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    AQ vs ISIS - This is Their Manhaj

    This is Their Manhaj

    Uncovering the details of the assassination of Amir Abu Muhammad Fateh and his Family Members.

    Al-Baseerah Media Productions Presents:

    English Translation & Transcript of:

    “This is Their Manhaj”

    The son of Amir Abu Muhammad Fateh - One of the Survivors of the Massacre:

    “Someone knocked on the door and we were in the room so I exited and opened the door, he asked me: ‘Is Abu Sa’id here?’ I said: ‘No’ he asked me: ‘Who is here? I said: My uncle.’ They said: ‘Who is your uncle?’ I said: ‘Abu Rateb.’ They grabbed me by my throat and pushed me and began to shoot me.

    They were holding me by the throat, I jumped [struggled] and they shot me in my shoulder. I went inside so they shot my uncle Majed first; one of them entered the women’s room and shot them. And the rest went to the other room and began shooting. My father and my uncle began to shoot at them, my father hit one of them in his neck and my uncle was shot in his hand, so he doesn’t have a hand anymore, they then shot my uncle [killing him]. I grabbed the gun, and shot at them so that the bullets hit the glass over their heads. If I had shot him, I would have taken revenge [for their crimes].”

    Shaykh Abu Sulayman al-Muhajir Hafidh Allah (May Allah Preserve him):

    “Our brother, the Shaykh Abu Muhammad Fateh, the one who is generally responsible for Idleb he was, rahimAlllah he was worth a thousand men. He was one of the best that we knew, and we were honoured with his friendship and we ask Allah to accept him from him shuhadah, and accept thosewho were killed with him among the shuhadah. He had some characteristics which it is rare to find contained in one man.

    He was very shy, he was brave, generous for the sake of Allah. He was a Zahid [one who led a simple life], never wanting of what others had. He thought a lot about the problems of this Ummah and that was apparent in his actions and dealings with the people and in his Jihad against the kuffar.

    He stayed awake much of the night worrying lot about the affairs of the Muslims. He memorised the entire Book of Allah, never abandoning it day or night. He was rahimAlllah, he was affectionate, and he was such an affectionate brother towards his brothers.

    Each brother in Jabhat al-Nusrah is honoured knowing him. In these last days many from outside of Jabhat al-Nusrah knew him and they were affected by his death – his assassination on these people’s hands, and those unjust people who killed him, those who are Khawarij , the unjust ones who kill the Muslims . We ask Allah to help the Muslim Ummah to get rid of them.

    Shaykh Abu Muhammad was very respectful, he was, he cared a lot about meeting the Shuyukh and Students of Knowledge and seeking their advice. And he used to not act except with the advice of the scholars. He was rahimAlllah, mindful a lot about assuring that the students of knowledge took part in the battles and the operations rooms so I liked that in him a lot.

    So he possessed a lot of [good] characteristics, in the same time in seeking of knowledge, and he used to ask me for a lot of our books and he, rahimAlllah cared about what the Scholars from outside of Sham were producing about what is occurring in Sham.

    He would read and asks about his Jihad before doing anything. He was rahimAlllah, days before his assassination, I was visiting him, and we were involved in a beautiful discussion about the importance of the dhikr Allah (remembrance of Allah) and reading Qur’an, in a situation like his, rahimAlllah, when his car was hit and it rolled upside down, so he was injured, and he received a bad injury in his back. He was in his house a short period of time before he was killed by those people, those who are khawarij, who killed him in cold blood, in a criminal act.”

    A Witness [Identities concealed for their protection]:

    “We entered the house after the armed people went in and shot, we didn’t know anything about them, they just entered the house, opened the door and there was random shooting in the house.

    The entire operation didn’t exceed five minutes. All that occurred happened in approximately five minutes, between entering and exiting the house. Anyway inside the house what happened was the women were shot, the only ones I knew who were killed are only Abu Rateb and his other sick brother (Abu Muhammad Fateh) they were inside -- all of them were shot, you know what I mean. And most of those who we took out were dead, we grabbed three youths, those who I saw, and women, two women, children maybe four, I’m not sure because it was a mess but I think there were four that’s all that I saw.”

