And many of the brothers in ISIS are good but are deceived by some of their leaders.

    60. Some of them want to tarnish the image of Jihad and some get intolerant and fanatic over names!

    61. Since when was this Abu Musab al-Tunisi a scholar or a judge? I believe/know Maqdisi, Ulwan, Abu Qutada. Who is this?

    62. It's even possible that the people (ISIS) in Iraq do not know what's going on in Syria.

    63. My message to the brothers is that they do not take you to an area and you do not know who u are fighting.

    64. As for those that want to emigrate: join Nusra or any Banner that wants to raise the Word of God.

    65. And I warn you from this group calling itself State, this group wants to sabotage the Jihad in Sham.



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