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    Sheikh Abu Muhammed al-Maqdisi

    Sheikh Abu Muhammed al-Maqdisi: An Excellent Refutation of the Statement of Al-Astal the Mufti of HAMAS

    In the Name of Allah
    The Most Gracious the Most Merciful

    The Excellent Refutation of the Statement of Al-Astal,
    the Mufti of Hamas
    Sheikh Abu-Muhammad Al-Maqdesy

    [Mufti (interpreter of Islamic law)]

    Thanks are but to Allah; we thank Him, seek help and forgiveness from Him, and we seek refuge in Allah from the evils of souls and the sins of our deeds. Whomever Allah guides, no one can misguide him, and whomever Allah misguides, no one can guide him. I bear witness there is no god but Allah, He Who has no associate; and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger, peace and blessings are upon him, his family, and his companions.

    To proceed,
    The best speech is embodied in the Book of Allah, the All-Exalted; and the best guidance is the guidance given by Muhammad. And the most evil affairs are their innovations (in religion); and every innovation is a bid’a (innovation in religion); and every bid’a is an error (in religion); and every error (in religion) is in Hellfire.
    Allah, the All-Exalted, says, "And verily, this is my Straight Path, so follow it, and follow not (other) paths, for they will scatter you about from His Path. This He has ordained for you that you may become the Muttaqeen (the pious)". Al-Anaam, verse: 153.

    The crux of the matter is something that every Muahed (Believer in the oneness of Allah) already recognizes with the heart and the head. That is that the first obligation which Allah has made incumbent upon man to learn and implement - even before Salat (Islamic prayers), Zakat (alms according to Islamic Shari’ah) and other acts of worship - is to disbelieve in the Taghut (all false deities) and avoid them, and dedicate Tawheed (Belief in the oneness of Allah) to nothing and no one but Allah, the All-Exalted. For this reason Allah, the Great and the Almighty, created the creatures, sent the Messengers, revealed the Books, and decreed Jihad and the pursuit of martyrdom. This is the source of the conflict between the patrons of Allah and those of Satan. Allah, the All-Exalted, says, “And I (Allah) created not the jinni and the humans but to worship Me”. (1) i.e., to worship Me Alone.

    And He, the All-Exalted, says, “And verily, We have sent among every Ummah (community) a Messenger to worship Allah (Alone), and keep away from Taghut”. (2) This is a clarification of this genuine foundation, and evidence of it from the Shari’ah (Islamic doctrines). The Qur’an from its beginning to its end consolidates this foundation. However many of the false religious scholars of our age have raised their heads against it; and they prefer pulling down the bonds of Iman (Belief in Allah) and the pillars of religion, so they have been playing with its foundation and its base. They raised their friable building which is not been based on piety to Allah and His Good Content. Then they started to talk about the religion of Allah which they know not; and lauded excessively that which they know not. They assigned themselves legislators who take what they like and what they desire, and then approve these things and deem them proper in the religion of Allah and His Call. Consequently, they placed people in a state of fitnah (enticements and tests to check to what extent you follow Islam) and they became the misleading heads who have gone astray and have misguided others.
    One hadith (saying of the Prophet) states that which the Prophet, peace and blessings are upon him, fears most for his Ummah is the misguiding Imams (Islamic religious leaders)…

    And another hadith states, before Doomsday there will be multiple deceivers (in Islamic matters). According to Saheeh al-Bukhary (the book comprising all correct hadiths of the Prophet compiled by al-Bukhary), Abdullah bin-Umar, may Allah be pleased with them, said, “The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings are upon him, stood among people, then he praised Allah with what He is Worthy of, then he mentioned the Antichrist and said, ‘I warn you against him, and there is no messenger who has not warned his people against him’; and among the prudence that made all the prophets warning against the fitnah of Antichrist, although he will appear near the end of the worldly life, is that the type of his fitnah is present at all times, as what the Sheikh (Islamic scholar ‘bin-Taimya’) of Islam said…
    The fitnah of the Antichrist is attached to religion and it hides within it. He comes and with him comes a paradise and a hellfire. And on his forehead the mark of the infidel it is written, and the Mu’meneen (Believers in Allah) can see it, and none other than them can. The Mu’men with insight will not be deceived by his fitnah and by the obscure things that makes of religion. IT is apparent that his paradise with which he entices people is but a hellfire, and his hellfire with which he frightens people is but a paradise. Consequently the Mu’men will choose, without any hesitation, fear or concern, the hellfire of Antichrist and escape from his paradise.

    Have you seen this fitnah?! It is the very fitnah of Sheikh Sharif in Somalia; the very fitnah of the Islamic Party in Iraq; and the very fitnah of Sayyaf, Rabbany, and others in Afghanistan. It is the very same fitnah of the Sheikhs of vice and the monks of governments in all countries; and the fitnah of every Imam of those deviating from the right path, who hide within the robe of religion and talk with the evidences of Shari’ah to make them mounts for idols who ride them to serve their infidel acts. This is what makes their hellfire a paradise. Their polytheism becomes a tawheed; their infidelity becomes iman; their falsehood becomes truth, and their deviation from the right path becomes guidance. So the Anitchrist pulls the solid foundations of Islam down with his talbeesing (clothing falsehood with the clothes of truth), and consequently encompasses the disbelievers within a false religion and gathers them under the canopy of the tawheed of nationalists (national unity) instead of the Tawheed of the Messengers. He names their democracy Shura (Islamic counseling); their idols rulers; their enemies from the Mujahedeen and Muahedeen transgressors, - even the takferieen (falsely accusing Muslims of infidelity) and the Khawarij (sectarians)…
    Whoever does this paves the way for Antichrist, and his fitnah is similar to the Anitchrist’s fitnah…
    Hamas has ample amount of this. They cozy up to religion and Islam, and gather around them the youth under slogans of Islam. There are some who are deceived with their slogans or misguided by them and follow them thinking they would lead them to Paradise. This misguided people do not distinguish what is written on their forehead and in their book of laws due to their lack of insight. Hamas would lead them with their infidel laws and their polytheist democracy which their bishops dress with the trappings of religion and jannah. Hamas would lead them to the burning Hellfire.

