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 - The Taliban Inroduction

    The Taliban Introduction

    The Taliban orginated in Kandahar, Southern Afghanistan in late 1994. The Taliban, translated in Arabic means "the students," managed to seize control of most of Afghanistan. They are the students of the religious teacher : Mawlawi Mohammed Omar. At that time the country was in a civil war between many warlords and corrupt / power hungry former Mujaheedin groups. The country was torn appart with some ruthless people in power. The first time Mohammed Omar organized his followers, it was for the purpose to kill a Mujaheedin leader and his men who had assaulted a woman, raped her and killed her in the city of Kandahar en left her behind in the mosk where Mohammed Omar was the Imam. He took over the city within 24hrs. The Taliban got many supporters because of its idealogical believes. It grew into an well motivated army which fought against the corrupt / power hungry warlords and Mujahideen groups. 

    By February 1995, the Taliban successfully captured half of the southern provinces without any resistance and surrounded Kabul suburbs; but they pushed back by government forces loyal to today's president Rabani.

    By now the Taliban force is said to have between 25 to 30 thousand millitia, more than 200 tanks and a dozen aircrafts, all captured from the Mujaheedin groups.
    Iran turned against Taliban after they captured 3 provinces bordering with Iran in western Afghanistan.

    In the past few months of the Rabani's regime the diplomatic relationships between Kabul and Islamabad deteriarrated. In Kabul, the government of Rabani insisted that Pakistan interfered inside Afghan affairs and closely supports Taliban militia. By 1996 Taliban Militia captured most of Afghan provinces except Northern provinces. By September 1996, the Rabani government with his defense minister Ahmad Shah Masoud left Kabul without any resistance and Taliban Militia captured the capital Kabul and established more strict Islamic rules in Afghanistan. 27 Provinces of Afghanistan came under control of the Taliban except 3 Northern provinces led by powerful Uzbek leader General Abdur Rashid Dostum.

    Most of international human rights organizations condemned the Taliban's strict regime. The Taliban regime was recognized only by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Emirate Arabia Republic.

    But the Taliban was critisized for many things that they did not have in control. Offcourse the taliban was not perfect but never the less the critisism from the western media where always unsupported and even misleading.

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    “O you who believe! Be afraid of Allaah and give up what remains (due to you) from Ribaa (from now onward) if you are (really) believers”

    (Al-Baqarah, 2:278)


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