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    Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi said: ‘Accordingly, we hereby declare that the organization The Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam, is an organisation that has deviated from the path of truth, transgressed against the Mujahideen, have tendencies towards Ghuloo (extremisim), are involved in the shedding of the blood of the Ma’soomeen (those that are protected), are confiscating their wealth, booty and regions which were freed by them from the Regime, they have caused the distortion of the Jihad, and the fragmentation of the Mujahideen, they have turned their guns from the chests of the Murtadeen (apostates) and (enemy) combatants towards the Mujahideen and the Muslims… to other documented deviations.’ (From the statement, ‘The Condition of the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam and the Necessary Stance Towards Them’ - Page 4/5)

    Sheikh Abu Qatada al Filistini said: ‘Namely the leadership of the Islamic State in Iraq with its branch in Shaam , it has become clear to me with certainty that this group through its Military and Shar'ee leadership who legitimize their actions for them, that they are the Dogs of Hell... I do not hesitate in this rule because of the evil of their deeds and actions.’ (‘Message to the People of Jihad and the Lovers of it’ - Page 2)

    Sheikh Al Muhadith Sulayman al-Alwan: ‘Dawlah has no right to attack an area and usurp it, while everyone is saying: either you leave or we’ll kill you, or either you give us Bay’ah (Pledge Allegiance) or we’ll kill you… It is definitely not correct, because Dawlah does not have a General Bay’ah, from the conditions of the General Bay’ah is that the Ahl Hal wal Aqd (People of Influence) elect him (the leader), and Abu Bakr (Baghdadi) was not elected by the Ahl Hal wal Aqd (People of Influence), if his own leader was not pleased with his actions how can he seek Bay’ah from others? He is not the Khalifah of all the Muslims; rather he is a leader of a group. And seeking Bay’ah from others, then fighting those who do not give allegiance, this is the actions of the Bughaat (Transgressors) and not the actions of the people of good and righteousness.’ (From an Audio Recording Published on the Internet).

    The General Command – of Tantheem Al Qae’da issued a statement which stated: ‘Qae’datul Jihad (AQ) declares that it has no links to the group of The Islamic Sate of Iraq and Shaam (ISIS). We were not informed of its creation nor counseled. Nor were we satisfied with it, rather we ordered for its disbandment, for this reason The Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam is not a branch of the group Al Qae’da and has no organizational relationship with it. Nor is the organisation (of Al Qae’da) responsible for its actions and behaviors.’ (‘Statement Regarding the Relationship between the Group of Qae’datul Jihad (AQ) and the Group of The Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam’ - 21 Rabi ul Awwal 1435).

    Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Leader of Tantheem al-Qae’da was asked why he has absolved Daesh (ISIS) from Al Qae’da, He said: ‘There is a difference between the two Manhaj (Methodology). Our Manhaj (Methodology) is one of caution regarding the (protected) blood and the abstention of operations wherein the (protected) blood may be shed unjustly; in the markets, mosques, neighborhoods and even between the groups of Mujahideen. Our Manhaj as well is the desire to gather the Ummah and unify it around the word of Tawheed (Monotheism), and work towards the return of the Khilafah Rashidah that is established through Shura (counsel) and the satisfaction of the Muslims. (The seventh Meeting with as Sahaab foundation - Rajab 1435 AH / Al Nukhbah - Page 11/12).

    He also said alluding to them: ‘Their grandsons shall loose in the Land of Shaam *** And your Lord is sufficient as a Helper and Guide.’ (‘The Eulogy of The Martyr of the Fitnah (Sedition) Sheikh Abu Khalid al Suri’ – Page 3).

    The leader of al-Qae’da in Khorasan Azzaam al Amriki in his eulogy for Abu Khalid al Suri said: ‘The finger of blame in the responsibility for this incident has been pointed to a group which is well known for their Ghuloo (Extremism), harshness, Ta’sub (loyalty to a certain group), dictatorship, tyranny and they have alienated themselves from the way of the people of Islam and Jihad in Syria as well as from the people of knowledge, superiority and precedence among the Mujahideen everywhere. Just as the group that was mentioned is well known for avoiding and running from issues, regularly engaging in schemes to avoid confrontation and responsibility, infact they are known to use Taqiyah and concealment (of matters) different to what they express, this is the practice of the extremist thinkers in this era contrary to their predecessors of the Hurooriyah that were known for truthfulness and the avoidance of lying.’ (‘Eulogy of Sheikh Abu Khalid al Suri’).