    Some of our brethren have sent me a message from the mufti of Hamas “Yunus al-Astal”, and they asked me to give my opinion of its content, and a response. When I read it, I found it stuffed with talbees and tadlees (concealing defects) and falsehood… In terms of Islamic knowledge, it has no value. I hesitated to waste the time refuting it, especially since we have already refuted others’ ambiguous evidences regarding democracy and ruling with principles other than what Allah has revealed. In our miscellaneous articles, we have already clarified their deviation from the right path in exercising these acts of polytheism and infidelity under the title of approving and deeming things proper.
    However more than one message has been sent to me requiring this from me, and despite the time limits between the hands of Ramadan, and being busy completing the replies to the questions on ash-Shumukh forum, ( I have been racing with time to write something to welcome Ramadan), - despite all of this, I left all this business and took the initiative to support our Muahedeen brethren in Gazza, by writing some notes on the message of al-Astal, though the message itself is not worth the sheet of paper blackened in its writing, and with which he blackened the faces of Hamas.
    I say to him, and success is granted by Allah:

    First: the title of the message is “Some refuted vague evidences in a few defaming comments”. This title clearly reveals what is below it. As the common people in our country say, “what is written is identified with by its title”. Al-Astal quotes the words of our brethren regarding the very foundation of Tawheed which is the very Right of Allah, and he calls them vague evidences and defaming comments…
    This is the attitude of the Ikhwan (the group named Muslim Brothers) and others of the groups of liquidators; they degrade and demean the greatest foundation (of Islam); and glorify many of the branches and elevate them above the very foundations. This is one of the reasons behind their deviation and the disturbance of their balance and the aberration of their judgments. The corruption of the branches is an inescapable result of the corruption of this foundation.
    That is why you can see them in many of their courses pulling down the Tawheed. They pass through the gates of polytheism to select a branch from among the branches. You can see their professors and their great scholars and their great figures as they argue against the necessities and objectives, and against the religious rule of accomplishing the highest benefits and keeping away the worst corrupting things….. They take all these as arguments (not principles), and as introductions to (religiously) corrupted results. Thus their foundations are corrupted, and such is their ignorance about the simplest of these principles… If they had considered Tawheed the supreme benefit and the greatest necessity, and had believed that polytheism and condemning (Muslims) are the utmost corruption, and had held that keeping this away from the people of Islam is the greatest goal, then they would not have floundered…

    Second: Al-Astal has commenced his speech by talking about the (victorious sect) which is the existent phenomenon as mandated by Allah. They are those whom no dissidents or betrayers can harm until Doomsday. It is quite known that Hamas and the “Muslim Brothers” are the farthest ones from the guidance of that victorious sect.

    • Among the most important qualities of that sect is that they translate the commands of Allah into actions, and the greatest command is Tawheed. The administration of Hamas has violated Tawheed by assigning manmade laws to rule, by adopting the democracy of polytheism as a system, and by deactivating the law of Allah, the Lord of all creatures…

    • As for that victorious sect, among their qualities is that they are not harmed by the dissidents, and they remain steadfast announcing and declaring the Tawheed of Allah, the religion of Allah, and the Shari’ah of Allah,; and they never abandon it from fear that they will be harmed…

    Hamas is one of the groups farthest from these qualities. Fear of men causes them to reject rule by the Shari’ah of Allah, although Allah, the All-Exalted, says, “Therefore fear not the people but fear Me, and sell not My Verses for a miserable price. And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such are the Kafireen (disbelievers)”.

    Third: Al-Astal has commenced his message saying, “Allah has promised those among you who believe, and do righteous good deeds, that He will certainly grant them succession in the earth, as He granted it to those before them, and that He will establish in authority their religion, that which He has chosen for them. And He will surely give them in exchange safety after their fear”. Then he directly said, “Allah has clarified that those whom Allah has promised this (safety after fear) are those who -if they had authority on earth- would order Iqamat-as-Salat (to perform the five compulsory congregational Salat (prayers)) and payment of the Zakat, and would enjoin Al-Ma'ruf (Islamic Monotheism and all what Islam orders one to do), and forbid Al-Munkar (Disbelief, polytheism and all that Islam has forbidden). And with Allah rests the end of all matters”...
    He has severed the greatest condition for succession in the earth – the condition mentioned in first aya (Qur’anic verse)- because his government has violated it. The words of Allah the All-Exalted, say, “They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me”. Yet his government has associated others with Allah by allying with scattered legislating idols and by taking democracy as a system… He skipped this aya and jumped to what comes in another aya, which many of the apostates and idols nowadays show of Salat, Zakat, alms or other obligations of Islam that are not to be accepted without TAWHEED.
    As for enjoining al-Ma'ruf and forbidding al-Munkar , it is quite known that the most sublime ma’ruf ever is the Tawheed which the government of Hamas has violated, and that the most vicious munkar ever is Shirk (polytheism) which the government of Hamas has legitimated and hastened to. These papers of al-Astal would not been written except for this…

    Fourth: Al-Astal has listed some of the conspiracies that were woven against Hamas, and then he said: “The fabulous steadfastness in facing all those conspiracies”…
    I then say, how is it that has Hamas stood steadfast- in such a fabulous way- before all these mentioned conspiracies, when their patch-makers and falsehood-arguers, claim that they are weak and incapable whenever they are asked to rule by the Shari’ah of Allah and disavow the manmade laws….?!
    This question needs an answer…and there is none…
    He then said: “The most threatening thing for us nowadays is the ideological invasion under the name of Islam; when some persons pick up some vague evidences, blowing them out of proportion, and plant them in the minds of some youth who do not possess a big portion of the Book or of Islamic knowledge. Thus these youth have become convinced that the government in the strip is illegitimate (Islam wise); and that the movement they shelter does not bear the burden of Islam, and does not aim at implementing Shari’ah; and consequently they are nearer to infidelity than to Iman”.

