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    AQ vs ISIS - Exposing ISIS

    A collection of tweets by Shaykh Abdullah al-Muhaysini, where he confronts the ISIS supporters and challenges them for mubahalah regarding their accusations against him.

    Translated by @Markaz_Sham
    Collected by @IbnNabih

    I write these words for the truthful, for those looking for the truth. Those who want to support the Jihad.
    My talk here is not towards the Jaamiyyah (i.e. Madkhalis) who get angry and biased for men and groups. Those who consider the truth only what their group said even if it contradicts Qur'an.

    It reached a point that the Madkhalis of Jihad would deny automatically when his group commits a mistake or a crime, and in his heart he prepares justification for the event if it's confirmed that it took place.

    So I say: For all the supporters, I was - and Allah is my witness - amongst the strongest supporters of The Islamic State of Iraq, and that was based on what I heard from them. As for today, I speak to you from where the events are taking place, from the land of Jihad, and there is no benefit for me to lie. For if I wanted Dunya I would've stayed in my country. And we didn't leave our home except to Allahs religion to reign supreme.

    We rejected their democracies and their civil and secular states, but we saw defects in Manhaj and a Munkar and we did not want to be like the palace scholars who defend their governments in the name of "Maslaha" (greater benefit) so we say what we believe to be true in front of Allah, and if you saw what we saw here, you would too.

    I spent 6 months trying to create Islaah/peace but when the doors were closed and blood was spilled I withdrew myself for a month while the blood continued to being shed. After that, I found no excuse for my self to not tell the truth and show it.

    Many of the scholars inside Syria and outside of it, said that they don't take actions/statements of soldiers/individuals and by that, hold the whole group responsible.
    But their spokesperson announced it clearly, "The difference between us is in Manhaj". So there is no more place for emotions here. So fear Allah and Follow the word of Allah and the word of his Prophet and follow the righteous ulama.

    Here we have the "State" with its spokesman, who openly declares in front of the world that its manhaj is not the same as the manhaj of al-Qa'idah. And doing so, it went against the major 'ulama.

    O supporter, you are walking on a Manhaj which is not Manhaj of people of Jihad, Adnani said it. So there is no more excuses that this is only an individual talking.
    Adnani said: they look at al-Qaeda as "An axe to destroy the project of an Islamic State and the Caliphate."
    Adnani said: "al-Qa'idah calls us descendants of Ibn Muljim", but Zawahiri called those that killed Abu Khalid that, which you denied doing!
    Adnani said: "Your enemies (in front of God) will be Muhajirs and Ansar" Strange! Will not ones killed by ISIS be your enemies? Will not the children of Abu Muhammad be your enemies?
    Adnani said: "O Lord, these people weakened the Mujahidin", how strange, who weakened Mujahidin by entering Sham, splitting ranks and causing disunity and blood shed?
    Adnani said: "They sat in a far away country..." So should we then say regarding the ISIS supporters who are insulting others and calling them traitors?

    And we say: O Lord, ISIS split the ranks of the Mujahidin in Syria and divided the arena and took down the 'ulama! O Lord, ISIS made Takfeer of Mujahidin, made people turn away from Jihad, and took it upon themselves to take down anyone who disagrees and look for their faults, even if them made Tawbah from it!
    O ISIS Supporters and Fighters - Where are your trenches which you made Hijrah for? You are today directly or indirectly in the same trench as Assad. Ponder over your situation.

    By Allah, I am speaking to you ask someone who has love for you, if one of you would return back to the truth then it would be more beloved to me than his weight in gold. So ponder over your situation and return back to your 'ulama.

    O ISIS fighters, Know that the Shar'is have no power over you - so with what law are the innocent killed?
    O supporter from far, you will be held accountable for the blood that is being shed. And excusing yourself that you were only following so and so won't save you.
    This is not a matter of emotions so do not be affected by your close friends or so and so, because this a matter pertaining religion and standing in front of Allah and holding one responsible for blood being shed.

    This issue is not pictures of Islamic Courts or Islamic placards, rather one of Manhaj. Because if mere slogans were evidence for anything, then the Khawarij in Ali's time would be on Haqq.

    If slogans mattered more than Haqq - then the Khawarij were the most religious and prayed the most and said the best things!
    O Supporter, the one you are supporting made Takfeer of the mujahidin in al-Nusra and also the Islamic Front - and the majority fighting are apostates!
    We will ask you in front of Allah, on why you supported them and did not think for yourself and listened to the 'ulama from across the world.
    If you support ISIS due to their steadfastness against America for 10 years, then Al-Qaeda has been steadfast for 30 years!
    We see what you do not see - and we testify from what we know. With what do you testify? From a random individual or from a Tweet?
    And is the blood of Ansar (i.e. Syrians) cheap for you to when you falsely cry repeatedly about the Muhajirin? For we are Muhajirin and we came to the Ansar to sacrifice for them ourselves and to protect their honor with our blood!

    O supporter, the one you are fighting has dozens of fronts against the regime, and the one you support hardly has any front!
    Do not be carried away with emotions - the religion of Allah is a religion of sacrifices. And the 'ulama of the muslims have not unitied denounce any project/group like the project of ISIS. And listen to the Bayan of Dr. Hani Sibai and Tariq Abdul-Halim with impartiality.
    O soldier in ISIS, by Allah, our hearts do not want your reward and Jihad to be wasted that you share sin of those who are killed by security apparatus. Is it for this that you made hijrah?!

    O Soldier and Supporter of ISIS, are you read to be held accountable in front of Allah, for blood of Abu Khalid who humiliated the Americans and it's allies?
    O Soldier and Supporter of ISIS, Are you ready to be held accountable in front of Allah, for the murder of the mujahids and their children and wives!?

    O Lord, the supporters of ISIS accused us of being spies and working for Tawaghit and trying to stop the Khilafa. Oh Allah, If we are like that then break our backs and expose our secrets.
    And if they are making up lies against us and you know of our truthfulness and of our jihad, then break their backs and curse them with incurable diseases and end their lives with a bad ending - except those who repented and reformed.

    These are the Tweets I will hold all of you accountable for in front of Allah. And Allah will give victory to the one being opressed amongst us, bi ithnillah.
    "And you shall certainly know the truth of it after a while." [38:88]
    So Say Ameen O Muslims.
    O Allah, Ameen
    O Allah, Ameen

    Those were the words of Shaykh Abdullah al-Muhaysni @mhesne where he calls for a Mubahala against the accusers on Twitter.



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