    The leader of al-Qae’da in Khorasan, Ahmed Farooq, commenting on the speech of the spokesman of Daesh (ISIS) Adnani said: ‘But today we find he who has restricted Islam and the link of Walaa (loyalty) of Imaan to a very narrow circle, and deals with the Ummah with superiority and belittling it. And sits lurking waiting for its mistakes, then comes down upon them in a single attack, they call on the Mujahideen to deal with the Ummah with mercy and compassion, while dishonoring (the statement), we see them exclaiming in amazement: ‘Which Ummah do we go back to? The Ummah of the Saudi Islam? Or the Muslim Brotherhood or Suroori …? Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best disposer of affairs regarding this crooked thinking.’ (‘We should be as the Bee’ – Page 4).

    The leader of al-Qae’da in Khorasan ‘Abu Dujanah al-Basha’ alluding to the Khilafah of Daesh (ISIS) said: ‘We call for the return of the Righteous Khilafah on the Prophetic Methodology, not on the Methodology of deviation and lies, violations of treaties and breaking of pledges; a Khilafah that is built upon justice, consultation, affinity and unity and not one built on oppression, Takfeer (declaring Muslims as unbelievers), killing the people of Tawheed and splitting the rows of the Mujahideen.’ (‘This is Our Message’ - Page 1).

    The General Shar'ee Committee of Al Qae’da in the Land of Shaam said regarding Daesh (ISIS): ‘Based on all the above, Jama’ah Dawlah is considered a powerful assailant group with a force which is closest in resemblance to the Khawaarij in their charactersistics, qulaities and identity and have additional attributes beyond that of the Khawaarij like Taqiyah, lying, breaking of covenants and taking false oaths and immorality, raiding the Mujahideen at their fronts and withdrawing from (other) fronts. Until today they refuse to submit and seek judgment from the Shari’ah (Islamic Law). And we say that it is permissible to fight this group.’ (Statement Read by the Judge of Al Qae’da in the Land of Shaam Abu Abdullah al Shaami. Al Tahaya -Page 33)

    Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula issued a statement wherein it states regarding the Khilafah of Daesh (ISIS): ‘Based on all of the above, we do not see the validity of this Khilafah nor the consequences that results of it. We do not regard sinful those who do not give Bay’ah. The declaration of the Khilafah has caused the splitting of the ranks of the Mujahideen and the division of their unity during this sensitive stage.’ (Statement Regarding the Words of Sheikh Abu Bakr al Baghdadi ‘Although the Disbelievers Dislike it’ presented by Sheikh Harith al Nathari).

    Sheikh Ali al-Ansi - leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said: ‘The Declaration of the extension of the Khilafah to other countries is not a true reality. And this declaration may lead to the split of the ranks of the Mujahideen and undermine their foundations based on a mistaken Shar’ee’ ruling.’ (The First International Press Conference).

    Dr. Abdullah Muhaisini said: ‘By Allah I have not seen the agreement of the U’lama (Scholars) of Jihad in the world critisizing an (Islamic) project and opposing it as they have agreed in the criticism of the project of Dawlah in Shaam. Allah knows that I do not oppose the project of the establishment of the Islamic Khilafah, infact for this very cause do we sacrifice our souls and blood. But (we seek to establish it) upon the Prophetic Methodology, not by alienating people and oppressing them and splitting the ranks of the Jihad, and refusing to refer the matter for judgment to the Law of Allah under a weak excuse for which Allah has sent down no authority.’ (The Statement: ‘Have I not Conveyed?’)

    The General Shari’ of Tantheem Al Qae’da in the Land of Shaam Dr. Sami al Uraydi said in his introduction of a message that links the reality of the Khawaarij and Daesh (ISIS): ‘It was by the grace of Allah on the brother Abu Hassan al Kuwaiti – May Allah direct him - that he gathered a collection of the words of Sheikhul Islam regarding the Ghuloo (Extremisim) of the Khawaarij and the warning against them. This research is fitting to be a starting point for broader research to clarify the position of Sheikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah regarding the Khawaarij. We ask Allah to grant him the ability to free himself (for such a task) and compile it.’ (‘The Khawaarij according to Sheikh al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah’ – Page 4).