    I say, these are not vague evidences, but facts. These are not speeches of some persons - they are the words of the leaders of Hamas itself, and here are some of them:

    1. Ahmed al-Betawy; Hamas’s representative in the Palestinian council of legislations, said in an interview with “Al-Ghad” Jordanian newspaper on 20/02/2006 Ad, “With regards to the fears for some narrow-mindedness, imposing Hijab (perfect veil), or restricting including the freedoms of women, these fears are not true. We are not a young movement or rabble-rousers, but rather we have a historical extension across the Muslim Brothers group who are known for their moderate ideologies… We will not implement Shari’ah. However we will do as much as possible to adhere to the principles of Islam with wisdom and good advice”.

    He said: “Hamas does not ever think of establishing an Islamic state or to implement Shari’ah at this time”.

    1. Dr. Nasser Ed-Deen Ash-Sha’er, the vice-chairman of Isma’eel Hannya, said: “law is to be imposed on everybody, and whoever does not want law, then he is to go to hellfire”.

    I say, please contemplate the way they convert the truth into falsehood. The truth is that whoever does not want THE TRUTH is to go to Hellfire”.

    1. Reuters, on 23/02/2006, the new head of the council of legislations, Azeez ad-Dweek, said: “The new Palestinian government under the leadership of Hamas is not going to adopt the principles of the Islamic Shari’ah in their daily life, and is not going to close down cinemas or restaurants offering spirituous liquors!”. He said “No one in the Hamas movement intends to implement Shari’ah by force. This is out of the question on our program and we are not going to exercise this”.

    I say, what about killing the Muahedeen (Believers in the oneness of Allah) and destroying their mosques, for you there is no harm in exercising it by force… this is always possible on your program… isn’t it…?!

    1. Ahmed Yaseen was asked: “If the socialist party won, what will your attitude be?

    The answer: “Even if the socialist party won, I’d respect the inclination of the Palestinian people…!!
    Question: “If it happened to appear from elections that the Palestinian people want a democratic multi-party country, what will your attitude be?”
    Sheikh Ahmed Yaseen’s answer: “Oh God! We are a nation who has honor and rights. If the Palestinian nation expressed their refusal of the Islamic state, I respect and magnify their inclination!!”… Please see Ahmed Yaseen, the miraculous phenomenon and the myth of challenge…. (Dar al-Furqan: pp. 116 & 118).

    Fifth: As part of his vague evidences crowding around democracy al-Astal said: “Such people feel disgusted merely at hearing this expression, because it means in its ideational intrinsic nature ‘ruling people by themselves’; and this means placing men alongside Allah in the Hakemya (sovereignty in ruling people), or taking them as deities instead of Him. And this is correct, as verily all the creation and commandment is His; and it is not for a Believer, man is he or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision. Who is better in judgment than Allah for a people who have firm Faith; and it is He (Allah) Who has sent down unto you the Book (The Quran), explained in detail, as an exposition of everything, a guidance, a mercy, and glad tidings for Muslims”.
    I say, You speak truly on this matter, although you are not always truthful. This praiseworthy disgust for which you blamed us and our brethren is better than your disgust when you hear us talking about Tawheed and its implications for the infidelity of so-called democracy and the infidelity of those taking it as a system, and the reason for which you call us Takferieen and Khawarij…
    Allah is the only Judge of which of the two disgusting parties deserves dispraise and disavowal, and which of their followers are farther astray from the Path … He, the All-Exalted, says, “And when Allah Alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who believe not in the Hereafter are filled with disgust; and when (gods) other than Him are mentioned, they rejoice”. Allah has dispraised those hearts which feel disgusted when the Tawheed, the disavowal of polytheism, and condemning Muslims are mentioned; and whoever names the Muahedeen as Takferieen and Khawarij is he who best deserves dispraise.
    Al-Astal then said, “The question to be raised here is ‘Is it we who brought democracy to our own homelands, or have our eyes opened to the Arab and Western occupation troops that have been imposing on us imported constitutions and manmade laws? We have stood up to break the cuffs around our hands and the chains around our necks by breaking into the decision making posts in the ministry and the council of legislation. Thus we move nearer to perfect Islamism day after day…”!

    I say, In this position there are many mistakes:

    • The question which al-Astal has raised (Is it we who brought democracy into our homelands?!) does not arise naturally as al-Astal claimed, because its answer is quite known…

    We then say, Yes, it is you who imported democracy and fixed it in Gazza; as it is the one ruling now who has the power, and it is he who bears the responsibility of the type of government present there; and it is he who chooses it. You have expelled the Fatah administration from Gazza, and dominion there has fallen into your hands. Despite this, the whole world has heard nothing from your leadership except praise for the democracy no longer imposed on you by Fatah. No one can argue about this, except the deaf, dumb and blind who understand not. There are several examples of this:

    • Azeez ad-Dweek, the head of the Palestinian council of legislations of Hamas, said, “Any changes in the Palestinian legislation that were operating in the previous parliament over which Fatah used to have authority, are going to undergo a referendum, as a form of embodying the principles of democracy by virtue of which Hamas has won. (Reuters; Ramallah).

    The genuine question that arises before the Mufti al-Astal regarding that declaration is: Even if you did not import the democracy, is it not you who approve it today, and insist on adopting it as a system, as we see people not just raised on it, but who are even proud of it”…
    Azeez ad-Dweek also said, “Democracy is not to be but for us”.

    He said, “The decision of our nation is the decisive criterion, and we should refer to it; the nation enjoins what they want and rejects what they want; it is they, according to the international conventions and the principles of democracy, who have the right in this field”!!

