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 - War On Hijab

    Tunisia; Secular Savages undressing woman exposed

    We wil put forward a small summuray and explination of the evil, opressive regime in Tunesia. These scums divert there money, attention, resources to supress the people, make ther life a living hell, in disgrace and himulation.

    To no surprise these gang of thugs that form the Tunisian dictator regime are supported by western powers. It is obviously that the golden rule applies here for the hypocrites in the west. Any oppressive cruel regime that is busy destroying its own people especially in the Islamic world with anti-Islam views, is a natural ally of the west's. Why natural ? Because any oppressive regime ALWAYS gets support from the west, the so-called free world. And they wonder why the west is hated ? Read below, and think of the hundreds of millions people oppressed and humiliated on daily bases in the Islamic world, with full support and assistance of the west ! Oppression, hurt, humiliation, human abuse are reasons why the west is hated by the rest of the world. Not only because the west robbed and plundered the whole world for centuries and till today trying to keep the 3rd world poor and as there pets, garbage.

    "Sign  here,  take this  piece of rubbish off your head and go home! Never ever think of going back to school with it. Right now, I am going to attach it to this sheet of paper in which you declared your full compliance with circular 108. Don’t you understand! There is no place in our schools for fundamentalists.. We are a modern country!” Fatima, the 18-year-old school girl, stood as if pinned to the ground in a state of bewilderment, listening carefully to a zealot policeman whose sole mission has been to frighten and punish women, university students and schoolgirls who challenge the hijab ban in Tunisia. Fatima's daily journey to school was diverted to the nearest police station where she was subject to harassment, physical and moral torture. I, just like Fatima, cannot find a single contradiction between modernity and hijab, as I am covering my hair not my brain. But Fatima just like thousands of Tunisian women, and unlike us living abroad, has been denied as a human being and a citizen in a one-party police state her extremely basic right to dress in a way she herself has chosen.

    The ban on hijab in Tunisia dates back to the early 80s of the last century. The issue of women was employed as a tool of modernity. Taking the scarf off the head of a Tunisian woman by the then president Bourguiba in an ‘’historical’’ TV show at the time was viewed as an emblem for so-called women emancipation.

    For more than 10 years of suffering, women wearing the headscarf have been subjected to various unlawful, unconstitutional and inhumane practices by the police who have gone further than the literal law, to remove women's scarves in the streets, schools, universities, and public as well as private sectors. Even women who were in labour were denied the right to admission into hospitals for wearing the so-called "sectarian dress".

    Political police accompanied by head-teachers have been deployed in all educational institutions in order to force girls as well as teachers to remove their scarves in the presence of students as well as parents. Many of them fainted in great shock as a result of the assault. Thousands of students have since been compelled to leave school and many women have lost their jobs. Social workers have been sent to different houses in order to check whether there are women who still wear the headscarf indoors.

    The oppressive nature of the state and the alliance between a few opportunistic ex- Marxists on the one hand and the current regime on the other have hindered any objective or neutral perspective in dealing with this phenomenon.

    The new reaction to the new wave of antagonism vis-à-vis Muslim women is that of challenge. A large number of women have been extremely committed to their right to dress the way they themselves have chosen for themselves. They believe that the scarf is none of the state's business, which sounds reasonable and convincing enough to urge us to wonder how a state boasts itself for being in the forefront of the whole Arab and Islamic world in terms of women's rights when a fundamental right is not even respected!! Would any woman on earth obey anyone who forces her to change the colour of her hair, her make-up, the length or colour of her skirt? Today, we have a situation in Tunisia where women are forced by means of police to show parts of their bodies to the public, where women are harassed in the streets, tortured and deprived of their basic right to study or work.

    The ban on hijab in Tunisia, however defiant of common-sense, of the people’s identity and of any law, is just another form of repression in a police state, repeatedly denounced for its appalling human rights records by international organizations, with a permanent seat in the Committee for the Protection of Journalists and Reporters Sans Frontieres’ Top Ten Enemies of the Press, and with the same party and president winning the elections by 99% of the votes.

    The slogans of modernity, freedom and openness are a décor tolerated and praised by western governments, earning Tunisia a visit to Washington during which Colin Powell praised the achievements of their “ally in Washington's war on terrorism ». On the other hand, for a democratic country established on the principles of equality, fraternity and freedom, to deprive its citizens of their basic right to choose how to dress, is only a preview to show what kind of democratie the west has invisioned for the Islamic world, exposing its eveils in all extend.

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