    Sheikh Abu Mariah al Qahtani the former General Shari’ of Tantheem al Qae’da in Shaam said : ‘ Another vile face has appeared over the people of Shaam and a new poisoned dagger whose filth is constant and harm has spread, it is the face of the Khawaarij of the era; Tantheem Jama’h Dawlah. Oh you who is hesitant in fighting the Khawaarij of the era do you not know that eliminating them is good and beneficial, not only for the Muslims in Shaam but for the People in Iraq as well, who have been burnt by their fire for years.’ (From the speech: ‘Oh He who is Hesitant’)

    Sheikh Abu Sayaaf Majid Ar Raashid in his introduction to a message linking the reality of the Khawaarij and Daesh: The Noble Sheikh Al Shaamikh Ali Al A’rjaani (Abu Hasan al Kuwaiti), who reminds me of the conduct of the leaders who combined Knowledge and Jihad, morality and moderation, sacrifice of the soul and the wealth, and between Jihad of the tongue and the weapons. He has fought the Nusayris in their own homes, and readily faced the extremists, and lectured regarding the repelling of the assailing enemy and the extremists. And today he has gathered the words of Ibn Taymiyyah (May Allah have Mercy on him) regarding the Khawaarij as a warning and caution against Daesh ….. I advise my brothers to read what he wrote, and practice its requirements, and pray for its author to attain Shahadah and a good ending.’

    Sheikh Muhammed bin Saleh Al-Muhajir – one of the Sheikhs of Tantheem Al Qae’da in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has issued a message invalidating the Khilafah of Baghdadi by the name: ‘A Summary Regarding the Debate of the Announcement of the Khilafah’.

    Sheikh Abu Mundhir Shanqeeti a member of the Shar’ee Council of Minbar al Tawheed wal Jihad has issued a complete message criticizing the announcement of the Khilafah by Daesh by the name ‘The Announcement of the Khilafah ….. Through the Scales of the Shari’ah’.

    Sheikh Abdullah al-Hassani, a member of the Shar’ee Council of Minbar al Tawheed wal Jihad issued a complete message regarding the nullification of the Khilafah of Baghdadi called: ‘ The Nusrah Husainiyyah in the Refutation of the Khilafah of Baghdadi’.

    Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Shanqeeti – a Member of the Shari’ah Council of Minbar al Tawheed wal Jihad said: ‘Oh leaders of Dawlah: We thought that the word of the Mujahideen will unite under your banner ….. But you have divided it in every place! You have divided it in Shaam …. You have divided it in The Peninsula and you have divided it in the Maghreb … This is not the path to establish the Khilafah! But this path, is that of the of the people that revolt, the opportunists, those seeking to gain power by any means ... These exclusionary methods do not build a state nor does it unite the Ummah… If you carry on upon this methodology and your followers take over (this methodology) the division and differences shall continue…. You are able, if you want, to unify the ranks and the hearts …. But you are persistent in the dispute and have set upon the ship of stubbornness and persistence, and you further the transgression against the elders that have opposed you. You have erred so correct your errors…You have disobeyed so repent to your Lord… You have deviated … so return to your previous covenant, and do not be like the cow that ascends the stairs and then is incapable of descending! Know that your victories will not cover the nakedness of your deviation..! For an Islamic State derives its legitimacy from the Shari’ah not from the strength of their weapons. (‘The Khilafah is not the Disputed Matter’ – Page 7).

    The two Sheikhs Dr. Hani al Siba’i and Dr. Tariq Abdul Haleem issued a statement which reads in part: ‘We are bearing witness, a testimony that we will be questioned about in front of Allah. That these people affiliated to this organisation known as Dawlah Islamiyah (Islamic State), their Manhaj (Methodology) is that of the Khawaarij, particularly regarding the matter of Takfeer (Passing the ruling of Kufr) and making permissible the (taking) of protected blood. (Statement: ‘The Description of the Organisation and the Reality of its Beliefs’).