    • Azeez ad-Dweek also said on “In Arabic” on al-Arabiya satellite channel responding to the question of Jiza al-Khury: “If Israel acknowledged the Palestinian state, would you acknowledge the state of Israel?” Dr. Azeez ad-Dweek said, “If the borders were identified, we would be more democratic than the west itself. We would put the issue forth before our Palestinian people, and if they agreed, then we are democratic and we would accept its decision; and if they refused, then it is their land and they are the only ones who have the right in it”.

    • The official spokesman of Hamas, Fawzy Barhum, said in an interview with al-Quds al-Arabia, “The fear is not from the results of the elections, but from what would happen if we transgressed law or the constitution, or legitimacy, and consequently caused a dangerous incident”….He even said, “The movement of Hamas is careful about issues of constitution, law and democracy in conformity with regulations, and not in conformity with the wishes of the movement of Fatah or the American ones”. (The Palestinian News Net: al-Madar).

    • Isma’eel Hanya said on the program “An Issue Under Discussion” on Wednesday 3rd Rabie’a the second, 1426 Ah/ 10th, May, 2005 Ad, 07:45 pm, “The movement of Hamas aims at joining the council of legislations; at establishing the unity of the Palestinian nation, and establishing the political and party multiplicity. The Hamas movement will respect the will of the nation; and whoever the nation elects, Hamas would accept; as we are always and at all times stay with the volition of the nation and would accept what the election boxes will come out with, no matter what the results are, because the election boxes and democracy are the sound, correct path”.

    I say, at whom are you laughing, al-Astal?! Have not you heard what your premier says? Who has imposed that on him? Is he not saying that of his own free will? And without any pressure, compulsion or imposition of democracy by anyone?!

    Sixth: The Mufti, al-Astal, proceeds with his vague evidences and questions, saying, “Are we today free to choose between Islam and democracy; or between democracy, and dictatorship and arbitrariness; or the individual ruling that sometimes hides within the rope of democracy?!”

    We say, these words are not sound for a man of decision to say; it is lies and concealment of details, because the owner of the decision chooses the way to rule according to his wishes, and it is not for any choice to be imposed on him. Either you are not the owners of the decision, and your decisions are made in the factories of the idols of the east and west, or you are puppets for them,soldiers and lackeys, mere followers as are all the ruling systems in our countries. Or perhaps you are lying, concealing details, and giving excuses that democracy is imposed on you and at the same time, as al-Astal has mentioned in his speech, you are proud of your mythical steadfastness before conspiracies”?!

    • The words of the official spokesman of Hamas, Fawzy Barhum, have been formerly mentioned, “The movement of Hamas is careful about issues of constitution, law and democracy in conformity with regulations, and not in conformity with the wishes of the movement of Fatah or the American ones”. (The Palestinian News Net: al-Madar).

    It is proved that it is definitely your choice, and that you are lying in your claim that it is imposed on you…

    • Al-Astal then says, “What is more important than this is whether we foster democracy with its knots and knobs, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry…”?!

    We say, You adopt the most evil of it, which is overt polytheism and frank infidelity, that is to say that sovereignty is to be for the nation and legislation is to be for its representatives.
    The answer to Ahmed Yaseen’s question has been mentioned before, “If it happened to appear from elections that the Palestinian people want a democratic multi-party country; what will your attitude be?”
    The answer: “Oh God! We are a nation who has honor and rights. If the Palestinian nation expressed their refusal of the Islamic state,, I respect and magnify their inclination!!”…
    Azeez ad-Dweek’s words have been mentioned before, “The decision of our nation is the decisive criterion, and we should refer to it; the nation enjoins what they want and rejects what they want; it is they, according to the international conventions and the principles of democracy, who have the right in this field”!!
    Allah, the All-Exalted, says, “Or have they partners with Allah (false gods), who have instituted for them a religion which Allah has not allowed. And had it not been for a decisive Word, the matter would have been judged between them…”
    Allah, the All-Exalted, also says, “Are many different gods better or Allah, the One, the Subduer”?
    Then al-Astal said, “Or it is that the dissenters want change through bloodshed or the remains of enmity and hatred within the same house and the same district that only decades can wash away? How could the orphans, the bereaved, the widows, or the wounded have anything but the pain of their blood and beloved ones? Are we Du’at (callers for the religion of Allah) or are we judges?”!
    We say, the whole world including Muslims and the Mujahedeen, has seen that you are judges and killers, and are not Du’at!! This has been evidenced many times, and the most recent is what took place in Rafah a few days ago when you bombed the ibn-Taimya mosque, and killed the Mujahedeen and the Muahedeen there. You had the power to deal with matters in many other ways, as long as the power is in your hands. However you preferred nothing but Killing and shedding haram blood (bloodshed without Islamic justifications). You have killed before - in as-Sabrah you killed another group of the Mujahedeen and at that time you did not save any woman or child…
    You are practicing change through bloodshed and corpses; and the orphans, as you have said, the widows, the bereaved and the wounded will never forget their blood and the blood of their endeared ones. The blood of our brethren will not dry. It proves your words false and rejects your claims that you have chosen democracy to prevent bloodshed. You initiate the bloodshed whenever you want to defend your idol ruling system and your infidel democracy; and at that time you become judges and not Du’at with the Muahedeen and the Mujahedeen…
    As for idols, infidels, or polytheists, when we consider them infidels and carry out Jihad against them you say with regard to them, you say what your premier, who has enjoined that, said: “we are Du’at and not judges”. Consequently, you spare the blood of those whom Allah has deemed lawful enemies, and counter to this you shed the haram blood. The truth and reality is that you are the similar to the Khawarij who kill the people of Islam and leave those of idols…