    A Witness [Identities concealed for their protection]:

    “They came three times, a KIA RIO car, dark blue, they start their car and left, they stopped the last time, there [indicating a place] opened the door threw a grenade [into the house] there were two women in the kitchen, Abu Rateb and Abu Muhammad Fateh were sleeping in the room, they shot them, there was one called Majed [younger brother of Abu Muhammad], he was shot over his eye. At the end the people gathered around, people and women, were shot, a dead girl and a man shot in his shoulder, children it was almost a total massacre, most of them were dead. At the end they took them in the Ambulance we took them to the hospital in Bab al-Hawah.

    We took back with us four dead people between women, a child and a man, and two young people, who we left.”

    A Witness [Identities concealed for their protection]:

    “Four young men in a KIA RIO, a taxi KIA RIO its colour dark blue, when they came out we didn’t see anything because the car was tinted, so we couldn’t see anyone inside, we just saw the car.

    We just saw an injured guy in the car, he got out from here walked about ten metres, he recognised that the way was blocked or that there was no car in which to go, so he came back and got in the car with the others and left. That’s all that we saw.”

    A Witness [Identities concealed for their protection]:

    “The first thing is that they came with their car, they were in a hurry, after that they started the car and put it there. [Indicates a place] And prepared there [Indicates a place], and then suddenly shooting began. We didn’t know , you know – many cars come here to Abu Rateb we didn’t know which car. After the shooting began we all came out, after they shot quickly we all came out and they were speaking all of them were saying “Quickly quickly!” and I didn’t understand exactly what they were talking about, they were saying “Quickly, quickly to the car!” they were about three or four, they started the car and left like a rocket. After that we heard screaming, we came here [the scene of the murders] and the ambulance left.”

    The victims of the Crimes:

    • The daughter of Abu Rateb May Allah accept her she was murdered, shot by bullets.
    • The Amir Abu Muhammad may Allah accept him, murdered with bullets.
    • The brother Abu Rateb may Allah accept him, murdered with bullets.
    • The daughter of Amir Abu Muhammad thirteen years old, murdered with bullets.
    • The wife of the brother Abu Rateb may Allah accept them, murdered with bullets.
    • The young brother of Abu Muhhamd - Death Bed Case as a result of being shot in his head.
    • The son of Amir Abu Muhammad may Allah accept him, critical injury as a result of being shot with bullets.
    • The son of Abu Muhammad may Allah accept him, critical injury as a result of being shot with bullets.
    • The daughter of Abu Muhammad may Allah accept him, critical injury as a result of being shot with bullets.
    • The son of Abu Muhammad may Allah accept him, injury as a result of being shot with bullets.

    ‘Abu Muhammad’ One of the Members of Jamat al-Dawlah who had the four criminals at his house:

    “Someone brought me those four and they wanted to travel to Turkey. They were previously in Dawla... they were previously in Dawla... and they left, and they wanted to go to Turkey, they wanted to prepare themselves, to make sure that the way was safe and they could leave (Syria).”

    Hilal Sa’id one of the members of Jamat al-Dawla and he was an accomplice of the four criminals:

    “Yasir al-Libi, he brought me four people, three Tunisians and one Moroccan, but his Arabic language is strong, and they have work, they brought in with them [exsplosive] belts and munitions and Kalashnikov rifles...”

    Yasir al-Libi one of the members of Jamat al-Dawla and an accomplice of the four criminals:

    “Before not too long ago Abu ‘Omar al-Tunisi came to me with four people, they were Tunisians including one Moroccan, they were; Abu Hafs, Abu Musa’ab, Abu ‘Omar, Abu Talhah. They stayed in my place for about five days, they stayed, these five days and then they said they wanted to leave.