    Sheikh Uthmaan Abu Muhammed al Ghamirawi – Judge of the Wilayah of Dagestan said: ‘Baghdadi is not the Khalif of the Muslims, and giving Bay’ah to him is not permissible, because Bay’ah to him splits the ranks of the Mujahideen, and whoever gives Bay’ah to Baghdadi is a Fataan (one that is creating sedition) and is treading the path of spilling the blood of the believers.’ (The Address: ‘An Address to the Mujahideen Concerning the Pledge of Allegiance to Baghdadi’).

    Sheikh Nur al-Deen Nafee’ah - is someone who is respected and highly appreciated by the leaders of the Mujahideen and in their counsels due to his experience and mastery both militarily and in Islamic Knowledge – in a statement from his prison cell in the Maghreb said: ‘The history of the organisation of The Islamic State is on the contrary of that (of an Islamic State), for within them is the greatest witness that they are the furthest from the Guidance and Prophetic Methodology … I decided to issue this statement only after silence became a stance that endorsed the crimes that were taking place against our people in Shaam at the hands of The Organisation of Islamic State.’

    Luaa al Saqaa – the first deputy of Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, imprisoned, serving a life sentence in Turkey - in a letter from his prison cell said: ‘As all the Mujahideen and those who truly care about the interests of the religion, myself as well as my fellow prisoners of the Mujahideen have been saddened by the deviated actions of Jama’ah Dawlah, from corruption, the spill of blood, the sedition and harm they have brought to the Jihad and Da’wah in the Land of Shaam. I announce my innocence from the actions carried out by Jama’ah Dawlah of extremism and the application of the laws of Takfeer (Passing the Ruling of Kufr) over the Jihadi Groups, the regarding the taking of the blood of the Muslims as permissible, the kidnapping and killing of the Mujahideen, the assassination of their leaders and from all of their deviant practices.’

    Sheikh Abu al-Walid al-Ansari said, criticizing the declaration of Dawlah: ‘The announcement that Dawlah is now in Iraq and Shaam, it has reached us that this was an announcement that was made without the consultation of the Ahl Hal wal Aqd (people of influence) of the leaders and scholars of the Mujahideen in Shaam, and the new announcement at this particular time is an outlet for the arrows of the conspirators, inciting the enemy from one front, and a door of discord between the Muslims and a cause of Ghuloo (extremisim) in Ahkaam (Islamic Laws).’

    Sheikh Majid Al-Majid - Amir of Abdullah Azzam Brigades in Lebanon - warning against the declaration of Dawlah: ‘The Declaration of Sheikh Baghdadi of the establishment of The Islamic State of Iraq, according to our knowledge and our assessment of the situation; it will become, if it is completed and comes into effect , shall be a catastrophe to the Jihad in the Land of Shaam, a divider of the groups of the Mujahideen, creating a confidante for the enemy through which (the enemy) may enter the groups, inciting them against each other, and will be used to fight each other.’ (‘The Guidance Regarding the Events in Shaam with the Announcement of Dawlah Islamiyah’- Page 5).

    Sheikh Hamid bin Hamd Al Ali said: ‘Oh Abu Bakr (Baghdadi), does it please you that the sincere advisors of the U’lama, the truthful Mujahideen, the preachers openly voicing the truth, the general Muslims as well as the people of distinction among them, all stand in one rank, while you and those with you of the Mujahideen of the Muslims stand in another rank against them?.’ (‘Regarding the Fitnah [Sedition] in Shaam’).

    He also said regarding the issue of the Khilafah: ‘The answer to what is called the declaration of the Khilafah is the same answer that was given regarding the previous declaration of Dawlah, and both declarations of the declaration of Dawlah as well as that of Dawlah in Iraq and Shaam are Batil (Invalid) declarations.’

    Dr. Eyaad al Qunaibi said: ‘There is no relationship between recent achievements of Jama’ah Dawlah through erroneous policies that we have previously criticized and have criticized in Shaam. Their achievements do not nullify my position regarding their actions in Shaam. Because I did not pass a ruling according to the intentions, nor did I criticize being subservient to a certain direction, but I pass a ruling regarding their actions that they are not in accordance with the Shari’ah and contrary to the Religion of Allah Ta’ala, and I still hold this opinion.’ (The Speech: ‘Beyond the Victories of Iraq’).