    Seventh: He said regarding the issue of joining the parliament, “Those new to the movement have renounced the movement’s decision to enter parliament, because they are deceived by its name ‘the council of legislations. ’ They claim that legislation is but for Allah; and that the utmost goal of the basic law is that the Islamic Shari’ah (principles and doctrines of Islam) must be one of the sources of the legislation systems, and that anything other than this is a part of major shirk (polytheism)”…

    We say, your knowledge about this issue, and continued violation of by following polytheist democratic principles, is among the conclusive arguments of Allah against you. You engage courageously in Shirk with insight and full knowledge about its details…

    • Then al-Astal proceeded, “the parliament has two basic roles: which are supervision, and enacting laws; and no one can deny the necessity of supervising the two authorities, the executive and the judicial one”…

    We are asking him and others of those who engage such parliaments courageously: What are the tactics with which the process of supervision takes place, these tactics that you wholeheartedly adopted to enter the parliaments? Please clarify this for us, aren’t they the tactics of referring to manmade laws which the worldly constitutions have identified?! The member of parliament, according to those manmade constitutions, is not to perform his duties except according to the terms of the constitution, and the proper procedure for this is referring to the manmade laws in process. Accordingly, there is no supervision over the government, or calling to accounts except by referring to what Allah has not revealed; and this is an infidel polytheism way which no one uses but the polytheists…

    The Muahedeen do not use anything in da’wa (call for the religion of Allah), and change except the purified ways of Shari’ah…

    • Then al-Astal said, “As for the laws, many of them exist and are in need of completion and repair. There are many fields in need of organization with new laws; and we have observed the push for more scholars specialized in Shari’ah and Islamic Fiqh (Islamic doctrines regarding how to worship Allah) in the council of legislation; then we observed controlling the committee of law as it is the mother of other committees”…

    We say, All these details are arguments against you; as it is quite known for everybody that the law in action in this government is a manmade one; and the laws referred to and which you are proud of enacting are low manmade ones; and the laws that need completion and repair are also manmade; and that the tactics for completing and repairing them are that of democracy, i.e. the representatives of the nation are to enact laws according to the texts of the constitution… Then what vague evidences have you falsified and what arguments have you provided?? You have not concealed your falsehood but placed one shadow over another…
    The rest of his speech is but camouflage, circumvention and evasion from admitting that they deactivated the Shari’ah and the law of Allah to rule…It is propagated only for those blind ones who close their eyes before the facts, and those who put their heads in the sand…
    Has no one asked you, Where are the laws of Shari’ah? And where are the boundaries of Shari’ah in your laws? Where are they regarding blood, honor, and money? What is the punishment of the adulterer for you? What is the punishment of the thief; wine drinkers and attacking the chaste without evidence, and other things? Where are these issues in your manmade laws???

    You will not find any replies except like the following evil ones:

    1. Hamed al-Bettawy (a representative of Hamas in the Palestinian council of legislations) said on an interview with him by al-Ghadd Jordanian newspaper on 20/02/2006 Ad: “About the fears for some narrow-mindedness, imposing Hijab (perfect veil), or restricting freedoms including the freedoms of women, are not true; as we are not a young movement or rabble-rousers but we have a historical extension across the Muslim Brothers group who are known for their moderate ideologies… We will not implement Shari’ah; however we will do as much as possible to adhere to the principles of Islam with wisdom and good advice”. He said, “Hamas never think of establishing an Islamic state or of implementing the Shari’ah of Allah at the present time”.

    Then it is democracy which you have chosen as a religion…

    Eighth: He said in the context of his speech regarding appeasement and suspension of Jihad: “The question here is, ‘Does resistance not occasionally need time to catch its breath - what is called ‘rest for the fighter’”?
    We say, Yes, definitely you are in need of that, and you devote yourselves in this rest to kill our brethren the Muahedeen and chasing and capturing the Mujahedeen…

    Ninth: He said with regard to seeking money from Iran and some other countries, “Is the flaw in receiving the money, or in submitting to the conditions of the donators”!...
    I say, All the sensible ones have known that: countries in this age do not grant zakat or distribute alms for the sake of Allah or give them to anybody without conditions or restrictions, especially during the international choky economic crises. There is no country in the dictionary of countries nowadays whose name is: receiving money without surrendering to the conditions of the donators… This is a silly talk that may be explained in a manner suited to the rattles and the ignorant ones among you, but it cannot be explained in a manner suited to whoever has a firm mental grasp…

    Anyway, anyone looking closely at Hamas and its government can see that because of the money received from Iran, it has become the spiritual son of the Khumeiny as Khaled Mesh’al has announced; and Khaled Mesh’al knows that the Khumeiny permits Mut’ah (temporary marriage and some way enjoying women without marriage) as lawful!! I wish I knew which ancestral relation was Khaled Mesh’al bragging of??? It is loyalty to the Rafidhah (Shiite sectarians) in return for renouncing the Mujahedeen everywhere…

    That is why, in an attempt to patch up their attitude towards the aggression of their friends the Russians against the Muslim people of Chechnya, al-Astal said, under the title of “being neutral to some cases of the Muslim people”… These are vicious lies. Whoever claims that the case of Chechnya is an interior matter, is not neutral, but he has clearly sided with the Russians; because this speech means that the socialist Russians have the right to deal with the people of Chechnya and treating them theway they see and choose, because this is an interior matter of their country which they have the right to direct as they want…!!!