    They wanted to go to Dawla in Bab so they left at Dhur and I was surprised that they came back. “What happened ?” “They shot at us at a check point on the way [to Bab], and this brother was shot and we couldn’t give him first aid.” So i took the brother to get him medical attention and came back they said the car was a problem [due to the events at the check point] so I took the car and hid it.”

    ‘Abu Muhammad’:

    “They left, they came to me at Maghrib. Before Magrib after Maghrib around that time – because I was working on my land. They came quickly in the car, and they had an injured one, in his shoulder, with them “What happened?” “By Allah Abu Muhammad, I don’t know, he shot himself; can you take him to the hospital?” After that they [the police from Jabhat al-Nusrah] hit the door asking: “Where is Yasir al-Libbi?” I said: “By Allah he is not here. You know. Just if you want something I can Help you, I can help you just what do you want?” He said: “Who is with you upstairs?” I said by Allah there are only three, Yasir [al-Libi] brought them to me.” They [the police] went upstairs, and then a lot of activity broke out, I don’t know if they [the assassins] used the belt, the house was flying. The top half, all of it exploded.”

    After hours from the perpetration of the crime the security forces of Jabhat al-Nusrah attacked the Maqqar of the group which executed the crime, so two of them blew themselves up and that led to the death of the third. And there was no one else killed as a result of the explosion and the fourth criminal was captured and there will be and interview with him soon Insha’Allah.

    Recording of Shaykh Ayman:

    “Its upon all the Muslims not to have who exploded the maqrat of teh Mujahadeen and not to send the exsplosive cars to them and the personal grenades and to stop supporting him in any way and its upon everyone who falls into these sins to remember that he achieved for the enemies of Islam with his very own hands what they couldn’t achieve with all their capabilities.”

    Ibn Kathir Rahaimullah said, in al bidiyah wa an-nihiyah:

    “While ‘Ali was intending to invade the people of sham he knew that the Khawarij were causing corruption and oppression in land and spilling blood, cutting the roads, and making halal what was haram [the wealth and blood of the Muslims], and Abdullah ibn Khabbab was of the ones they killed, the companion of the Prophet Muhammad Salla Allah alayhi wa sallam, they captured him and his wife while she was pregnant. They asked him: "Who are you?" So he said: "I am Abdullah ibn Khabbab, the Companion of Prophet Muhammad Salla Allah alayhi wa sallam "Until he said: “so they slaughtered Abdullah ibn Khabbab, and then they came to his wife, so she said: "I am a pregnant woman, don’t you fear Allah", so they slaughtered her and opened her stomach for her baby, and when the people knew about what they did, they feared [from the Khawarij] that when they would go to al-Sham [with ‘Ali] and those people would do the same [of murdering and oppression] with their families, so they suggested to ‘Ali to begin [to fight] with them, and then when he finishes, they can go with him to al-Sham and the people would be safe from their evil, so they agreed on this, and that has a lot of good for them and also for the people of Sham, because if those people became strong, they would corrupt all of the lands including Iraq and Sham and they will not leave neither a boy nor a girl, neither a man nor a woman, because according to them the people have corrupted a corruption that the only way in which to fix them is killing all of them"
    His [Ibn Kathir] speech is finished, rahimahAllah.

    Recording of Shaykh Ayman:

    Poetry: “And from the people who work to achieve high positions, who legitimise the prohibited in public, their predecessors killed the third Khalifa [‘Uthman ibn Affan] while he is reading The Book [Qur’an], peaceful and patient. They stabbed the imam Abu al-Hasan [‘Ali ibn Abu Talib] while he was praying, and this stab isolated the sun, their grand-children will fail in al-Sham, and Allah is enough as a Guide and Supporter.”

     [End Video]
    Original Release:

    Jumu’ah 18th Jumada Thanni 1435
    Friday 18th April 2014

    Sebt 19th Jumada Thanni 1435
    Saturday 19th April 2014

    Please remember us in your du’a.

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