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    AQ vs ISIS - The Ruling of Giving Oath of Allegiance (bay'ah) to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (ISIS)

    The Ruling of Giving Oath of Allegiance (bay'ah) to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (ISIS)

    1) Shaykh Abdullah al-Muhaysini said:
    I asked my Shaykh, al-'Allamah al-'Alwaan (may Allah release him): Is it allowed for the one who has given bay'ah to al-Baghdadi to break it?
    So he answered: "You don't need to break it since it's a false (batil) and unaccepted one.

    2) al-Muhaysini continued:
    And know my brother: That the ruling of the falseness (batil) of giving bay'ah to ISIS, is what the major scholars of jihad has stated, like Shaykh Ayman az-Zawahiri (may Allah protect him), and al-Maqdisi and Abu Qataadah al-Filistini.

    3) al-Muhaysini continued:
    And it is also the ruling from al-'Alwaan, at-Turayfi, al-Qunaibi, al-Ahmad, Haamid al-'Ali and the general mass of the scholars. All of them see the falseness of this bay'ah.

    4) Abu Hasan al-Kuwaiti (shar'i leader with JN) said in addition and in continuation to what al-Muhaysini said above:
    To our Shaykh al-Muhaysini: In addition to what you said, I have personally spoken to al-Muhaddith al-'Alwaan with regards to the topic of giving bay'ah to ISIS, and he said to me; "It's an innovation (bid'ah) that's obligatory to fight against".

    5) And al-Kuwaiti continues:
    He (i.e. al-'Alwaan) even stated; "I was against it (i.e. giving bay'ah) and warned from it even before the split between Jabhat an-Nusrah and ISIS". Those that were with me and heard everything al-'Alwaan said, were Shaykh Sultaan, al-Ash'ary, Abu Haajr
    (all of them shar'i leaders within JN).

    6) Sultaan bin 'Isa al-'Atawi (shar'i leader with JN) added:
    And by Allah, I was there when al-'Alwaan said this, and I forwarded his words to the shar'i leaders with ISIS, but they responded; "we only follow what the scholars from as-Salaf said!"


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    (Huud, 11:113)


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