    This is the meaning of the words, and this is its implication which every sensible person understands. There is no benefit from concealing the details or making things obscure, patching or forging…
    However, al-Astal has not been ashamed of saying, “Those youth bear a grudge against the government because it does not roar with defending the brethren in Chechnya; but rather communicates politically with the government of Russia which has been immersed in the blood of our brethren in Chechnya for decades”…
    We say, we do not bear any grudge against you as you roar with betraying them, or announcing patches and excuses to Moscow in their aggression on our brethren…
    Khaled Mesh’al said regarding the case of Chechnya: “It is an interior Russian case, and we do not intervene in the interior issues of other countries”…
    Face to face with this, will those betrayers from Hamas contemplate what our hero brethren of Chechnya say; Duku Umarouv, the Emir of the Emirate of Qoqaz, may Allah preserve him, said: “Our brethren fight in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Palestine. Our common enemies are those who transgress over Muslims wherever they are; not only in Russia, but also in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, and all those who launch war against Islam and Muslims, those are our enemies”…
    May Allah keep your words and empty the mouths of the betrayers…!
    You are to contemplate the clear difference between the patrons of the Most Gracious and those of Satan… By Allah, they have never met and they will never be similar until the hair of crows turned grey…

    Despite this, we can see al-Astal attempting to patch the disgraceful attitude of Hamas insolently and impudently by saying, “There is no offense in this attitude; as the Prophet, peace and blessings are upon him, used to pass by his followers while they were being tortured, and he has nothing to do except saying ‘Be patient the family of Yasser, as your appointment is in Paradise (it is your reward)’”.
    I say, Please contemplate how that misguided misguiding Mufti plays with the words of the Prophet, peace and blessings are upon him; and how he employed them for the sake of his movement and government as pretexts and evidences . Please contemplate how he helps them to betray Muslims and abandon them by distorting these words. He does not support them or ask them to be patient. The Prophet, peace and blessings are upon him, used to show with his words complete sidedness. Far is he from neutrality, but rather his support, his fastening, bringing good news, and making the Mu’meneen (Believers) patient by saying, “Be patient the family of Yasser, as your appointment is in Paradise”… He did not say what you said: “torturing Muslims and killing them is an interior matter of Quraish (the tribe of the Prophet, peace and blessings are upon him) and we have no relation to it’…
    May destruction befall those who are similar to animals, but even more astray; and may destruction befall those who are deceived by the silly words and the trifles of that al-Astal. I know quite well that the members of Hamas include the cultured, the engineers, physicians, and professors of Shari’ah!! Then where are their minds on such trifles? Why do they keep silent?; are they convinced with such nonsense? Or are they silent flatterers?!

    Tenth: al-Astal said regarding “changing the munkar (evil acts) with the hands: “One of the conditions of changing the munkar is that it would not lead to a bigger munkar or that equal to it”.
    I say, This is true; however falsehood always results from the sack of the Ikhwan (the religious group to which Hamas belong ‘Muslim Brothers’) and their reclamations when they do not admit that the biggest munkar ever is polytheism… As we have stated previously, the corruption of roots, will definitely spoil the branches.

    Then while concealing the details and making things obscure, he said, “especially that it, meaning the government, is observing change, but gradually, and according to the staircase of priorities, while avoiding bloodshed as much as possible”… and the incidents of the elapsed week in Rafah prove his falsehood.

    Please contemplate, you the Muahed! Please contemplate these minds which do not buy into their own words. They refuse to shed any blood to assign the Shari’ah of Allah to rule; while they shed the chastest blood, as they did in the elapsed week, for nothing but to keep safe the policy of assigning laws to rule and preventing the Shari’ah of Allah to do so…!!! That which our brethren have asked them to assign to rule, and at their forefront was Sheikh abun-Nur al-Maqdesy, may Allah have mercy upon him; he said to them, “Assign the Shari’ah of Allah to rule, and we would be loyal servants (this means that there will not be any bloodshed between us if you assigned the Shari’ah of Allah to rule. However they refused and shed his chaste blood and that of his brethren so their low manmade laws would survive and prevent the rule of the Shari’ah of Allah…!!! Is this not a deterioration of minds and regression of hearts, those which Allah has sealed until they became ignorant about the ma’rouf (good acts) and shunning no munkar…!!!

    • Then al-Astal commented on his previous words saying, “There is no doubt that Allah holds back with force that which He does not do with Qur’an; however this is dependent on force to be possible on earth, and our imprisonment in the Gazza strip is divided, as we have no authority over the water, entrances, or even on the surrounding air”.

    We say, Glory to Allah! Oh yes, the authority goes away, along with empowerment and sovereignty when you ask for the right of Allah and that of Muslims in assigning the Shari’ah of Allah to rule. And of course, sovereignty returns, empowerment appears, power and control and weapons are glorified, blood is shed, limbs are cut of, and mosques are bombed when your laws are opposed, your authority is not obeyed, or your armistice with the Jews is violated by the Mujahedeen…!

    O people! Would you have some decency…?!
    Enough of your underestimation of the people’s minds…
    Enough of your deception, falsehood, making things obscure, and concealing details…
    Where are the people of intellect, reason, and intelligence among you…?!
    Where are the people of certificates and titles…?!
    Have you no single rightly guided man to reject the trifles and nonsense of that man…?!
    Such a scandalmonger is your mufti!!! And if your mufti did not refrain from telling lies, making things obscure, concealing facts, or forging; then what about the others?!
    I say to the Qassam fighters and all members of Hamas: have you not any decency or bashfulness when that scandalmonger utters such falsehoods and nonsense…?!
    How could you accept such kinds of ignorant patterns to be your references…?!

    Eleventh: al-Astal has said regarding (the agents and corruptors in earth), “The effort of the government is dedicated to the great ones of its wicked people, and the leaders of treachery”…
    We say, “All the left-wing, the secularist, and the atheist factions, whose groups and leaders, chiefs of dhalalah (deviation from what is right Islam wise), and the great ones of its wicked people who are obscene at your home in Gazza are secure, and evil touches them not, nor do they grieve... While our brethren, the Muahedeen, are chased, killed, imprisoned, assassinated, or bullets are shut against their knees to become handicapped…
    Are those in your opinion the great ones of its wicked people and the corrupting agents in your dictionary…?! Woe shall befall you…! Woe shall befall you…!

