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    Abdallah Shamil announced Operation Boomerang -

    Abdallah Shamil announced Operation Boomerang

    Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, Who created us Muslims and blessed us with Jihad on His Straight Way. Peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family, his disciples and upon all of those who follow the straight way until the Day of Judgment, and then:

    Kavkaz Center information agency committed a blunder by distorting my statement where I allegedly claim responsibility for the acts of sabotage in Znamenskoye and Iliskhan-Yurt. I was holding Putin and his stooge Kadyrov responsible for it. And I also stated that I was personally participating in the preparation of these acts of sabotage.

    I would also like to make an official statement concerning the abductions of young girls, which have become more frequent after the pig show called «referendum» was put on in late March. For instance, for the month of May alone over ten girls were kidnapped under all sorts of pretexts.

    In this regard the Brigade of Shaheeds «Riyadus Salihiin» is announcing new Operation Boomerang. We are asking all residents of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, whose daughters or other female relatives no matter what age will be disappearing starting the month of May, or if they will be detained by Russian secret services or their henchmen, the national-traitor scum, - we are asking to give us complete information about it, and to point out which Russian region or specific city the nearest military commandant’s office or military base was dispatched by, whose servicemen detained or kidnapped the girl.

    On our behalf we are pledging to conduct an act of retaliation using our Shaheeds in that particular city where the military base, a police unit, or any unit of secret services was from. By conducting the residential acts of retaliation we will thus return the war right where it came from.

    I would also like to address to the relatives of Elsa Kungayeva with the request to stop participating in the show called «the trial» of colonel Budanov, which have really turned into an open mockery of not only your family, but of the entire Chechen nation as well.

    There was a time when in the spring of 2000 we had to behead 17 special policemen and commandos so that the Budanov case gets brought to court and so that he gets placed under arrest. And today we, Insha Allah (God Willing!) have our own ability to punish Budanov and all the rest of his accomplices by our own court. Insha Allah, we are pledging to find Budanov and all the rest of them and punish them by our laws, whatever casualties, whatever hardships we may incur and however much time we may need. He will be punished, and the death sentence pronounced by our court-martial will be carried out however much time may be needed.

    If today you are striving for the triumph of justice, then I would like to ask you to heed our request, because today Elsa Kungayeva is suing not only for her own self, but for thousands of innocent people killed during these two wars, for thousands and thousands of the missing, and this trial can only be conducted by the Chechen people, and the sentence can only be executed by the Chechen Mujahideen.

    And may Allah help on His Straight Way! Allah Akbar! (God is Great!)

    Today many draw analogies between the blasts in Znamenskoe and Iliskhan-Yurt and the blasts of Shaheeds in Palestine and Riyadh. In this regard I would like to say that we are also using the weapon that we can use, considering our capabilities. And I swear to Allah, if Russians or Americans will give us cruise missiles or intercontinental ballistic missiles, then we will not be using suicide attackers or Kamaz trucks loaded with explosives, but we will be launching those missiles on the military, administrative and strategic targets on the enemy soil.

    Today we are using anything available of what we have. But we will not stop our fight and our resistance because we do not have cruise missiles or nuclear bombs.

    I want to tell the ones who like drawing analogies that the Brigade of Shaheeds «Riyadus Salihiin» also listed the US Administration headed by Adolf Bush, the Pentagon and the CIA among the terrorist organizations especially dangerous for the mankind (along with the «Al-KGB») for the terrorist operation under the code name of «Shock and Awe» conducted in Iraq. The very name of the operation speaks about its terrorist nature. It is terror, i.e. horror that makes a man or any civilian awe or get shocked. And translated from Italian, the word «terror» means «horror».

    Therefore I am offering the US Department of State and the US Congress to consider listing the above-mentioned structures among the terrorist organizations and launching criminal prosecution of their chiefs for the large-scale terrorist act that they have conducted. Certainly, as long as the US Congress and the American people are interested in fighting real terrorism and establishing justice and peace on this Earth.

    I would also like to inform that the plan of conditional independence of Russia has been submitted by the Brigade of Shaheeds «Riyadus Salihiin» to the United Nations and addressed to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. The plan proposes to set up a temporary administration of the United Nations in Russia, which will involve the disarmament of all «legal» gang formations of Russian armed forces, as well as all criminal/criminalized police and secret services headed by the FSB.

    During that period of time the United Nations will be controlling Russia and coordinating civil, political and material restoration of Russia, which is now on the verge of collapse and degradation, which in turn is leading to the threat of destabilization all around the world because today agonizing Russia is dangerous for the entire world community.

    As soon as that period of transition is over, which can be extended for several dozens of years until the slavish spirit gets eliminated in Russians, it has been offered that the Seaside Region (Primorsky Krai with the capital in Vladivostok) and the Far East are handed to their legitimate owner, - China. Sakhalin, Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands are supposed to go to their legitimate owner, - to Japan. And the North-West of Russia should be given back to its legitimate owners, - Finland and Sweden.

    The plan also implies helping small nations, which are now under the yoke of the Russian Empire, to gain independence and create their own states. And Russian Republic must be created within the Golden Ring for the salvation of the Russian people.

    We believe that first of all a special representative of UN Secretary General on Russia must be appointed, because every day of the delay costs thousands and thousands of Russian lives.

    For the sake of strengthening peace all around the world and for the sake of salvation of the mankind from the threat of the degrading and agonizing Russian Empire, the United Nations must take all measures and initiatives necessary to study and implement our plan on conditional independence of Russia.

    The security of the mankind cannot be sacrificed to the ambitions of the criminal leadership of Russia, who led its people to the verge of a complete degradation and disappearance and made the entire world face the universal disaster.

    This criminal leadership of Russia must resign immediately on all administrative levels and give up the entire fullness of the authority to the temporary UN administration. The temporary UN administration will first of all have to take all nuclear, chemical, bacteriological weapons and other weapons of mass destruction under its control, as well as all nuclear power plants and other strategic facilities.

    We all must make it clear and understand that only by our joint efforts can we save the people of Russia and the entire world from a new impending global disaster that is threatening us from degrading and agonizing Russia today.

    And may Allah help us on His Straight Path! Allah Akbar! (God is Great!)

    Amir of Brigade of Shaheeds «Riyadis Salihiin», Abdallah Shamil Abu-Idris


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