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    AQ vs ISIS - The clear cut Kufr committed by IS

    The clear cut Kufr committed by IS
    Sh. Abu Qatadah Al-Filistini

    IS has transgressed again in a very enormous way by saying 'If the Prophet saws would be alive today he would follow IS'. This proofs how deluded their are. We could have ignored this if it was just a simple soldier within IS who said this, but these words came from a leading figure within IS who is followed by many. This statement is considered a speech of clear disbelieve in the Sharia, the one who said it must make tawbah, and if we were to judge as these extremist judge we would have said that the whole group is a group of apostasy and kufr, like they make false takfir on whole groups because of similar reasons. But our religion is just.  

    This person must make tawbah and muslims must reject these false claims about our prophet saws, and all muslim scholars agree about the falseness of these claims; the saying that the prophet would follow someone other than himself. This is clear cut kufr which a muslim in his sane mind does not utter, that's why we say to this leading figure in IS, repent to Allah and praise your "state" how ever you wish, but not with these false claims about our prophet saws.     

    Depicting our prophet saws as someone who would follow someone else besides himself, in something or in leadership, is a deviant claim of disbelieve. Because every deed or speech after that of the prophet is mixed with (the suspicion of) goodness and falseness. The scholars do their best but they do not say that their judgement is what the prophet saws wanted, unless it is directly and explicitly revealed by Allah. And there is no explicit revelation for their false "state", they just made an interpretation and judgment in establishing this state (ijtahadu), and it is considered a false state by most scholars of ahl sunnah.

    If it was allowed for every person to make these kind of statements, this would have made it possible for many people to insult the prophet saws, but all scholars agree that this statement is deviance and disbelieve. So this ignorant statement by this preacher and leading figure in IS proofs that they are led by ignorance. And the correct view about them is that they see themselves on the same position as the prophet saws, so whoever reject them rejects the prophet, in their view. Even if they do not say this, their situation does. 

    The student of knowledge knows that lying about Allah is one of the biggest crimes, and this preacher committed it. This preacher has opened the eyes of people by this statement about their deviance and their deviant manhaj. He proofed that they see themselves on the same position as the prophet saws, in terms of actions and choosing (like he was chosen, they see themselves as chosen). So whoever stands with them is therefore muslim and who ever does not is a disbeliever, may Allah protect us from this deviance.   

    Partial translation of the whole article:

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