    Twelfth: al-Astal said regarding (assigning the Shari’ah of Allah to rule): “Those people are provoked when they see a shameless marriage celebration, or some of the mutabarijat (women not wearing hijab (perfect veil)); and at the same time they close their eyes to heads cut off, hands cut off, or bodies whipped; consequently they feign crying over the Shari’ah that is deactivated in their opinion”…
    We say, It is also in the opinion of the whole world and you are among them; it is with the continuous confession of your leaders; then why all this quibbles and obstinacy…?!
    He then said, “The Shari’ah is not confined in the hudud (punishments for sins in Islam), but it is the whole religion; and the legitimate policy is based on establishing religion; and the policy of the worldly life is within it. Here are the prime-minister and a number of representatives and ministers leading people in the Friday-prayer and the congregational prayers; and they undertake advice giving and iftaa (giving opinions regarding religious unclear issues), and they are keen for guiding the da’wa (call for the religion of Allah) through the Awqaf (houses of religious endowments), media, and organizing education; and we have been able with the Grace of Allah to save people from fear, but further more feed themagainst hunger”…

    I said, Even Abbas does so, and so does Karazay in Afghanistan; so do all the idols of Arabs with no exceptions. We name you, Astal, as an idol of the idol rulers today who does not pray before (leading) people and does not have Awqaf and mosques, or he who does not feed his people against hunger or save them from fear, as long as they do not revolt against him or oppose his laws, at that moment he would uproot them even if they were from among the virtuous of the Muahedeen…exactly the way you did…
    It is quite known in the religion of Muslims, that the salat, advise-giving, ifta’a or feeding people and other things which that Astal tries to emulate in order to polish his government which is deactivating the Shari’ah of Allah, - it is quite known that none of this can be accepted without the Tawheed which they have violated, and they cannot be righteous while accompanied by the shirk (polytheism) which they have established, while adopting democracy as a religion and a system in ruling, enacting laws, and assigning manmade laws to rule…
    Allah, the All-Exalted, has said to the best of His creatures, “And indeed it has been revealed to you, as it was to those before you: ‘If you join others in worship with Allah, (then) surely your deeds will be in vain, and you will certainly be among the losers’".
    He, the All-Exalted, says, “Verily, whoever sets up partners in worship with Allah, then Allah has forbidden Paradise for him, and the Hellfire will be his abode. And for the Zalimeen (polytheists and wrong­doers) there are no patrons”.
    Then al-Astal said after that, and it seems he was unconscious in a state of ecstasy when he did, “Didn’t you know that more than a thousand and four hundred dunams (area of 1000 square meters) of fruits and citrus plants were planted to replace imports from the enemy? And the same took place in the season of watermelon and cantaloupe this year”…
    I say, You, the Astal, Is our problem with Hamas based on watermelon and cantaloupe, you, stupid”???
    What benefit will watermelons, cantaloupe, tomatoes, or cucumbers hold for those who deactivate the Shari’ah of Allah and establish the laws of idols…?

    Our honorable Prophet, peace and blessings are upon him, has taught us to have patience with hunger for days, weeks, or even months. One moon, two moons, or even three used to pass by, an there would be no fire lit in his house, and his food was but dates and water… But he, peace and prayers are upon him, has not taught us to approve shirk or to have patience with it, or to approve deactivating the Sharia’ah of Allah… He used to become angry if any of the sanctities of Allah was violated, and he used to become angry if any of those most dear to him even tried to mediate in any of the hudud of Allah, not to deactivate or shun it; the way you do…!!!
    He, peace and blessings are upon him, said, “Take the present as long as it is a present; but if it became bribery, do not take it,…, verily the millstones of Islam is in action, then go with the Book of Allah wherever It goes; verily he Book and authority will depart, then never depart the Book. Verily there will be on top of you rulers who do for themselves what they do not for you, and if you disobeyed them, they would kill you, and if you obeyed them, they would misguide you” They said, “O you, the Messenger of Allah! What are we to do then?” He said, “The same way the companions of Essa bin-Marium (Virgin Mary) did; they were sawed with saws and were carried on the wood dead for obeying Allah, and it is better than a life while disobeying Allah”. Narrated by at-Tabarany…
    Then that Astal said, while feigning being knowledgeable, “The problem with those persons is that they do not know that the condition for establishing the hudud of Allah is securing the needs of people. In that sense, the halal (what Allah has deemed lawful) becomes possible. Islam yearns for shelters and not for establishing the hudud. Its system is based on protection before treatment; and that the hudud are to be stopped in case of vague evidences, and many are the things that can tumble them”.