    Sheikh Umar al Hadouchi: ‘The Jihad in Shaam is noble; Daesh has stained it with their foolishness. They are holding to Walaa (Loyalty) and Baraa (Disavowal) to their cartoon Khilafah they have blocked their minds, they have blindly followed Muslims of the revolutionists that have not perceived (the reality) of the situation.’ (His Official Account on Twitter - 27 October 2014).

    Sheikh Hassan bin Ali al Kattani said: ‘They have killed him, May Allah destroy them, and you have done an atrocious thing oh gang of criminality and grandchildren of Thul Khuwaysirah. Oh Allah take them to task for they will not be able to escape you. May Allah have mercy on you Oh Abu Khalid, glad tidings, for this is the last nail in the coffin of the gang of criminality.’ (His Official Account on Facebook - 23 February 2014).

    Sheikh Abu Abdullah Muhammad Mansour - Leader of Jaysh al Mujahideen in Iraq: ‘The current leadership of what is falsely called the Islamic State of Iraq, I have no doubt that they have fallen into a lot of what the Khawaarij have fallen into of Ghuloo (Extremism) in Takfeer (Passing the Ruling of Kufr) and unlawful killing, their practical reality proves that without doubt. And every seeker of knowledge that is just, perceives this reality.’ (The Islamic State - Between the Truth and Illusion’ - Page 7).

    Ansar al-Islam in Iraq, issued a statement saying: ‘And we the leadership of Ansar al-Islam officially announce, out of Islamic and historical obligations, that the group of The Islamic State of Iraq have forced us to respond to their aggression and oppression and repay them with the same. We never wished for the outcome of matters to be as it was. The history of Jama’ah Ansar al Islam in its relations with the banners of Jihad will witness that it dealt with the banners of Jihad with steadfast assistance or forced positive neutrality, and that our fight against the Islamic State of Iraq is a just legitimate cause, and a sanctioned (method) to repel oppression and the aggression that has befallen us for years, continuously by the Islamic State of Iraq, to stop their harm for they were transgressing against us. We are not oppressors and we did not start oppression against anyone, and some claim that we refuse reconciliation and this is a lie they have spread against us.’ (‘An Important Statement’ – 12 Zil Qa’dah 1434).

    Abu Khalid Al Suri an adviser to Daesh said: ‘The generalization of the laws of Takfeer (Passing the Ruling of Kufr) and apostasy and similarly the accusation made against groups that they are ‘Sahawaat’ generalizing over the groups as a whole, without any proof or clarification, is from the greatest of Major Sins and that which holds the most sin and criminality. How can it be that those who generalize this ruling over Jihadi groups as a whole, seek to implement the Shari’ah and establish the religion, as we know and have been informed regarding their matter? And I call upon the leaders and the group of the Islamic State in Iraq and Shaam to repent to Allah, return to His command and surrender to His Shari’ah’. (Statement dated January 17 2014).

    Sheikh Abu Abdullah Sadiq Abdullah al Sudani said: ‘This alleged State did not even gain control over Iraq let alone extend itself to other territories, and this is what has not been comprehended by Ahl Ahlaam (People of Dreams).’ (His Twitter Account: 7 March 2014).

    Sheikh Abu Wafaa al Tunisi commenting on the Bay’ah of Ansar al-Bayt al-Maqdis to Daesh: ‘The disagreement with the extremists in Iraq and Shaam is a disagreement in Aqeedah (Belief) and Manhaj (Methodology), the Bay’ah of this person or that person does not change the reality at all. And if he knows of their deviation, then he is of them and their brother in their deviance and innovation, and he who does not know is being warned and advised.’ (His Twitter Account: 10 November 2014).

    In conclusion, the Taliban issued an advice to the Mujahideen in Shaam stating: ‘ It is incumbent on the Muslims to abstain from extremism in the religion, and passing rulings on others without any proof, and they should not think evil of each other, and should not listen to accusations and shallow lies, for verily some suspicion is sin.’ (The Official Site of Harakah al Taliban ‘Sawtul Jihad’ - 10 July 2014).


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