    I say, Your problem is that you think you are doing good, and you are taking exclusive possession of knowledge, wisdom, and fiqh of the true state of affairs. Despite this, your words, your choices, and your invalid consolidation of religious issues prove that you are among the most ignorant regarding all this...You ignorance is even complex… On the other hand, and thanks are but to Allah, we know the details of what you point to regarding the issue of the hudud, but we know the truth of it. We do not make it as you do a pretext to deactivate the hudud and kill the laws of Allah. We understand this in cases of being forced (to commit a crime) by severe hunger, with no inclination to sin, and necessity in its sound positions. It is an exception, and a necessity evaluated according to its value by the examiners of religious knowledge. The assigning of the laws of Allah and His hudud to rule is the foundation by which the necessities and the needs and the complementary things are to be secured- not just watermelons and cantaloupe.
    The same way Allah , the All-Exalted, says, “And if only they had acted according to the Taurat (Torah), the Injeel (Gospel), and what has (now) been sent down to them from their Lord (the Quran), they would surely have gotten provision from above them and from underneath their feet”. Al-Ma’eda, verse: 66.
    “And if the people of the towns believed and had the Taqwa (piety), certainly, We should have opened for them blessings from the heaven and the earth, but they belied (the Messengers). So, We took them (with punishment) for what they used to earn “.
    Your manmade laws are those which destroy all this and make this lost and do not to preserve it . If you remain insistent on assigning them to rule, you will see the high barren mountain because of this and because of deactivating the laws of Allah. At that time, the support of the Rafidhah will not benefit you, and even the watermelons and cantaloupes of which you brag will not last…!
    Verily, the effacement of blessings, spread of poverty, economic crises, and epidemics are because of ruling not according to what Allah has revealed, and because of disobeying Allah, as mentioned in the hadith (sayings of the Prophet)…
    Bin-Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them, said that the Messenger of Allah said, “Five in return for five”. They said, “What does five in return for five means?” He said, “Whenever people violate the pledge, Allah will empower their enemy on them; and whenever they rule according to what Allah has not revealed, poverty will spread among them; and whenever adultery appears among them, death will spread among them; whenever they give less in measure and weight, they will be forbidden the plants and they will be punished by years of drought and shortness of fruits; and whenever they stop the zakat, they will be deprived from the rain” Narrated by at-Tabarany in the Big Mu’jam.
    The words of al-Astal regarding the hudud, “ and many are the things that can tumble them” is but an exaggeration trying to camouflage with it over the ignorant and the rattles of Hamas; but with us, we know that the foundation is establishing the Law of Allah in earth and implementing its hudud, and that the claimed tumbling things are not many but few and rare, and are to be judged according to their values and positions. They are definitely not the case you are in- the case of dropping the hudud of the Shari’ah and deactivating all of them and assigning the mean manmade laws of infidelity to rule…

    Lastly, the mufti, al-Astal said, “Running after the particles and elaborateness in replying them may take long, however the catastrophe of those youth is that they do not keep up weight with justice”…
    I say, The catastrophe is that of you, as your hearts have been blackened out and you are no longer enjoining ma’rouf (good acts) or renouncing munkar (evil acts); it is even you are no longer capable of distinguishing between justice and falsehood, injustice, or even infidelity; as all your balances shook when you became ignorant about the basic foundation which is Tawheed, and you have not used it as a criterion for justice and balance, so falsehood for you has become justice, and the evil acts have become good ones. You have replaced the Tawheed of the Messengers with that of the nationalists, and polytheism has become for you an approved democracy. Ruling according to laws has become a pleasant right for whose survival and establishment, every dissident, even if he was the virtuous Muahed, would be killed.
    “Verily, it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts which are in the breasts that grow blind”.
    Then al-Astal said, “They but look at the transparent part of the glass, so they have not put the accomplishments of the government on one pan of the scale, and their notices –in case considered- on the other pan. If its weights became heavy, and its virtues overweighed its evils, then they would but support it and stood behind it”.

    I say, The full part of the glass will neither nourish, nor avail against hunger if it is mixed with deadly poison; I mean with it the overt polytheism with which they assign the manmade laws to rule and adopting the legislating democracy as a system. It is the very same poisoned full part of all the countries of the region that are ruled by the laws of idols…
    I invite you to contemplate his obstinacy and his description of the notices of the Muahedeen and criticizing them by saying “-in case considered-”; as Allah has made blind his insight to perceive the falsehood of his government; and fairness has prevented him from approving it!!! Then what good is to be expected from a mufti in that state”?!

    As for his words “and if its weights became heavy, and its virtues overweighed its evils, then they would but support it and stood behind it” I say, Our balance is that sensitive one that is oft-protected, and falsehood can never come from before it or behind it. “Balances become heavy with Tawheed, and everything below it is but a mirage and a scattered floating particles of dust…
    Allah, the All-Exalted, says regarding the deeds of those who did not put Tawheed in action, “As for those who disbelieve, their deeds are like a mirage in a desert. The thirsty one thinks it to be water, until he comes up to it, he finds it to be nothing, but he finds Allah with him, Who will pay him his reckoning in full And Allah is Swift in reckoning”.
    He, the All-Exalted, says, “And We shall turn to whatever deeds they did, and We shall make such deeds as scattered floating particles of dust”.
    And the famous hadith of the (Bitaqa (card) of Tawheed) is a proof of the authenticity of that balance, the accurateness of its touchstone, and its truthfulness in worldly life and the life of the Hereafter…
    Since the balance you have shook, and you neglected it, you would not find any of the people of Tawheed and its supporters raising a head afterwards with your words “and if its weights became heavy, and its virtues overweighed its evils, then they would but support it and stood behind it”.

    How could they support a government that fight Tawheed and establish polytheism and condemning (Muslims)? We have presented to you and informed you that the greatest of the virtues and profits is but Tawheed. How then could the balances of your government become heavy, and how could its virtues overweigh its evils while they have wasted one of the foundations and lost the greatest virtue, and violated the pillars of Islam…???!!!

    This is what has been available for me, and I have written it in a hurry, as a reply to the mufti of Hamas. Whoever contemplated his words would know its nature and its falsehood, yet I have written it as a support for our brethren the Muahedeen in Gazza, and as a response to their request and insistence. Otherwise our records on criticizing democracy and manmade laws and the vague evidences of its people, along with the decomposition of its supporters and other things in relation, are refuted in detail in our old books, and you would find in them the refutation of the vague evidences of that Astal and others in a non-boring detailed manner. Consequently, anyone who wants to learn more should refer to them. They are published on the minbar of Tawheed and Jihad (pulpit of Tawheed and Jihad). They are vague evidences which we have refuted and finished with them and others a long time ago; however those defective lagged behind are still roaming around them and are still pursuing their bounds and vents; and thanks are but to Allah Who has saved us from what they are in, and has guided us to Truth and Tawheed. We call upon Him the All-Exalted, to grant us steadiness on it, and to end up our lives with martyrdom in His cause, He is the Best Patron and the Excellent Helper…

    Written by,

    Abu-Muhammad Al-Maqdesy
    Sha’ban 1430 after the Hijra of the favorable Prophet, peace and blessings are upon him

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